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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
(all arguing and shouting)
(bell rings) commodore schmidlapp ringing for his tea
(giggling and cackling)
(giggling quacking and yowling)
(handset settles in cradle)
(high pitched giggling)
(in french) they are ready to rehydrate
(in french) they've done it! they've done it!
(in italian) they are ready to rehydrate
(in italian) they've done it! they've done it!
(in spanish) they are ready to rehydrate
(inhales) ah! (inhales) ah!
(knocking) come in
(penguin quacking)
(riddler giggles)
(speaking hebrew)
(speaking russian) comrade wayne
(speaking spanish)
(the joker laughing)
(whistle piping)
(whistling anchors aweigh)
164 1
A fine job batman you allayed their fears magnificently
A harmless anesthetic necessary to prevent you from see
A not displeasing chore sir
A riddle in the form of a joke
A slender hope miss kitka more slender than you can kno
A speedy escape is our only hope
A unification and a container of hope
About that dream you had
According to rumor batman a transatlantic yacht approac
After i give him the bat wake we must be ready for anyt
Again the dynamic duo escaped our trap!
Ah good just as the blueprints said an abandoned constr
Ah of course how clever
Ah! there it is! seventy third street and concord avenu
Aha! aha! this is a kidnapping!
Aha! how did it go catwoman
Ahoy catwoman
Alfred do you have your driver's license in my wallet s
Alfred will see you to the door
All right all right
All right enough pictures
All right robin cut the bat charges
All right then i'll activate the computer link
All set batman
Altitude 3 1 7 sink rate 49
An egg nature's perfect container the container of all
And all my days are trances and all my nightly dreams a
And blasted out of the sky by an incredible coincidence
And boys don't anybody sneeze
And nothing to link us with the crime
And now to make him bat bait
And so my fine finkish friends you have heard my astoun
And that means there'll be more of the dreaded things m
And then carry him down to the submarine
And there's a special meeting of the security council t
And what the devil is this the captain's costume party
And when they solve that of course they'll be out to in
And who behind it not a clue
And you bungled it again!
Another sniff of bat gas and we'll all return to the ci
Answer affirmative batman
Any two of them might try that
Are you sure you're getting enough of the good old sea
As you truly remarked no one can make a seagoing vessel
At 'em me hearties! shiver 'em from stem to stern!
At first i thought it was some foolishness
Atomic batteries to power turbines to speed roger ready
Attention you unfathomable finks!
Avast and belay batman your tone sounds rather grim
Aw shut up all of you! i see the way to do it
Away robin away! but but
Banana russian i've got it! someone russian is gonna sl
Bat centrifuge at 32000 rpm's
Bat scanner tracking the stolen batmobile perfectly
Batman and robin are fully deputized agents of the law
Batman and robin are probably hot on our trail
Batman i
Batman says there's hope mr president what more can one
Batman wait a minute
Batman! batman!
Batman! polaris type missile coming right for us
Batman! we're helpless in this monstrous invisible grip
Batman's boots didn't even look damp
Batmobile to airport
Big ben distilleries you know
Bless my dustpan!
Blindfold the captive
Bon voyage pussy
Bonnie let's have the latest status report on known sup
Brace yourself robin we're going down this could be the
Break out the jet pack umbrellas
But don't you have a complete anti criminal eye pattern
But then i remembered
But wait it happened at sea
But we'll be there first if we hurry that is if we hurr
But we've lost the trail of that angelic miss kitka
But who are we going to kidnap ah i know the perfect vi
But your so curious costumes don't be put off by them m
Call down to our secret river bottom dock and prepare o
Catwoman catwoman will you get a dustpan and put every
Catwoman stop i said!
Catwoman you tend to this headquarters
Certainly not!
Chief o'hara dash to the roof flash the bat signal yes
Clever comrade wayne
Clever devilishly clever
Come on batman! batman!
Come on down commodore
Come on penguin time to rip off your false feathers
Come on robin to the batcave we haven't one moment to l
Come on!
Coming up batman on the closed circuit tv screen come o
Commissioner yes oh
Commodore schmidlapp is in danger to lure me into a tra
Commodore schmidlapp's invention in our hands
Commodore schmidlapp's the name
Compartments a b and c taking green water sir
Completely destroying their value as ace crime fighters
Comrade wayne my name is kitanya irenya tatanya karensk
Confound it! the batteries are dead!
Courageous warriors against crime they are off once aga
Da da keep your eyes closed continue with this dream
Damage the tail rotor disengaged
Dear colleagues let's see what's strapped about this fe
Devilish clown prince of crime if i only had a nickel f
Did this p n gwynne leave an address
Diminishing speed ready to board roger
Disengage go cart
Disposing of preatomic submarines to persons who don't
Dive mr bluebeard! dive! yo ho dive!
Diving planes mr bluebeard
Do vechara
Do vechara comrade wayne
Do you think you and the boy wonder can separate that m
Don't sound so bossy if you please!
Doubtless it's the work of some harmless crank
Down periscope we're over the last bar
Down periscope! down periscope
Downed by one of riddler's polaris skywriters
Drop bat ladder bat ladder away
Edgar allan poe miss kitka to one in paradise first sta
Emergency! seal this building! and turn off the ventila
End of status report
Enter your holding pattern repeat enter your holding pa
Every one of them has a mother
Everything pip pip with the prisoner comrades
Excuse me i'll slip into something more comfortable whi
Farewell dynamic duo!
Faugh! that's too soon!
Faugh! they know how to jam our missiles!
Faugh! we have not yet begun to fight! attack!
Faugh! what's this an apparition
Feed in the various ethnic and national factors
Fine day for penguins looks like rain
Fire when ready robin
Five four three two fire one! fire one!
Follow me down to the terrace ho!
Fortunately i was able to dispose of that bomb in the n
Forward torpedo tubes prepare to fire
From something i happened to overhear i think we are me
Gentlemen gentlemen it is absolutely imperative that we
Gentlemen in the interest of peace you must hear me out
Gentlemen it has always been our policy to maintain
Gentlemen it is the considered opinion of her majesty's
Gentlemen my country understands your position but in t
Get him you mollycoddles!
Get ready for evasive action
Gives a feller a good feeling' to know they're up there
Gosh batman the nobility of the almost human porpoise
Gosh yes batman when you put it that way
Gosh! and the catwoman!
Gotham tower to all aircraft in the gotham control zone
Grave situation robin
Great day in the morning!
Great quivering icebergs! just as i hoped
Great scott still in the park it's been almost an hour
Great scott! batman take off his mask
Great scott! you can't dash off now where were you held
Ha! as i surmised
Have no fear robin i'll keep all my wits about me
Have you recently sold any war surplus submarines and i
He just keeps ringing for his confounded tea
He must be using a super energy reverse polarizer
He swallowed the cat bait
Hello admiral a routine question
Hello batman speaking
Here comes a third one batman!
Here comes another one!
Here they come
Here you are
Hey riddler where are you going to fire off some more o
Hmm perhaps yes yes
Hmm! hah! mr joker!
Hoist her three degrees yo ho! hoist three degrees
Hold her steady! up periscope! yo ho! up periscope
Hold tight robin this may be tricky
Holy almost
Holy bikini! that was close!
Holy costume party that's the penguin obviously
Holy halloween!
Holy heart failure!
Holy jumble! where's the hope of the world now
Holy long john silver! a pirate periscope
Holy marathon! i'm getting a stitch batman
Holy merlin the magician! get set for a shock
Holy polaris!
Holy sardine!
How do you divide seventeen apples among sixteen people
How purr fectly wonderful of you
How should i know they'd have a can of shark repellent
How strange i close my eyes and i dream of something qu
Howdy y'all how are those boys doin' up there
However you and robin will dog our footsteps in the bat
Huh! strange batman should have been here hours ago
I can't understand why batman hasn't dashed into our tr
I certainly hope you know what you're doing penguin
I don't get it batman think robin