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Second Act

Second Act

"Second Act" is a heartwarming comedy film directed by Peter Segal, released in 2018. The movie stars the talented Jennifer Lopez as Maya, a highly qualified woman who gets the chance to prove herself in the big corporate world, despite lacking a formal education. Joined by an exceptional cast, including Vanessa Hudgens as Zoe, Leah Remini as Joan, and Milo Ventimiglia as Trey, the film explores themes of self-discovery, empowerment, and the inherent value of experience over qualifications.

Set to an engaging and upbeat soundtrack, the music perfectly complements the story's uplifting tone. From catchy pop tunes to inspiring anthems, the songs featured in "Second Act" captivate listeners with their energetic melodies and relatable lyrics. If you want to immerse yourself in this delightful movie's soundscape, you can easily play and download these captivating sounds for an unforgettable musical experience.

(Note: There is no indication of a television show or song with the exact title "Second Act" released in recent years. Therefore, we assume it refers to a movie.)

A lie got you in the door
And I'm going to take these coasters
And of course you've got to see her Facebook page
Arthur got his MBA from Duke, he's the best man for the job
But we have to wait for the deal to be closed
But you got the job baby
Credit cards?
Do you ever look at your life and wonder how you got there?
Don't confuse this Facebook thing with who you really are
Don't confuse this Facebook thing with who you really are
Don't you dare
Every manager in our company has a college degree
His anal glands need milking.
I can do this
I find Ron arrogant, what's his problem?
I like her
I'm going to take these off your hands
I've got an idea.
If you made different choices, would you be happier?
Is that Maya Vargas?
It's not easy getting a job for a woman your age
My Facebook page?
No sir, I am
Our cat's veterinarian speaks mandarin
Screw em. Who? The educated people in their fancy houses
Some lady called for you, something about a job interview
The only employee we have that speaks Mandarin
The only thing stopping you, is you
These are my friends from Warton
They gave you an apartment?
Watch me
We did some time in the Peace Corps together
We save whales
We're looking at a new Chinese distributor
Who name their kids after fruit and climb Kilamajaro
Who's the champ?
Who's the champ? I'm the champ? You're the champ.
Wow, this is my office?
Wow, this is my office?
You look like Mrs. Doubtfire
You said you wanted fancy, so I just Cinderella'd your ass
You were always good enough. You were the only one who ever doubted it
Your resume interest me, Warton Business school