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Wish Upon Official Trailer (2017) - Broad Green Pictures

Wish Upon Official Trailer (2017) - Broad Green Pictures

The Wish Upon Official Trailer, released in 2017 by Broad Green Pictures, is a thrilling and captivating movie that held audiences in suspense from start to finish. Directed by John R. Leonetti, this supernatural horror film transports viewers into a world full of dark secrets and cursed desires.

The trailer sets the tone with its haunting visuals and intense musical score, leaving viewers eager to experience the complete immersion into this wicked tale. You can play and download these spine-tingling sounds on various streaming platforms and music websites, ensuring that the eerie experience lingers on.

The movie follows the story of Clare Shannon, portrayed by the talented Joey King. Clare is a young high school student who discovers an old Chinese music box that possesses the power to grant wishes. The cast also features Ryan Phillippe in the role of Jonathan, Clare's father, and Elisabeth Rohm as Clare's mother. Additionally, Sydney Park as Meredith and Shannon Purser as June bring their exceptional acting skills to their respective roles, making this film an unforgettable watch.

As Clare delves deeper into the music box's enchantment, she finds that each of her wishes comes true, but at a terrible cost. Despite the initial excitement and allure, she soon realizes that the price to pay might be her very own soul. The trailer showcases chilling moments as Clare witnesses the tragic consequences of her desires, providing a glimpse into the terror that lies ahead.

The stunning visuals and adept storytelling in the Wish Upon Official Trailer paint a chilling picture of a world consumed by the consequences of unchecked ambition. Broad Green Pictures successfully creates an atmosphere of both dread and fascination, leaving audiences yearning for more.

With stunning cinematography and expertly crafted suspense, this movie offers a unique and engaging viewing experience. The Wish Upon Official Trailer promises a heart-pounding ride filled with unexpected twists and turns. As viewers, we are drawn into Clare's world of obsession, fear, and the overwhelming desire to rewrite her tragic past.

In conclusion, the Wish Upon Official Trailer captivated audiences with its eerie and mesmerizing visuals, coupled with a chilling musical score. Thanks to the incredible talent of the cast and the visionary direction of John R. Leonetti, this supernatural horror film reached new heights of suspense and intrigue. Whether it is the hair-raising sound effects or the gripping performances, the Wish Upon Official Trailer is definitely a must-watch. So grab your popcorn and prepare for a breath-taking experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.