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Phoenix (2014)

Phoenix (2014)

Phoenix is a riveting 2014 German film directed by Christian Petzold. Set in post-World War II Berlin, the story follows Nelly, a Jewish singer played by Nina Hoss, who undergoes facial reconstruction surgery after surviving the Holocaust. As she tries to track down her husband, Johnny, played by Ronald Zehrfeld, Nelly's journey becomes a psychological exploration of identity, betrayal, and resilience.

The film's haunting soundtrack, composed by Stefan Will, perfectly captures the emotional depth of the narrative. Its melancholic melodies and atmospheric arrangements beautifully complement the performances, adding an additional layer to the story's impact.

If you are looking to immerse yourself in the sounds of Phoenix, you can play and download the gripping music here. Indulge in the unforgettable melodies and let them transport you to the post-war landscape of Berlin, as you experience the captivating tale of Nelly's quest for rebirth and reconciliation.

A couple of days and the bandages come off.
A few gentlemen out there would probably like new faces, too.
A friend who died at the front had a houseboat on a nearby lake.
A jacket of English cloth,
A piano was playing inside. Someone was singing.
A slip, I guess.
A train will arrive, many people will get off.
A week, two, maybe longer.
Alfred, as ever, will say, 'Little Nelly. '
Alive she was poor, dead, she's rich.
All counts of cowardice and treachery.
All fully equipped,
All of you come.
All of your own?
All the burn wounds and shot up faces!
Always nice and short, broad and airy.
An ether mask can't be used due to your face's condition,
And collect her estate.
And for an instant it was as it used to be.
And her, too.
And Herbert and Marie...
And honestly, I'd have preferred that.
And how are they?
And how is this to go on?
And I found two other for us in Tel Aviv.
And I never will again.
And I'll be...
And I'll need a story. What kind of story?
And in perfect working order.
And it was...
And leave. We could at least try...
And needed more material. Show me.
And now our delightful Vicky and Lola
And now the survivors return and forgive.
And on the other, a new face is an advantage.
And she cried.
And something for your hair.
And the crosses are for the dead?
And the shoes from Paris.
And then this...
And there's a real plantation in the park.
And there's nothing you can do.
And these you might meet after arrival.
And we'll both shut our eyes.
And we'll meet you at the station.
And when are you going to Palestine?
And when I finally found him
And when I finally got here
And you know our son... My...
And you'll be able to... Who's paying for this, Lene?
And you'll whisper...
And... what should I call you?
Anything else? A hell of a lot.
Are they... Nelly's things?
Are you looking for work?
As if you're overwhelmed.
At all performances, in fact.
At night?
At the station there'll be me,
At the window...
Beautiful, simple lined architecture.
Because she's so glad.
Bernstein designed it.
But don't be concerned, you'll sleep deeply.
But for me there's no way forwards, either.
But I assure you, no one will.
But I saw him. I don't know a Johnny. Do you?
But now go over to Johnny. There he is.
But she did call me Mrs Lenz.
But she did call me Mrs Lenz.
But the cellar is full, so really there's plenty
But we want them to look at you and say, it's Nelly!
But we wanted to practise! It won't work.
But where is Lene, then?
But you can't go out over the coming weeks.
But you improvise so wonderfully.
By the way, I put the papers for the Haifa apartment on the desk.
Calling me that, now?
Can I have a look?
Can I hear that again?
Can I offer you something?
Can I talk to you?
Can you manage that? Is that my coffee?
Can you see?
Cheekbone and nasal bone are shattered.
Chipping to the left cranial bone.
Christina is dead.
Cmon she's not Eva Braun.
Come along.
Come back in again.
Come have a hug.
Come on.
Come on.
Coming for a beer later on? Sure. Look!
Coming up. Are you Johnny?
Dear Nelly,
Did he gave you those black eyes?
Did you at least learn by heart?
Did you betray Nelly?
Did you buy them for her? I think so.
Did you give thought to Haifa or Tel Aviv?
Did you go to Paris together?
Did you have favourite places?
Did you know I was hiding down in the boat?
Did you like it?
Did you often go walking with her. Yes.
Did you see him?
Did you speak to him?
Do I...
Do they fit?
Do you know what disgusts me?
Do you recognise me?
Do you... have any photos of Nelly?
Don't look at me,
Dr.Bongartz used it and I simply...
Eight, seven...
Elisabeth is really a gem.
Elsie, make us a coffee.
Enough! Enough!
Excuse me?!
Excuse me. I mistook you for someone.
Finally you are suddenly released.
First the grocer wouldn't sell to us.
For a wash, make up and hair?
For our good guests.
For the first time, you hear?
Frankly I hoped you wouldn't come back.
Frederike will complain as usual about her life and Berlin.
Frederike, Walther and Alfred.
From a camp, someone is bound to ask me
Get off.
Get out.
Go ahead.
Go on, take it.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning. Good morning.
Good. You can sleep here, we'll continue tomorrow.
Had to take care of her all that time...
He didn't recognise me.
He envied us our apartment.
He was allowed to play again... now he wants your money.
He was interrogated and released just after your arrest on October 6.
He works here.
He's a musician, too.
He's a pianist.
He's the one to speak to, Miss.
He's trying to shanghai something in the cards.
Her dresses ended just below the knee.
Her handwriting.
Here are two dollars.
Here's a specimen.
How about a coffee? Or two?
How beautiful to be in love!
How desperate you were?
How did we meet?
How is it an advantage? You'll be a new and different person.
How it was there,
How was it with the innkeepers?
How we sat on a beam,
Husband was here again?
I always wished...
I am alive and will return soon.
I am to give it to you.
I brought you some things.
I can't always look after you, I have to go to Poland soon.
I can't come from a camp like that.
I can't come to Palestine.
I can't get her inheritance.
I can't stand German songs anymore.
I cannot keep this from you.
I didn't look at them. Quit playing Nelly!
I don't believe he betrayed her.
I don't believe it.
I don't go out without a revolver.
I don't have to close my eyes to see you.
I don't know yet.
I don't know...
I don't speak to traitors.
I explained that already. No, that's all...
I feel more drawn to our dead than to our living.
I found an apartment, by the way.
I got you a revolver, too.
I guess they're both out of fashion now.
I had to hide Nelly in winter '43.
I have no nutmeg, no butter,
I have to go out!
I have to go out. No, no...
I haven't had breakfast. The water's boiling. We'll eat soon.
I just wanted to dance a bit.
I know you're not her!
I mean, take it in. The dress?
I might be there a while. How long?
I must. You can't.
I need to know these things. Try the other. Walk around in them.
I needed examples. Of what?
I no longer exist.
I only just got up.
I only thought about how I'd come back to him.
I read it.
I read it.
I said the same to your husband.
I saw you...
I shut my eyes.
I simply had to look for him.
I sleep here.
I thought she was a...
I thought you'd shot him and needed my help.
I told Wolfgang...
I told you there is no way back for us.
I told you to stop right there.
I wanna see your face.
I want to look exactly like I used to.
I want to look like I used to.
I won't go along with it, Nelly.
I'd finished the shopping list
I'd listened to it in London before falling asleep.