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THE DINNER Official Trailer (2017)

THE DINNER Official Trailer (2017)

THE DINNER Official Trailer (2017) is a gripping movie that delves into the complex dynamics between two couples struggling with a haunting secret. Starring Steve Coogan, Laura Linney, Richard Gere, and Rebecca Hall, this thought-provoking drama unravels during a fateful dinner where buried truths gradually unravel. With intense performances and a captivating storyline, this film explores themes of morality, family, and responsibility. Released in 2017, this trailer offers a glimpse into the gripping tale that awaits. You can watch and download this intriguing film by clicking here. Prepare for a riveting cinematic experience.

After tonight, it will all be over.
And I love you
Because I love those kids
But then, I don't spend quite as much time in makeup
Dad? You have my phone?
During the German occupation, maybe.
Go public as a family
He's gonna turn us in.
He's gonna turn us in. I know it.
Hi, love. It's mom. You're father doesn't know about tonight, and I'd like to keep it that way.
Hold on Congressman
How much do you know?
I am trying to protect you
I just don't want to be with these people
I'm going to set a press conference
I'm his brother
I'm not going.
I'm suspending my campaign
I'm the only person in my family that cares about real people
It sounds super exclusive and sexy.
It takes three months to get a reservation to this place.
It's a family matter. It's private.
It's about the boys
It's like going to France
Mr. and Mrs. Lohman have not arrived yet
Nobody will ever find out if we just keep cool
Not as good as my brother
Of course.
Oh yes we have!
So what's the subject at hand?
Stan, running for public office.
These are good boys
These boys have committed a horrific crime.
This is long over due
To getting through this dinner in one piece
To health
To the children
Want to see our drivers license?
We're gonna put it all on the table
We're gonna talk tonight
We're you just on my phone?
What is going on?
What will he become if he gets away with this?
Yeah. I must've thought it was mine.
You know what it is.
You look good, Paul.
You make a decision like this, you also decide the future of my son.
Nothing is private. This is private and it will stay private