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Club Dread (2004)

Club Dread (2004)

Club Dread is a hilarious horror-comedy film released in 2004 that takes you on a wild adventure to a tropical paradise turned deadly. Directed by Jay Chandrasekhar, this movie offers a unique blend of suspense, gore, and laugh-out-loud moments, making it a must-watch for fans of both genres.

Set on the fictional Coconut Pete's Coconut Beach Resort, Club Dread follows a group of party-loving tourists who flock to the idyllic island for a fun-filled vacation. Coconut Pete, played by Bill Paxton, is the charismatic owner and singer-songwriter of the resort, known for his catchy tunes and energetic performances. He is accompanied by his band, The Coconut Bikini Girls, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the vibrant atmosphere of the film.

The cast of Club Dread features an ensemble of talented comedians and actors. Leading the pack is the hilarious Broken Lizard comedy troupe, known for their previous hit film, Super Troopers. Jay Chandrasekhar, Steve Lemme, Kevin Heffernan, Erik Stolhanske, and Paul Soter bring their unique brand of humor to their respective roles as the resort staff. Each member of the comedy troupe portrays a distinct character with their own quirks and comedic moments, which keep the audience thoroughly entertained throughout the movie.

One standout performance comes from Brittany Daniel, who takes on the role of Jenny, the uber-sexy masseuse at the resort. Her charisma and charm add an extra dimension to the film's humor, while also managing to keep the audience on their toes as the horror elements begin to unfold.

Club Dread takes a thrilling turn when a masked killer, armed with a machete, starts picking off the staff and guests one by one. This sets the stage for a classic whodunit, where everyone is a suspect and paranoia runs rampant. As tensions rise, the movie cleverly melds the horror and comedy genres, providing moments that will make you jump and laugh in equal measure.

What makes Club Dread so enjoyable is its ability to poke fun at the horror genre while still delivering its fair share of scares. The film is a nod to classic slasher films, with its own unique spin and clever twists that keep you guessing until the end. The comedic elements infused within the horror scenes help to ease the tension and provide much-needed comic relief, making it an enjoyable ride from start to finish.

If you're a fan of catchy tunes, you're in for a treat with Club Dread. Bill Paxton, as Coconut Pete, delivers several memorable musical performances throughout the film. From the energetic "Pina Coladaburg" to the outrageously hilarious "Do the Coconut Pete," these songs add an extra layer of fun to an already entertaining movie. Whether you're a lover of horror or comedy, the music of Club Dread will have you tapping your feet and singing along.

To fully immerse yourself in the world of Club Dread, you can play and download these sounds to relive the memorable moments of the film. The catchy tunes and iconic quotes will transport you back to Coconut Pete's Coconut Beach Resort, where the horrors and hilarity of the island await.

In conclusion, Club Dread is a must-see horror-comedy film that combines laughter, suspense, and catchy music to create an unforgettable cinematic experience. With an ensemble cast of talented comedians and actors, it expertly blends the horror and comedy genres, delivering scares and laughs in equal measure. So get ready for a wild ride as Coconut Pete and his Coconut Bikini Girls guide you through the tropical paradise turned deadly in this hilarious and thrilling film.

A fan? Man, you`re a fucking loon!
A little song I wrote seven and a half fucking years...
A mellow island songster...
A very magical place.
About time you two perverts showed up for the party! [ Laughs ]
Actually, I was quite engaged until you bullied your way in here.
After a knife fight with guerrilla drug lords, then you talk to me.
Ah,Jesus Christ! That`s tequila!
All I`m saying is I don`t go into the jungle alone if I can help it.
All night raving, pill popping little son of a bitch.!
All right now, be on guard. He might be a little cranky.
All right, Lars will probably come after us here.
All right, Lars, let`s see what you got.
All right, let`s get back to the case. What we have to do
All right, let`s go have some fun now, huh? Bring it down. Bring it down.
All right, now here`s the plan.
All right, since there`s no way off this rock...
All right, so maybe the octopus...
All right, stick to the shore. There`s no reason to go in the jungle.
All right?
All right. There is only one way to find out.
Amy`s got some fantastic advice for everybody this morning, haven`t you, Amy?
And again, Peter.
And chopped those staff members into a hundred pieces.
And he once said something very wise:
And he was smokin`it with those two little hussies...
And I got lonely!
And if not, then at least we know it`s not him.
And it was kind of wadded up on the ground
And most importantly of all, no strings attached!
And most of it`s just common sense. Like right now...
And one night it was a night a lot like tonight
And that his favorite spice was rosemary?
And then Amy Aerobics died, and so she`s the new number one chick, dude.
And they go on this adventure to find, uh, Atlantis or some shit.
And they say he took that same machete...
And they say...
And they`re here to take care of you in more ways than one.!
And Tokey and Bongo are his buddies.
And wait until the morning, and we`re going to do this together.
And walk 20 klicks to an aid station...
And we don`t know if he got out or if someone else got in.
And we`re gonna hold you to it.
And we`re gonna make it through the night, okay?
And when he does, I promise you...
And will be an excellent addition to your staff.``
And, uh, everyone`ll get laid.
Any of you guys have a mother?
Apeeper, huh? My kind of guy.
Are you ready for the time of your life?
Are you telling me there`s some totally deranged, dickless dude running around out there?
Are you trying to tell us something, boy? Is Timmy trapped in a well?
Aren`t you taking any weapons?
As Machete Phil.
At least assault with a deadly wet one.
Ay, puta.! Just come and look!
Because I just found Putman.
Because it`s goddamn Fashion Show Wednesday, that`s why!
Because Lars was in the jungle killing Putman.
Before I go...
Before Margaritaville`` was even on the map!
Better believe I`ll be keeping an eye on you, Mr. Miyagi.
Bloody hell,Jen! Am I the only one?
Bravo, Lars, bravo.
But from that point on...
But he can`t see shit. It`s pitch black, so he just keeps bangin` away.
But he sees that he`s having sex with a corpse.
But I have some... ammunition of my own.
But I think you`re gonna get a big kick out of it, okay?
But I told him I I could handle the responsibility.
But I`ll bet hind to horses...
But I`m plagued by the dreams.
But I`m still really psyched. I`ve been waiting a long time for this.
But it`s not yet game, set
But something doesn`t feel right to Coletti.
But what about the sign on Cliff s neck?
But you gotta see what someone did to my activities board.
But, look, it still doesn`t prove that she`s the killer.
Can anyone guess the secret ingredient?
Carlos, these knives are filthy. When are you gonna clean `em?
Cause everybody`s looking to find their own paradise.```
Check it out.
Chopped his own dick off and ran screaming into the jungle.
Cliffs, rocks, boards. Whatever you wish.
Coconut Pete`s Paella?
Coconut Pete.
Coconut Pete. Hey, man, I really appreciate you bringing me into your life circle.
Coconut Pete.!
Coletti looks around and sees not only is he out in the middle of that old Mayan cemetery...
Come on, hit it! Hit it!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Hurry! Come on! [ Groans ]
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Cue Pretzel. Cue Pretzel. Pretzel Ah.
Come on. I have an obligation to get to the bottom of that
Come on. I have an obligation to get to the bottom of that
Congratulations. I heard you got your own fitness show?
Cool it,Juanny. You know that`s just a bullshit story for the guests.
Costa Rican prison that`s some hard core anal action, man.
Crab, crab, crab. Shot. Throw it away. Salute.
Crab, crab, crab. Shot. Throw it away. Salute.
Crying out...
Damn it! He must have taken my swords.
Damn.! [ Giggles ]
Dave was gonna run it into the ground.
Dear God in heaven.
Definitely not this guy.
Did a little Falun Gong in Bang Chow.
Did it stink? You bet it stunk.
Did you know that I can hold my breath...
Dirk, get outta the pool!
Do not underestimate me, Lars.
Does he believe in the local legends of the island...
Don Henley was gonna play drums! Fuck, that would`ve been tight! Fuck.
Don`t tell me 1 5th row.
Dude, she was. But then the chick by the palm tree died...
During the Sung Dynasty, there was a great mystic Master Tsu Tong Po.
Eh, I just want our first time to be wonderful.
Eh, I`m still not sure.
Eh, yeah. Hey, look, I salty, yeah?
Everyone knows Dave`s parents got killed at a Pete show.
Excuse me?
For having sex with a goat.
For keeping these people from enjoying free drinks at the pool from noon to 3:00!
For three minutes and 33 seconds? [ Chuckles ]
Found a machete...
Free drinks, whoever catches me!
Fuck no. I mean, uh, I don`t know.
Fuck off.
Fuck that guy! Son of a son of a bitch!
Fuck, I don`t know what it seemed to suggest. Let me try that again.
Further and further away from the lights of the club...
Get out, now!
Get outta here! Now! I can`t hold him for long.
Give me a break. I screwed Juan and Pete, and those guys aren`t dead.
Give me a break. Sissy Brit.
Give me a heads up before you do that.
Go ahead. [ Chuckles ]
Goddamn it! Coconut Pete`s Paella!
Good luck, Putman.
H How many gold records do you have?
Hang on to your kudos.
Have a good time all the time.
He didn`t take it. He sunk it.
He fell and cracked his shell``? That`s like Carlos up in the parasail.
He had grass. My grass!
He keeps aging hippies from stealing the bong out of your tour bus?
He left last night. He ran off into the jungle.
He was forming a supergroup Billy Squier and Eddie Money!
He was going back on the on the road where he belonged.
He was gonna sell the island to the navy for test bombing.
He was uncircumcised and smelled of oranges? [ Sniffs ]
He would hunt me down like a deranged lunatic.
He`s Coconut Pete`s nephew, so he thinks he can get away with murder.
He`s far too large.
He`s my Uncle Petey.
He`s not too worried about it.
He`s the guy from the campfire story Machete Phil, the kid with no dick.
Hejust rolls right over, starts putting the screws to her.
Hello, Pete.
Help! Help!
Here comes Coconut Pete.!
Here we go, I`ll do, um Okay, ready and action.
Hey [ Moans ]
Hey, Dave. Hey, Carlos.
Hey, get your own margy.
Hey, guys, I`m gonna need you back at the bonfire. We`re gonna make an announcement.
Hey, help me!
Hey, I don`t have to tell you shit, Fun Pig! You wanna Fun arrest me?
Hey, I figured it out. I know where those lines on the board came from.
Hey, I was in Nicaragua,junior!
Hey, it looks like everybody else is okay.
Hey, let`s dance. It`s easier when you`re smiling.
Hey, look. Putman freaked out in the middle of the night and took off into the jungle.
Hey, Pretzel! Get your twisted, salty ass out here.
Hey, you guys ever hear the story of the Machete Maniac?
Hey, you. I`m sorry I`m late. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
Hey.! Nice helmet, Lars.!
Hola, Peenalop!
Hot dudes lookin` for some gander juice.
How do you kill someone with an octopus?
How do you not know the words to your own song?
How many of you knew that he he was afraid of dogs...
How many of you knew that...
How the hell are we supposed to do our job...
How would you like to be stuffed in this closet while I go out there and have sex?
Huh? You all want to know what I did?
Huh. So where are you from?
I always...
I believe I`m safer on my own.
I can`t believe you invited that guy.
I can`t reach it. [ Panting ] I can handle this.
I cannot imagine a more beautiful way to go.
I did not do this. I`m not a killer.
I did not do this. I`m not a killer.
I don`t care if I have to carve a spear out ofbamboo, this asshole`s
I don`t even remember making the album, okay?
I don`t know if I`d fit in your luggage. Oh, shit!
I don`t know, I haven`t seen him all night.
I don`t know. I I mean, the Smilin` Smuggler...
I don`t think so. [ Chuckles ]