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Young Frankenstein (1974)

Young Frankenstein (1974)

Young Frankenstein is a hilarious and iconic comedy film released in 1974. Directed by Mel Brooks, this parody of classic horror films tells the story of Frederick Frankenstein, played by Gene Wilder, who inherits his grandfather's castle in Transylvania. Upon discovering his grandfather's secret lab, Frederick's life takes a comedic turn as he attempts to create his own monster. With a stellar cast including Teri Garr, Cloris Leachman, and Madeline Kahn, Young Frankenstein is a timeless classic that continues to entertain audiences. You can relive the laughter by playing and downloading these sounds here.

A few short weeks ago, coming from a background...
A filthy, slimy rat!
A laboratory assistant temporarily.
A light so brilliant and wondrous...
A little paint, a few flowers...
A man whose family name was once both famous...
A riot is an ugly thing...
A riot is an ugly thing...
A rounded protrusion called the pons...
A sudden light broke in upon me.
A temporary companion to help me pass a few short hours in my lonely life.
A toast to Yes!
A toast.
A visitor is all I ask.
Abby normal.
Agggh! Agggh!
Ah, but your hand is frozen, my child.
Ah! Oh, my ahhh! Ahhh! [Gasps]
All right all right.
All right, I think I have it figured out now.
All right, I think I have it figured out now.
All right. Now now now.
All those scientists, they're all alike!
All we need now is an equally magnificent brain.
An incredibly big mute.
And a somewhat more...
And a stalk tapering downwards called the medulla oblongata...
And all the more painful to us, your elders...
And becomes, of course, the spinal cord.
And coordination.
And from minus to plus.
And grace.
And he is... mine!
And I am going to convince him that he is loved...
And I want the world to know...
And I won't say it.
And I'll block the bookcase with my body.
And not because of my accidental relationship...
And now, may I present to you...
And penetrate...
And stand beside this table?
And strap him down tightly!
And the central nervous system.
And the other one is just for socks and poo poo undies.
And then...
And there's the only other door.
And they ran away in horror.
And transformed dead components into
And where is my grandfather's private library?
And yet so simple...
Any doctor might have them in his study.
Are gently pulled apart...
Are there any questions before we leave?
Are there any questions before we proceed?
Are you ready?
Are you speaking of the worm or the spaghetti?
Are you sure you want to go through with this?
Aren't there any lights in this place?
Arrgh! Arrgh! Arrgh!
As a matter of fact, we were just having one as you were driving up.
As long as I can remember, people have hated me.
As long as I can remember, people have hated me.
As the leader of this community...
As the minuteness of the parts formed a great hindrance to my speed...
As well as our successes...
As your creator, I command you to come back!
At your service, sir. Always.
Back on the operating table...
Baron Beaufort von Frankenstein.
Be of good cheer.
Because once a nerve fiber is severed...
Because this poor half crazed genius...
Because we still have nightmares from five times before.
Before we go around killing people...
Behind ze bookcase.
Between reflexive and voluntary nerve impulses.
Books and papers? It is!
But are carried out along pathways...
But aren't you the grandson of the famous Dr. Victor Frankenstein...
But as a Fronkensteen, aren't you the least bit curious about it?
But for what you're about to see next...
But genes und chromosomes.
But how? How? Before it's too late.
But I didn't look upstairs.
But I'd rather be remembered...
But I'm a rather brilliant surgeon.
But I'm going to help you.
But I'm not going to be the first.
But it seems to be coming...
But look what has been done with hearts and kidneys.
But there's nothing here but books and papers!
But they told me it was Igor.
But tonight...
But what did you ever get from him?
But what if we block the nerve impulse...
But what they really want is to rule the world!
But whoever it was just barely finished putting out his cigar.
But why do they hate you?
But you did. I just heard it.
But you have to remember that a worm...
But, Papa, I told you that I was turning the rostbraten.
By simply applying local pressure?
Call it... a hunch. ♪♪ [Imitates Rim Shot]
Calm down. I'm not afraid of you.
Close your robe and follow me.
Come on! Come. Oh!
Come! Come on! You can do it!
Come! Come on! You can do it!
Damen und herren...
Darling, you mustn't worry so.
Dead is dead!
Destiny, destiny!
Destiny! Destiny!
Didn't you Didn't you used to have that on the other side?
Distinguished colleagues...
Do not open this door...
Do you also say Froderick?
Do you have your cigar? Let me see.
Do you know what that means?
Do you understand?
Do you understand? Do not open this door!
Do you wanna talk about physical strength?
Do you want to talk about sheer muscle?
Do you want to talk about the Olympian ideal?
Doctor, I have
Doctor? Where are you?
Does that mean
Doesn't the bringing back to life what was once dead hold any intrigue for you?
Don't be frightened, dear. It's just a rat.
Don't give me that!
Don't inhale until the tip glows.
Don't put the candle back.
Don't speak. Don't say a word.
Don't touch him! He wants to do it by himself!
Don't you know a joke when you hear one?
Don't you remember? I asked you to put Helga to
Dr. Baron Frederick von Frankenstein.
Dr. Frankenstein.
Dr. Fronkensteen, are you all right?
Dr. Fronkensteen, wake up.
Eh, how do you do? I am Dr. Fronkensteen.
Ein, zwei, drei!
Ein, zwei, drei!
Especially when there is a Frankenstein...
Even at the cost of my own life.
First, may I offer for your consideration...
Follow me, please.
Follow me.
Following in his grandfather's footschtops!
For a little sponge cake und a little wine!
For a special occasion, I've been saving...
For God's sake. Come on. Are you trying to make me look like a fool?
For safety's sake, don't humiliate him!
For the love of God, come back!
For your intellectual and philosophical pleasure...
For, oh, say, five or six seconds.
Freddy, darling, how can I say in a few minutes...
From behind ze bookcase.
From that fateful day...
From what was once an inarticulate mass...
Get down, you fool!
Get in there! [Mutters]
Get ready!
Get set! Go!
Give my creation...
Gone. Gone!
Good girl.
Good man.
Good night, darling. [Kisses]
Good night, Frau Blücher.
Good night, Herr Doktor.
Good night.
H. Delbruck.
Ha ha ha ha!
Ha! Monsters!
Hand me that candle, will you?
Hand me that robe, would you, dear?
Has given me life.
Has graciously offered his services for this afternoon's demonstration.
Have the preparations been made for the transference?
He alone held an image of me as something beautiful.
He did it just for you and he meant so well.
He has a rotten brain!
He is as gentle as a lamb.
He used his own body as a guinea pig...