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An American Tail (1986) Soundboard

An American Tail (1986) Soundboard

"An American Tail" is a beautifully crafted animated film that was released in 1986. Directed by Don Bluth, this heartwarming tale takes viewers on an unforgettable journey filled with adventure, hope, and the importance of family. This beloved movie captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, becoming a classic for both young and old.

The story follows the Mousekewitz family, Jewish mice who reside in Russia during the late 1800s. They dream of a better life in America, where they believe there are no cats to terrorize them. Led by Fievel, the youngest member of the family, they embark on a treacherous journey across the ocean to the promised land of America.

Voicing the character of Fievel Mousekewitz is the talented young actor Phillip Glasser, who brings an endearing innocence to the role. Fievel's determination to find his family and stand up against injustice resonates with viewers, making him an instant favorite. Accompanying him is his older sister Tanya, voiced by Amy Green. Tanya dreams of becoming a singer and adds a touch of melodious charm to the film.

Tony Toponi, a street-wise mouse Fievel befriends in America, is played by actor Pat Musick. Tony becomes Fievel's trusted companion, guiding him through the vibrant and bustling streets of New York City. Together, they navigate the challenges of a new country in search of their family.

The standout character of An American Tail is the formidable Warren T. Rat, a conniving and greedy feline who plays a crucial role in the plot. He is voiced by the renowned actor John Finnegan, who brings an air of slithering malevolence to the character. Warren T. Rat's actions force Fievel into a series of misadventures, pushing him to find his inner strength.

The film features an enchanting soundtrack that perfectly complements the story's emotional highs and lows. "Somewhere Out There," performed by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram, is a captivating ballad that expresses the characters' longing and hope. This emotionally resonant song quickly became an iconic theme, winning awards and etching itself into the hearts of audiences.

With its stunning animation and top-notch voice acting, An American Tail received critical acclaim and garnered a strong fan following. Besides its heartwarming story, the film tackles themes of hope, resilience, and the importance of cultural diversity. It showcases the struggles faced by immigrants and reminds us of the values that make America a land of dreams.

If you want to relive the magical moments or introduce this classic film to a new generation, you can easily play and download An American Tail on various online platforms. Experience the joy of Fievel's journey, his love for family, and the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

An American Tail continues to inspire audiences even after decades since its release. It remains a testament to the power of storytelling and animation in capturing timeless themes and touching the hearts of viewers. Whether you are a fan of animated movies or appreciate heartfelt tales, this film is a must-watch that will leave a lasting impression.

So, grab some popcorn, gather your loved ones, and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of An American Tail. Celebrate the power of dreams, family, and the belief that even in the darkest times, there is always a light guiding the way.

A feline?
A new hat that has been in the family
A new hat.
About the Giant Mouse of Minsk?
Ah, so, Mr. Curious,
All right.
America. Hmm.
And besides, your music stinks.
And Fievel?
And I quote.
And not just any hat.
And you bring the mice from downtown.
And you, too, Mousekewitz.
Are they registered to vote?
Aw, come on. Be happy.
By any chance, do you know the Mousekewitzes?
Bye, bye.
Disregard the nose
Don't cry, Yasha. I'll scare them away.
Fievel Mousekewitz.
Fievel, come back!
Fievel, come, sit here.
Fievel, where are you?
Fievel, you'll get hurt!
Fifty cents!
Fillie Mousekewitz!
For three generations.
Get him!
Grand and Hester streets!
Happy Hanukkah.
He's not a rat. He's a cat.
Hear, hear!
Hurry. Hurry!
I mean, let me at him.
I never dreamt this morning I would be riding a feline.
I promise, that wasn't me
I thought it was bigger.
I would take you there myself,
I'll kill him! Get out of my way! Get out of my way!
I've never been so happy in my life.
In America, there are no cats.
Just send me his salary, will you?
Let me at him.
Look, Papa, birds!
Me, too!
My Fievel.
No, Papa.
Oh, a little fish now and then.
Oh, but it's impossible!
Oh, Fillie.
Oh, no! No, no!
Oh, that is more America.
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Okay, Mr. Smith.
Once more.
Oy, Tanya. Maybe he'll hear it.
Papa, help!
Release the secret weapon!
Release? Oh, no!
See how easy?
So? Let them hear me.
Tanya, Fievel?
Thank you.
That I am meek and gentle with these butchers.
That the prince climbed up?
That's terrible.
The pier's on fire!
The place to find hope!
Then never do that again!
There are millions of roaches who'd give
There are no cats in America,
Tiger, how did he get away?
Uh, that's 50 cents less than yesterday.
Uh, that's everyone.
Very interesting.
Wait a minute!
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute. Come back! Where are you going?
Wait for the boat whistle!
We will find him
We'll start looking for your family over in...
Well, if they don't care, I don't care!
What did he say?
What's she doing slumming in this part of town?
Who do those cats think they are?
Why are they building that statue?
Yeah, I guess so.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yes, Mama.
Yes, sir!
You can say cat here.
You know, I lost my family, too.
You should see things in my country!
You too, too? Hmm.
You want to find your family,
You will find your family there.
You'll find them.
♪ A duo
♪ A duo
♪ A duo
♪ A pair of lonely ones
♪ And the streets are paved with cheese
♪ And the streets are paved with cheese
♪ But there are no cats in America
♪ Count on me to be your chum
♪ Give out or give in
♪ In that big somewhere
♪ It helps to think we might be wishing
♪ It helps to think we're sleeping underneath
♪ Now don't you go and give up
♪ Oh, there are no cats in America
♪ Say never
♪ So set your mind at ease ♪
♪ So set your mind at ease ♪
♪ Somewhere out there
♪ the same big sky
♪ Tonight
♪ Underneath the same big sky
♪ We'll be there to pick each other off the floor
♪ We're friends and that's what friends are for
♪ With a taste for my brother, Tony
♪ Your
♪ Be who we are
♪ I'll be there to scratch your back
♪ Who were meant to be a two o