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DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp (1990) Comedy

DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp (1990) Comedy

DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp is a 1990 comedy film based on the popular animated television series DuckTales. The film follows Scrooge McDuck and his nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, as they embark on a thrilling adventure to discover the legendary lost treasure and the all-powerful Genie's Lamp.

Featuring the voice talents of Alan Young as Scrooge McDuck, Russi Taylor as Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and Terrence McGovern as Launchpad McQuack, this Disney movie brings the beloved characters from the show to the big screen.

Filled with humor, heart, and exciting action sequences, DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp is a delightful family comedy that will keep you entertained from start to finish.

If you're a fan of the DuckTales series or just looking for a fun and nostalgic movie to enjoy, you can play and download these sounds here. So gather your family and get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Scrooge McDuck and his nephews!

According to the map, the cave of Collie Baba should be right here,
Ah ha!
Ah ha!
Ah, jeepers. I hadn't thought of that.
Ah! I can see my mountain of money now.
Ah! My money!
Ah! My new masters.
Ah... nothing but old robes.
All I want is a life of my own, like your nephews.
All right, lads. Operation Lift the Lamp is about to commence.
All right!
And 14,657 ways to trigger them.
And big. Big wishes spell big trouble. The bigger the wish, the bigger the trouble.
And every year I come back empty handed.
And I plan to get it back, even if it takes another 40.
And now, Genie, I wish to return home in my new home.
And now, Genie, I wish you would transform this mundane Bin
And two tickets to the feta cheese festival for you, master.
And you know each and every one, don't you, Uncle Scrooge?
And you shall accompany him as his guide.
And you shall finally be rewarded for your dubious assistance.
And you still have the lamp, Uncle Scrooge.
And you will help me get it back,
And yours too.
Anyway, I don't think he knows about me yet.
Apparently, he's having another one of his chipper days.
Are you certain this is where Scrooge lives?
Are you coming with us, Uncle Scrooge?
Are you sure it's safe to travel, master? Merlock could be close.
Arghh! Shabooey, it's alive!
Arghh! Uh oh!
As soon as I'm done polishing my teapot, we can have a tea party with my dollies.
At last, after all these centuries, the lamp will be mine again.
Aye, but it cannot beat my view, laddies.
Aye, to hold me back when those rascals finally get home.
Aye, to work. Tell Launchpad he can take you to the ball.
Aye. A hidden chamber.
Aye. And one more wish to go.
Aye. Hundreds.
Aye. I wish me and my family and my Bin were back in Duckburg.
Bad housekeeping. It looks like they have skipped the coop.
Bad wisher. You don't know. He made me do the worst things.
Because the master wants it so badly.
Betcha Uncle Scrooge'll wonder why we missed dinner.
Bless my bagpipes! An engraving of Collie Baba.
Blow my bagpipes! He's a genie.
But I've been summoned to pick up Mr McDuck.
But it was not your fault either, master. Oh, no, no, no, no.
But not too big.
But the camels will be lonesome.
But there's so many alarms.
But what are you worried about? He used up his wishes.
But you did have it for a little while.
C... A... S... H.
Can I be the guy who dresses like an Indian and throws the tea off the boat?
Can I get you and Gene anything? Cookies? Milk? Ice cream?
Careful. Stay close, Webby. No telling what kind of dangers we may find.
Children, I think your uncle has something to say to you.
Come out, come out, whoever you are.
Come, lads. Something tells me we should plan a full scale invasion.
Delicious. Good golly, everything smells more delicious when you're rich.
Did you at least see where the map leads?
Dijon has everything the mansion, the factories.
Dijon? It really is his.
Do not be fearing.
Do not worry, Genie, I have planned to take a small army of bodyguards.
Do you have to yell at me all the time?
Does his mother know about this?
Dollies, be good.
Don't worry about Merlock.
Don't worry about that mean old master now.
Don't worry. I will help you get it back. No trouble, you bet, here I come.
Don't worry. I'll pay you all back with cash at the mansion.
Don't worry. We're almost there.
Don't you "hello" me. What kind of trick are you kids playing on Mrs Beakley?
Er... Uncle Scrooge.
Even if I have to wish for the lamp to be buried in the centre of the earth.
Every year I tell them "I'll find Collie Baba's treasure."
Everyone who sees it will, and they'll all be fighting over me,
Except his first wish was to live for ever.
Finally, there's room to stretch.
First you pour the tea...
Follow me.
Forward, ho!
Gangway! Coming through!
Gee, Mr McD. A plane ride would have been less turbulent.
Genie, get ready to grant my last wish.
Genie, I've decided on my first important act as a rich man.
Genie, party of one.
Get back. Arghh!
Get outta here. No war paint or tomahawks or anything?
Get serious. That never works.
Give that back, you flea bitten buzzard!
Going up.
Good night, Uncle Scrooge.
Good. All you have to do is break into the security room.
Ha ha! The bonny bounty is mine again.
Has any heather ever looked more heavenly?
He has been in that lamp a long time.
He just came over to visit. For the night.
He must be on his way. Won't you go, sir?
He must have hit this lousy rock.
He stole clothes?
He's right. One look at that and Uncle Scrooge'll want to know what's up.
He's too powerful. He could destroy you.
Heavenly heather! The genie in the magic lamp.
Hello, Uncle Scrooge.
Help! Help!
Here, Louie, you wish Pinky away.
Here, Uncle Scrooge. You can have this back if it'll make you feel better.
Here, Webby, you take this.
Hey, do you hear something?
Hey, look at us! A couple of single guys out on the town.
Hey, Pops, give me five. Get down, get bad, get real, get a haircut.
Hey! Cool kasbah.
Hide me! Hide me! Hurry! Chase him away!
Hm? Hm.
Hmm. But I have such sensitive skin. And my brain boils so quickly.
How can I ever thank you, master?
Hurry, Mr McDuck. We've found something.
I am clean, innocent, like a little baby goat.
I am eternally grateful.
I believe they want to ask what happened with the treasure.
I can see this will take some careful thought.
I cannot work, Mrs Featherby. I'm going home.
I gotta stop him.
I gotta warn Mr McDuck.
I guess one of us oughta wish for peace and happiness all over the world.
I have something I've been wanting to say for 40 years.
I knew that weasel's prices were too good to be true.
I know the first wish. I'm going to wish for a million wishes.
I know. I wish for the world's biggest ice cream sundae.
I like it. I like it. I really like it.
I mean, don't wait, Dijon is on the way. Whoo, mamma!
I never thought he'd wish for your fortune, Mr McDuck, I swear.
I promise I'll never make another wish for myself again.
I shall plan a vacation. I wonder which country I shall be visiting first.
I thought it was my meanest master, the one Collie Baba stole the lamp from.
I wish everything was back to normal.
I wish for the treasure of Collie Baba.
I wish you would turn this disloyal swine into something fitting.
I won't keep it all, Louie. Most of these artefacts will go to museums.
I wouldn't be in this mess if it weren't for you.
I... I understand.
I'll save you. Left, right! Left, right! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
I'll try very hard to remember you at reward time.
I'm a boy.
I'm a real boy.
I'm going to stop all this magic.
I'm not your master any more.
I'm so sorry, Mr McDuck.
I've got one trick that might save us, I hope.
I've got to get you to my vault. It's the only safe place.
I've got Uncle Scrooge's directions to keep from getting zapped.
If I read these hieroglyphics correctly, we may have found the entrance.
If only there was a way to sneak in and get back the lamp.
If Scrooge gets past you, it'll be your hide.
If there's anything I hate more than elephants in the house, it's rats.
If you let me out, I'll be as quiet as a mouse, and just as small.
In light? But I am not a popular favourite in that house.
Into a fortress more worthy of its new owner.
Is there a doctor in the pyramid?
It is my good fortune to announce
It says "Stay alert and use your marbles".
It was everybody's favourite resort until Merlock couldn't get reservations.
It was great while it lasted.
It was here. Honest. An elephant wearing a big pink bow.
It was not my fault, master. They did not get past Dijon.
It's a map.
It's here, master. I saw it. Wait till you see it. You will be pleased as pop.
It's not my fault Merlock's after me. I didn't ask to be Mr Popular.
It's not my fault. Humpy here just had a great fall.
It's so nice to finally meet all of you.
It's that back stabbing banshee.
It's time for my nap.
It's turtle time.
It's your ride, sir. Or should I say, my ride.
Just keep searching while I hunt outside. They will not escape.
Just like before.
Just you and me and a pot of tea.
Keep going, Dijon.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention?
Lads! Webby!
Laugh at me, will you? I'll show you.
Launchpad, look what you've done to these ancient ruins.
Launchpad! Get me out of here fast.
Let me put it this way
Look at this.
Look. Without the genie, it's wasting away.
Looks safe to me.
Make us a little getaway wish. Oh, please.
Master Dijon? Ooh!
Master? Master?
May I have it, Uncle Scrooge? I can use it for my tea set.
Maybe a hot bath and a warm glass of milk...
Maybe some ski equipment, a CD player, my own home video entertainment system.
Maybe we should go now.
Maybe we took the wrong turn at that last sand dune.
Mount Vesuvius would have never blown its top if Merlock hadn't blown his.
Mrs Beakley, is this a ploy to get some vacation time?
My foot's been asleep for six centuries.
My talisman!
No problemo.
No video games, no television and no more friends...
No, no, no, silly. Not a Boston Tea Party.
No! No!