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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Afterdeck it lost his appeal to the zoning board crocker hired you to level this whole neighborhood didn't he
Anatoli knyazev
And all my days are trances and all my nightly dreams are where thy dark eye glances and where thy footstep gleams
Anyway you guys gotta check out these new sub woofers I installed in the back I call them the dogs listen to them bark!
Are you caddell
As you truly remarked no one can make a seagoing vessel simply disappear provided it was ever really there at all
Babe look if this relationship is ever gonna work between us I need to feel free to party with a bunch of strangers whenever I feel like it
Barry allen
Bartholomew we don't have anymore time
Batman Sounds Sound
Bon voyage pussy
Breathe in
Bruce wayne 2
Come on penguin time to rip off your false feathers
Criminals are like weeds pt1
Criminals are like weeds pt2
Daily planet
Did you contact commissioner gordon and doctor wu
Disposing of preatomic submarines to persons who don't even leave their full addresses good day admiral
Do you talk to fish
Does the name vincent starkey mean anything to you
Don't be coy cooperate and he could go easier for you
Don't talk don't fight
Don't worry dad I read your dumb instructions stop yelling at me
Dress up like a bat
Eat floor high fiber
Enemies coming pt1
Enemies coming pt2
Enemies coming pt3
Enemies coming pt4
Excuse me miss
Feeling alright
First guess is you
Fortunately I was able to dispose of that bomb in the nick of time and shield myself behind these heavy iron pipes
Guess what you big dumb baby your car is a baby carriage
Hand me down the shark repellent bat spray!
Haven't you listen to anything I told you
He has the power to wipe out
Heaven help the world if we fail
Help me find the others like you
Here I am
Hold tight robin this may be tricky
Holy hallucination! I wish it were robin but it's not
How do you divide seventeen apples among sixteen people make applesauce
How do you figure that
Human trafficking
I believe you
I bet you're parents taught you pt1
I bet you're parents taught you pt2
I bet you're parents taught you pt3
I bet you're parents taught you pt4
I can see it clearly now for the first time
I hate this place
I hear you can talk to fish
I just came to tell you to keep your beat clean
I just want to ask you a few questions
I know you have abilities
I like those shoes
I need help
I need the nightcrawler
I swear by heaven if you've harmed that girl i'll kill you all
I think there's an attack coming
I thought the bathroom was down here
I understand
I want information and i'll get it anyway I please
I want red claw and until I get him i'm going to lean extra hard on you and all the other mob bosses
I'll bash him brutally then we close in for the kill with the police precisely
I'll curse myself forever this nasty soup we're in is largely of my own brewing
I'm a friend of your sons
I'm asking for your help pt1
I'm asking for your help pt2
I'm asking for your help pt3
I'm asking for your help pt4
I'm batman
I'm batman old
I'm fine
I'm gonna be watching you
I'm looking for doctor tompkins
I'm looking for evidence evidence of your previous robberies
I'm okay
I'm older now than my father ever was
I'm rich
I'm sick and tired of cleaning up after you've langstrom
I'm your worst nightmare
I've rarely met a girl who is such a potent argument in favor of international relations
If anybody has black parts I need them okay I only work in black and sometimes very very dark gray
If this is a joke alfred it's not funny
Information about the gangs
Is that what it's going to take your daughters life before you end this insanity
It's a fake pt1
It's a fake pt2
It's a low neighborhood full of rum pots
It's okay
Just how did you learn who I am
Keep an eye on the scope watch for suspicious vessels
Let me worry about that
Lex luthor
Long time no see
Luckily we're in tip top condition it'll be faster if we run let's go!
Martha won't die tonight
Middle speech
More darkness get it the opposite of light
No 1
No 2
Now listen mustard man or whatever you call yourself
Now who's behind this little enterprise
One false move and you'll find out we'll hurl our batarangs
Only cryptonight weapons can kill it
Robin listen to these riddles tell me if you interpret them as I do
So my strange hunch was right
So uh hey guys I think we're about to crash into the sun yeah but it's gonna look really cool
Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb
Somebody is trying to run the people in this neighborhood out of their homes
Steve trevor tell you that
Super rich kind of makes it better
Talk to me nitrile
Tell me commissioner what known super criminals are at large just now
Tell me pt1
Tell me pt2
Tell me pt3
Tempting but no
Thank you
That last martini
That soab brought the war to us
That thing is filled with bon vivants
That's all I wanted to know
That's fear
The answer is still no
The aquaman
The name now
The slightest impact was sufficient to instantly reduce them to antimatter
Their minimum objective must be the entire world
They may be drinkers robin but they're also human beings and may be salvaged I had to do it
They were hunters
They're used to curious sights which they attribute to alcoholic delusions
They've converted this buoy into a gigantic magnet it's got us by the metallic objects in our utility belts
This is about the future of the world
This is not how batman dies
This is science pt1
This is science pt2
This may be the only thing I do that matters
Those guys were so lame all they did was play space checkers
To be quite honest I don't know
Too low level
Up to your old tricks already hun nigma
Wait a second you're telling me you have a machine to control the universe and you can't listen to tunes in surround sound
We don't have time
We'll see what the truth is
We're criminals pt1
We're criminals pt2
Well mister john hamner
What about that exploding shark doubtless an unfortunate animal who chanced to swallow a floating mine
What are you doing near crocker
What cruelty stuffing a poor shark with a ton of deadly tnt true nothing's sacred to those devils
What do you know about red claw
What does that mean
What have you got for maine
What is that some kind of joke on your name
What people are always in a hurry rushing people russians
What's your game joker
Where are you
Where does that elevator go downstairs obviously to an abandoned submarine dock on the river
Where is harvey
Where is he
Where is leslie thompkins
Where were you the day before yesterday
Who are you
Who are you here to see i'm here to see your butt
Who are you how did you get in here
Who's your boss
Why did you do it selena
Why did you say that name 1
Why did you say that name 2
Why did you say that name 3
Wormwood the interrogator
Wow! let's commandeer a taxi! no robin! not at this time of day
Yeah I know
Yes 1
Yes i'd say the odds against it would make even the most reckless gambler cringe
Yes this is real music dark brooding important groundbreaking
You are completely out of your mind
You are never a god
You are so disappointing on so many levels
You are the worst leader i've ever seen to the batmobile!
You can think i'm dumb just don't talk to me like i'm dumb
You can't let your emotions get the best of you
You got kind of a dark side don't you
You have nothing to lose by telling me what you're doing here
You hear of superman pt1
You hear of superman pt2
You know something
You must have some kind of death wish to take that stuff again
You told your parole board you gave up the arson for hire game
You're getting slow in your old age
You're not brave pt1
You're not brave pt2