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A fat lot of good that'll do us if they make it to me, vault.
And not this time, Mcduck.
Cosmic kilts me money been alarm quit Duckworth get the limo.
Curse you, macduck. This ain't the last you'll see, MA.
Dad, Kane ain't gonna hit me that way.
Do, yeah. We've taken over the whole place.
Everything is ready, Sir.
Get away from him, you gluttonous goon.
Ha ha.
Hey kid, you got a sandwich or something?
Hey, don't forget about me. I'll go Scrooge.
Hey, scroogie catch.
Hey, when I get to gold, I'm gonna buy me a a new hat.
Hi Sheila, get something gilsa.
Hold on lad, I'll have you free in a jiffy.
Honey. Duckworth honey.
How many shapes can one took have?
Hurry up a Scrooge, they're headed for your office.
I could go for a snack.
I did. Oh yeah, huntland.
I don't feel a thing.
I think I'll bust you with this bust.
I'll get Scrooge. I can scrounge up here.
I'm gonna get you.
I'm starving.
Let me go you big your bum.
Mad at chance?
Mama, be so proud, I caught me a duck.
Mom would be so proud. I caught me a mini macduck.
Nice place. I think I'll stay a while.
No ohh. Ohh. Hmm. No. Hmm. No.
No, that's smart.
Nonsense, my boy.
Not even for an afternoon snack, big time and trouble me.
Not so fast match up. We're running things around here now.
Now I'm fine, but I saw Louie heading up the stairs with about 1000 Beagle Boys right behind them.
Now, why in the world was he interested in this old painting? Surely there are more valuable.
Oh dear. Do be careful or you'll scuff the floor.
Oh, not the Beagle Boys again. If they think they can stand between Scrooge Mcduck and his three cubic acres of cash, they've got another thing coming.
Oh, now that's what I call a stomach ache.
Ohh Huey, how you all right my boy?
Ohh my aching head.
Ohh talk about your run safe safe.
Ohh, maybe I'll call for a pizza.
Ohh, you're gonna have to try harder than that, but duck.
Please be at the Scrooge. It's not worth it.
Sex sucking Scrooge?
Sorry, scrunchie, not a chance.
Stay here, I'll handle this.
Step away from me, fortune your crook.
Sure. Lily and Julia here too. You better hurry up a scourge, they might be in trouble.
Take that screw G.
The pedal is to the middle, Mr Mcduck.
There you are, Sir.
This is too much white on an empty stomach.
Trust me, kilts. One false move and I'm a roast duck.
Trust me, kilts. One false move and I'm a roast duck.
Wait, you're not gonna forget about me, are you?
We almost got them all.
Well, pluck me pin feathers. It looks like some kind of secret code. Boys, boys.
Well, we saw the Beagle Boys going into the money bin and.
What are you waiting for? My count?
Who keeps his shape hanging from the ceiling?
Yeah, but you better watch out the Beagle Boys missed with your security system.
Yeah, good riddance to bad beagles, I say.
Yeah, me money.
Yeah. Ohh. Don't worry lad. I'll save you.
You ain't getting the drop on this bigger boy.
You save me a Cosgrove hooge.
You would hit on the head, you moronic Moroder.
You'll never beat me, Mcduck.
You'll never beat us, Scrooge.
You're welcome, lad, but Huey, what are you doing here?
Your safe is securely suspended, Sir.