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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And if I find that you are trying to corrupt my first born child I will bring you down baby I will bring you down to chinatown
Are you a male nurse
Are you a pothead
Can I talk to you for minute
Can you ever really trust another human being
Crazy male nurse
Did you fly in an airplane today
Did you spray paint the tail of a cat
Do you want to marry her
Don't push it fucker
Gaylord focker
Have you ever smoke
Have you ever watched pornographic videos
How could you say that
I have nipples could you build
I will be watching you studying your every move
I'm a patient man that's what nineteen months in vietnamese prison campbell duty
I'm a realist I understand it's a twenty first century and you've probably had premarital relations with my daughter
I'm not going to tell anybody anything until you answer some questions
I'm not gonna tell you again
I'm still not happy with it
Is there something you want to tell me
Is your name gaylord focker yes or no
Jack burns
Just answer the quest
Just be honest about it
Keep your mouth shut
Let's just say you have kids and you want to get out of the house spend a night on the town you know so you have a babysitter someone you think you can trust references work experience at all check...
Mister jinks
My daughter pam
My mother
My mother
No I don't know when it's coming
No no
No point lies
Now i'm going to ask you some questions
Now you listen to me
Oh yes you damn well will
Pam told me she let you in on a little secret mine last night
Quite shoes
So no matter where you go will be watching you
So that you would pay more red
So we have a discussion yesterday in the car about this
So yes or no
Thank you
That was interesting too
That's my girl
They can tell fairly easily if someone 's lying enough
They understood
This is a device for smoking marijuana
Unless you want to spend the next couple years of your life in prison you have god damn well tell me the truth no more lies you understand no more lies
We're talking about you
Well long as you keep your mouth shut for the rest of your life here in no immediate danger
Well then tell me the truth
What do you mean
What does that mean
Why should you be afraid you have nothing to hide
Will you be my son in law
Will you devote yourself entirely to her for the rest of your life
Would you be honest and faithful to her
Would you consider marrying my daughter
Yeah I know
You married my daughter would you support her in the way that she deserves to be supported
You sick sonofabitch
You try to milk continue you sick sonofabitch
You're in a real mess
'cause you love my daughter pam