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No Country for Old Men (2007)

No Country for Old Men (2007)

"No Country for Old Men" is a gripping thriller film directed by Ethan and Joel Coen, released in 2007. Adapted from Cormac McCarthy's novel, the story follows the gripping pursuit of a man named Llewelyn Moss, played masterfully by Josh Brolin, who unwittingly stumbles upon the aftermath of a drug deal gone wrong in the desolate Texan borderlands. When he takes a suitcase full of money, he becomes the target of the relentless and merciless Anton Chigurh, portrayed brilliantly by Javier Bardem. This atmospheric and intense film leaves viewers on the edge of their seats. You can play and download the movie's soundtrack here.

A lot of folks find that hard to believe.
A man would have to put his soul at hazard.
About a million and a half on whores and whiskey ...and the rest of it, I just sort of blew it here.
About the color of the moon.
After a while, one of 'em says something in Injun and they all turned and left out.
After a while, you just have to try to get a tourniquet on it.
Ah, Sheriff, that's aggravating.
Ain't all waitin' on you.
Ain't no lobos.
Ain't nobody's gonna bother her.
All that at the? Motel. It's beyond everything.
Alright. Heads then.
Always am.
An ATM...
An attempt at humor, I suppose.
And a hose that run down his sleeve...
And after I find him I'll come and join you.
And by 9:30, they'll show up here.
And everybody just walks away.
And he needs help, whether he knows it or not.
And if I get sensible answers then they get to go to America. If I don't get sensible answers they don't.
And in the dream I knew that he was goin' on ahead...
And now it's here.
And that he's fixing to make a fire somewhere out there in all that dark and all that cold.
And that was that. As they say.
And the gas.
And you have to say. Call it.
And you're not dead.
Another additional?
Any new bodies accumulated out there?
Any of it. If it can be welded, I can weld it.
Anything happens to Loretta's horse out here...
Anything you leave you ain't gonna see it again.
Anyway, first one I don't remember too well but...
Anywhere not in your pocket.
Are you all right? You got a bone stickin' out of your arm.
Are you telling he shot this boy in the head...
At the gettin' place.
Aunt Ella came out and tried to stop the bleedin'.
Aunt Ella came out and tried to stop the bleedin'.
Baby, at what point would you quit bothering to look for your two million dollars?
Be all right?! I've got the cancer!
Be careful.
Be there in about fifteen minutes.
Beer leads to more beer.
Beer. That's what's comin'.
Better not.
Big talk.
Brian. Give him the beer.
Brother, I been there.
But for how long do we have to...
But I can sure touch him.
But I don't want to push my chips forward...
But if you stopped, you stopped in the shade.
But that's not where I'm going. Do you know where I'm going?
But that's what it took, you'll notice. Get somebody's attention.
But you don't believe it.
But you struck me as a man who wouldn't want to waste a chair.
Buy you a cup of coffee before you drive home?
By anyone, I mean any swinging dude.
C'mon, pack your things.
Call it?
Call it.
Call it.
Call me when you've had enough.
Call police.
Can I get my parking ticket validated?
Can I help you?
Can't help but wonder how they would've operated these times.
Carla Jean, how are you?
Carla Jean, I will not harm your man.
Carla Jean. Thank you for comin'.
Cause I'm gonna give you the money and I'ma put you on a plane.
Charlie grabs his gun there to shoot the damn thing in the head...
Compared to what? The bubonic plague?
Could I get another room?
Could I get you to call Loretta for me...
Couldn't you all of took a van out there?
Couple hundred on his person. Those hombres would've taken the stash.
Course they slaughter steers a lot different these days.
Did you buy that gun?
Did you go up to his trailer?
Did you not hear me? We can't give out no information.
Did you want me to see what I could find out about the Mexican ones?
Didn't have no van with four wheel drive.
Didn't mean nothing.
Diggin' in that hard old caliche.
Digging graves in the back yard didn't bring any.
Do what now?
Do you have any idea how crazy you are?
Do you know what time it is?
Do you know where I'm going?
Do you need help with the bags, madam?
Don't get hurt.
Don't hurt no one.
Don't know why I did.
Don't put it in your pocket. It's your lucky quarter.
Don't stop. Just ride me up past those rooms.
Don't worry. I ain't gonna hurt you.
Don't worry. I'm not the man that's after you.
Ed Tom, I'll be polite.
Even if you gave him the money back, he'd still kill you...
Execution here...
Find it from the river bank. I know where it is.
Find who? What am I supposed to do with Mother?
Fine. I don't wanna know.
For what?
Gaston Boykins wouldn't wear one up in Comanche County.
Generally around dark. At dark.
Get someone to help this man. He needs to get into town.
Gimme that beer too.
Gimme that.
Going where?
Good trip, Ed Tom.
Got a letter from your wife.
Got a screwgie?
Gun out and up.
Gunned down on his own porch over in Hudspeth County.
Hard to believe.
Have you looked at your load lately?
Hay lobos...
He can take all comers.
He didn't.
He don't talk as much as you, I give him points for that.
He feels... he felt that... the more people looking...
He gave the Mexicans a receiver.
He had his blanket wrapped around him and his head down.
He just have to say, okay.
He killed a fourteen year old girl.
He killed three men in Del Rio Motel yesterday.
He killed three men in Del Rio Motel yesterday.
He never thinks he needs any.
He seen the same things I've seen...
He shoots the desk clerk one day.
He still can't pick up his right hand for his hat...
He won't find me again.
He won't neither. He never has.
He's a peculiar man. Might even say he has principles.
He's bad enough that you called me.
He's goin' back out there and he wanted to know if you wanted to go with him.
He's just a goddamn homicidal lunatic, Ed Tom.
He's not like you. He's not even like me.
Hell mister, I'll give you my shirt.
Hell mister. Look, I don't mind helping someone out. That's a lot of money.
Hello, Carson.
Here Charlie's got one all trussed up and all set to drain him...
Here last week they found this couple out...
Here we are. Ninety degree heat.
Here ya go.
Here's this month's checks.
His name is Chigurh.
Hold this please.
How bout 38?
How come do you reckon the coyotes ain't been at 'em?
How come're you doin' that?
How do you know he's not on his way to Odessa?
How fresh is that coffee?
How many bodies did you leave with?
How many of those things you got now?
How much?
How much?
How you been, Ellis?
How'd you find it?
Howdy, what's this about?
I ain't gonna call it.
I ain't got no agua.
I ain't got no water.
I always figured when I got older...
I always knew you had to be willing to die to even do this job.
I always seen this is what it would come to.
I am older.
I believe it's that night. She buried him the next mornin'.
I believe they've lit a shuck.
I believe you're right.
I buried my mother today. I ain't paid for that neither.
I can even let you keep a little of the money.
I can hear it in your voice.
I can't call it for you.
I could come back then.
I deduced it. When you walked in.
I didn't mean nothing by it.
I didn't put nothing up.
I do know to a certainty. And you know what's going to happen now, Carson?
I don't blame him.
I don't care what time it is. And don't you hang up this phone.
I don't either!
I don't even wanna know where you been all day.
I don't have some way to put it.
I don't know but I kindly doubt it.
I don't know what to make of that.
I don't know, I had the sheriff here from Terrell County.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know. American citizens?
I don't know. He ought to...
I don't know. I couldn't say.
I don't know. Nothin. Wouldn't be no point to it.
I don't know. Sometimes I think he's pretty much a ghost.
I don't know. Will there?
I don't need to talk to you.
I don't wanna register it.
I generally make a fresh pot ever week even if there's some left over.
I got a bad feeling, Llewelyn.
I got an overcoat on.
I got beers in my room.
I guess I'd say... he doesn't have a sense of humor.
I just flat out wouldn't of believed you.
I just want to know your opinion of him.
I knew that whenever I got there he'd be there.
I know I was.