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"Speed" is a heart-pounding action film released in 1994, directed by Jan de Bont. Starring Keanu Reeves as LAPD cop, Jack Traven, and Sandra Bullock as Annie Porter, a courageous passenger, the movie follows their desperate attempt to save innocent lives aboard a city bus rigged to explode if it drops below 50 miles per hour. The thrilling storyline, compelling performances, and adrenaline-fueled stunts make it a classic in the genre. You can relive the intensity of "Speed" by playing and downloading its captivating sounds here. So buckle up, hold on tight, and get ready for a wild ride with Jack and Annie as they race against time to outsmart a cunning criminal mastermind.

A bomb is made to explode.
A bomber falls in love with one kind of bomb, and they're very monogamous.
A few more blocks, you're gonna come up to a soft turn, right.
A little more! Okay! Okay! Right there! Steady!
A while back he held some people for ransom.
A woman caught in the blast fell.
After all that we've...
Ah! Broke my my door.
All aboard. Doors will be closing.
All aboard. Doors will be closing.
All right, Harry, we're in. Passenger relay. Sir!
All right, let's get 'em off. Just step and walk.
All right, listen. We got an entrance coming up, Jack.
All right, look. Harry's tryin' to find out who this guy is.
All right, pop quiz. The airport.
All right!
All right! All right! Let's go!
All right. All right!
All right. He'd want to be here, but he'd want to stay mobile, right?
All the way down to the lobby! Let's go, folks!
Am I lying?
An explosion. Some kind of an explosion.
And for his brave and selfless act.
And for who? For what?
And here is to Harry.
And I don't, does that mean I'm expendable?
And I got a bullet in me.
And I think it's gonna be a very pretty day.
And I'm not a cop right now.
And Jack? Don't slip.
And now he throws in this watch.
And that everyone is safe for the moment.
And then when I saw her body fall under the bus, it was like...
And they don't even know ya.
And they pick your friend up with a sponge.
And to Jack... for shooting Harry.
Annie. Hold on!
Anything we haven't seen should be in here.
Are gonna end up just like your friend.
Are we gonna have a problem now?
Are you paying attention? Jack, are you listening to me?
Arizona Wildcats.
As a city bus, rigged to explode if it slows down,
At least that's what they'll think.
Aw, come on. Thirty more years of this, you get a tiny pension and a cheap gold watch.
Aw, geez, you know, it took me three hours just to get here from the airport.
Aw, we've got all the balls in the world right here, man!
Be easy on him, Bob. The boy was up late last night partying.
Because I am not gonna be around to back you up,
Because I had my driver's license revoked.
Because I want you to help me to get it before it gets too late.
Because you spend it trying to stop the bomb...
Big asshole.
Bomb's already taken out cables. Bomber wants $3 million, or he blows the emergency brakes.
Both blown up by the bomber.
Briggs, where's Jack and Harry?
Bullshit! Yeah, there's a bomb. Some funny joke, man!
But I got your attention now, didn't I, Jack?
But I'm not available to drive tomorrow. Busy.
But it looks on TV like you're tryin' to get those passengers off the bus.
But it's on the map. It's finished on the goddamn map!
But reports are that the bus continues to circle inside L.A. X...
But reports are that the bus continues to circle inside L.A.X.
But Sam's been shot! We gotta get him off!
But you got some big, round, hairy cojones.
But, Annie, if she'd gotten off, it would've killed us all.
But, um, I'm afraid in the end it's just the money, Jack.
But, you know, I figured a sign that said Howard Payne...
But, you see, I'm in charge here. I drop this stick, huh,
Bye, Jack. Punk.
Call 9 1 1!
Can you find the trip wire for the remote?
Can you get a fuel truck to pace us here? We're losing gas.
Can't even pay him a compliment.
Certainly, a sense of community...
Check it out.
Circling the runway.
Closer! A little closer, Annie!
Come on, Harry. Save my life.
Come on, lady! Come on! Grab my hand! Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Back over here! Hands around the pole.
Come on! I got ya!
Come on. Look straight ahead.
Cool. Whoa!
Could be.
Could you do me a favor and hold the wheel for me for a second?
Couldn't have been too great. I woke up alone.
Didn't have anywhere to be just then.
Do not attempt to grow a brain.
Do they think I'm doin' this for fun?
Do you hear me? Jack, if you're there, you got to stop the train.
Do you listen? Do you ever...
Don't fuck with Daddy.
Don't give up on me, Jack. Come on, please. Jack, stop it!
Don't go! Don't leave us here!
Don't make any big movements. Okay?
Don't slow down!
Don't worry. I won't go far.
Don't, Sam! Don't let him on!
Drive straight!
Drive straight! Stay in this lane!
End of the line. This day has been real disappointing, I don't mind saying.
Everybody, hold on!
Everybody, hold onto your seats or whatever you can.
Everybody, I'm Jack Traven, L.A.P.D.
Everybody, sit tight. I'm getting off for a minute.
Everyone else, I want you to affirm building evac. Move!
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Are you out of your mind?
Excuse me. Excuse me!
Feeling that we're right back where we started, huh?
Fifty feet. A couple of miles ahead.
Fine. The two of you check it out.
First time in L.A.
For his grace under pressure...
For his quick thinking,
Forget the files. I want you to start going through the pension fund.
From becoming.
Fuck me!
Fuck. You're fired! Everybody's fuckin' fired!
Gee, thanks.
Get her up!
Get in there. Go on.
Get me closer!
Get out of there and sit tight. We're gonna go after the source.
Get rid of that scaffolding and replace it with webbing.
Get to the floor!
Give him the number!
Give me your hand. The hand. Come on.
Give me your hands!
Gives me more time.
Go for the good wound, and he can't get to the plane with her.
Goddamn it, Mac! We gotta get those fuckin' choppers out of here!
Goddamn it! Son of a bitch!
Gold band, fairly cheesy.
Good. Now, you tell them...
Good. That's it. Come on. That's it.
Got enough dynamite strapped to his chest to blow a building in half.
Got it.
Grab my hand! My hand! Grab my hand!
Grab my wrist. That's it. Good.
Grab that, will ya? I want you to write on it.
Gunman with one hostage. He's usin' her for cover.
Guts will get you so far, and then they'll get you killed.
Harry, come on, man. I mean, we won, we got him.
Harry, tell me good news, man.
Harry, there's enough C 4 on this thing to put a hole in the world.
Harry, we're on our way to the chopper.
Harry, you told me to.
Harry, you're gonna go home and puke.
Harry. Harry, it's Jack.
Has it been fucked with or loosened or any wires...
He can see me, but can he hear me?
He could've blown that thing from Pacoima.
He doesn't know it blew up.
He hit one in Venice already. Fire chief said there's nothin' left.
He is so persistent. He always gets his man.
He lost his head.
He should be able to circle the runways and buy us some time.
He's almost to a plane. You're a hundred feet away.
He's an encyclopedia of bombs. He knows every kind.
He's been a step ahead every time. If we unload, he'll take them out, I guarantee.
He's been playing me from minute one.
He's bleeding so much, I don't know what to do. There's so much blood!
He's early. The son of a bitch is early.
He's headed for the end of the field.
He's here.
He's losing his three million.
He's not gonna corner himself in a building.
He's not late.
He's running a little late.
Heading in a southbound direction.
Held hostage at the whim of a madman.
Help us! Hurry!
Help! Please! Get us out of here!
Here at the 105 Freeway where the police have successfully led...
Here comes the cavalry.
Here we go. All right.
Here's to you guys for doing your job and for not getting dead.
Here's to you guys for doing your job and for not getting dead.
Hey, come on! What are you guys waiting for?
Hey, get closer. Watch him in the mirror.
Hey, get your ass behind the yellow line.
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, I'll drop this stick, boy. You want that?
Hey, it's all right. Looks like we're all alone.
Hey, Jack, I saw you on TV. Congratulations.
Hey, Jack, you forgot your muffins.
Hey, Sandy! Here we go! Okay, so how we do...
Hey, shut up, man.
Hey, this area's restricted.
Hey, we're really scared, and we need you right now.
Hey, what are you talkin' about, man?
Hey, your taxes are payin' their salary. If we die, they gotta take a pay cut.
Hey! I'll take it from here.
Hey! I'm a cop!
Hey! So if you have a wife...
Hey! Watch it!
Hey. Don't forget about us.
Hey. Hey, buckaroo. It's not 'cause you're a woman, all right?
Hey. Hey, hey, stop! Stop!
Hold his legs! Hold his legs!
Hold it right there!
Hold it!
Hold it. Jack.
Hold on!
Hold on!
Hold on! Oh, God! Here we go! Here we go!
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hold the wheel? Thank you.
Holy shit!
Hope not, 'cause, you know,
How come they sent cops here?
How much you think that elevator weighs?