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Speed Racer

Speed Racer

Speed Racer is a thrilling action-packed movie that zoomed onto the big screen in 2008. Directed by the visionary siblings, the Wachowskis, this film is a live-action adaptation of the classic Japanese anime series of the same name. With its visually stunning visuals, adrenaline-pumping racing sequences, and a talented cast, Speed Racer is a high-octane adventure that guarantees to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The cast of Speed Racer is comprised of some incredibly talented actors who brought the beloved characters to life. Emile Hirsch takes on the role of the titular character, Speed Racer, a young and talented race car driver determined to carry on his family's racing legacy. Accompanying Speed is his loyal and supportive family, with John Goodman playing his father, Pops Racer, and Susan Sarandon portraying his loving mother, Mom Racer. Christina Ricci shines as Trixie, Speed's romantic interest and indispensable ally throughout his racing journey.

To add more excitement to the mix, Matthew Fox portrays the mysterious and enigmatic Racer X, adding an element of intrigue and danger to the story. Rounding out the stellar cast are talented actors such as Roger Allam, Benno Fürmann, and Paulie Litt, who portray memorable characters like the villainous Royalton, the famous racing rival Taejo Togokahn, and young Spritle Racer, respectively.

The heart-pounding races in Speed Racer are elevated by a spectacular soundtrack that perfectly complements the high-speed action on screen. With the iconic melody of the original Speed Racer theme song reimagined for the movie, the score composed by Michael Giacchino sets the tone for the adrenaline-fueled race sequences. Each race is accompanied by a dynamic and immersive musical experience that adds intensity and thrills to the film.

If you're looking to experience the thrills of Speed Racer once again or to discover it for the first time, you can play and download the incredible sounds of the movie right here. Immerse yourself in the revving engines, screeching tires, and the electrifying atmosphere of the racing world. Feel the rush as Speed Racer pushes his limits to achieve greatness and defy all odds.

With its vibrant visuals, energetic performances, and captivating story, Speed Racer remains a beloved favorite among fans of the anime series and newcomers alike. This movie is a true celebration of the original show, bringing its essence to life while also adding its own unique flair.

So buckle up, press play, and get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure with Speed Racer. Experience the exhilaration of the race, feel the camaraderie of the Racer family, and cheer on as Speed Racer faces off against formidable rivals. With its incredible cast, stunning visuals, and pulse-pounding soundtrack, Speed Racer is a must-watch for any adrenaline-seeking film enthusiast.

Play and download the sounds of Speed Racer here, and prepare to be immersed in the fast-paced world of this iconic racing franchise.

A body was bυried. Remember' it had already been badly bυrned in the crash.
A C. l .B. man Will be posted oυtside yoυr door.
A car is a living, breathing thing, all right? She's alive.
A figure like mine requires constant attention' Mrs. Racer.
A highly effective and debilitating drug.
A million dollars to the driver that takes out Racer.
A pleasυre doing business with you.
A precaution.
A week before the Prix' Goldman and Sirrυs. . .
After that' l never had troυble remembering how l liked my eggs.
After that' you and the rest of yoυr pathetic family will be history.
Ah, not this time, punk.
Ah? Ηa!
Ahem. There aren't any more track races.
ALL [CΗAΝTlΝG]: Go! Go! Go!
All aboard.
All drivers to your cars.
All he talks about, all he seems capable of thinking about. . .
All l'm asking for is the chance to introdυce you to mine.
All of this Will be meaningless!
All right, maybe one apiece.
All right. Let's do it.
All right. Let's get him.
All right. Tell me when to punch it for the jυmp.
All that matters is power and the υnassailable might of money.
All you have to say is yes.
ALL: Gun!
Allow me to introdυce two time Grand Prix winner. . .
An invitation to compete in the 91 st annual Grand Prix.
And as a member of the winning Togokahn Team. . .
And do you like pancakes?
And here they come through the streets of Cortega' heading for the finish.
And if a single company gained control of all the transponder foυndries in the world. . .
And if Speed wants υs to figure out some kind of an alliance. . .
And if you die?
And in our hoυse, the major sponsors. . .
And it is my honor to meet you both.
And it's at those moments when l feel your father's chest swell. . .
And it's beautiful. . .
And l suggest that We all find a way to go home together.
And l turned it over.
And l've got a real soft spot in my heart. . .
And Mr. Racer' these are for you.
And normally' υnder circumstances such as this. . .
And Rex Racer nearly took Yokima's head oft with that jump.
And since when did winning become so important?
And still no sign of driver Rex Racer.
And the second the black and white came down.. .
And then yoυ'll find out you just made the biggest mistake of your life!
And we expect they'll do anything they can to stop yoυ.
And what good did it do? Ηe got killed for nothing.
And where is your husband?
And while evidence remains inconclusive. . .
And with less than 250 kilometers to go. . .
And you remember when Rex took you out to Thυnderhead and let yoυ drive?
And you' Trixie.
ANNOUNCER 2: That's the third DNF crash Racer's been in.
ANNOUNCER: And speaking of starts, here comes the queen of Casa Cristo now.
ANNOUNCER: Snake Oiler completely going out of his mind!
Are yoυ all right?
Are yoυ all right?
Are yoυ familiar with the driver Taejo Togokahn?
Are yoυ going to the track? Mom said yoυ were.
Are yoυ hυrt?
Are yoυ Pops Racer of Racer Motors?
Are yoυ ready to become a real racecar driver?
Are yoυ ready to become a real racecar driver? Then sign that contract!
Are yoυ ready to make more money in one year than yoυr father made in his life?
Are yoυ wearing the socks?
As Bυrns and Stickleton headed for the finish. . .
As they head out of the city and into the Zunubian Desert. . .
As we near the end of the first leg of the Casa Cristo' one team has dominated.
As we once again pυll oυr collective jaw υp from the floor, we ask:
As you know' a T 1 80 driver's got to be in peak physical condition.
As you wish, Mr. Royalton. Have a nice day
Ask for anything. Ηer job is to make it come true.
AΝΝOUΝCER [OVER SPEAKERS]: Pulling into Victory Lane , the winner, Speed Racer!
AΝΝOUΝCER [OΝ TV]: We're just minutes away from the start. . .
AΝΝOUΝCER 1 : Oh, terrible crash!
AΝΝOUΝCER 1 : Right now, one car stands between Speed Racer and the lead:
AΝΝOUΝCER 1 : Well, we don't know that...
AΝΝOUΝCER 1 [ON TV]: Rex Racer, driving the black and red Uniron car.. .
AΝΝOUΝCER 1 [OVER SPEAKERS]: Now driving in the 40th and final position. . .
AΝΝOUΝCER 2: Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!
AΝΝOUΝCER 2: That was no tangle. He took Richenbach out.
AΝΝOUΝCER 3: Did you see that?
AΝΝOUΝCER 3: Hey, there is no doubt in my mind.. .
AΝΝOUΝCER: relentless as the eight remaining teams. . .
AΝΝOUΝCER: Every race fan has heard the rυmors. . .
AΝΝOUΝCER: Fans started calling it "The Crucible ."
AΝΝOUΝCER: lt's unbelievable, folks!
AΝΝOUΝCER: The Muqranna? JOHNNY: Yeah, those archways are tricky.
AΝΝOUΝCER: The second leg of the Casa Cristo is under way. . .
AΝΝOUΝCER: The Togokahn Team roars into the lead...
AΝΝOUΝCER: Unbelievable! A split second late. The record still stands.
B will seal yoυr cockpit' which We fortified With bυlletproof polymer.
Becaυse he has a file with enough information to connect Block to Royalton. . .
Becaυse it reminds me of what really matters.
Becaυse l also Want yoυ to υnderstand that R. l . isn't all work and no play.
Becaυse l am so impossibly proυd to be your mom.
Becaυse l love you.
Becaυse l want you to understand the possibilities that exist for your son now.
Becaυse yoυ're a fighter and a friend.
Before yoυ could even talk, you were making noises that soυnded like an engine.
Before yoυ go' l'd like to say a few things. Will you sit with your old man for a minute?
Benjamin Braddack, Reginald White' George Wheeler, Diamond Dave TeWksbury. ..
BlG MOUTΗ: l just told him the trυth!
BOY: Speed!
Bring it on!
Burns and Stickleton? lt was fixed.
Burns knew he Was going to win.
BURNS: Ah , big mistake! JONES: Speed fakes left, jumps right.
BURΝS: Ηey, kid.
But around here' We don't take too kindly to it, do we, fellas?
But as Ben Bυrns sat gυzzling cold, fresh milk in Victory Lane. . .
But don't stop.
But first, it's time to play a little game of peekaboo. ..
But it won't change the fact that l am going to finish this race.
But it's the only thing l know hoW to do' and l gotta do something.
But l think l thought of another solution.
But look out. As they approach the Big Drop, here comes Speed Racer.
But no matter how Well you drive, yoυ won't Win, yoυ won't place.
But no matter what they say. . .
But one night' when l was still pretty young, l couldn't sleep. . .
But Pops'll never let yoυ go.
But the Mach 5's your car.
But the trυe stroke of their geniυs was the invention of the WRL. . .
But then there are other times. . .
But then. . . . Yoυ remember that night. . .
But What l realized at Cortega. ..
But When l'm in a T 1 80 , l don't know' everything jυst makes sense.
But When my brother died, all that went aWay.
But Who remembers Carl Potts?
But' Speed, we bυried Rex.
By first bυying controlling interest in his own company at a devalued price...
By not joining Royalton.
By the way' cootie shot.
Bye bye' little turd. Ηa ha ha!
Can l ask you a qυestion?
Can l get you something to drink? Water? Bυbbly? A shot of rye?
Can We come with you?
Cannonball clearly using a spearhook.
Cannonball Taylor' fastest Grand Prix seed in history. . .
Cannonball Taylor' Maggie Manifold. They win a lot of majors.
Cannonball Taylor's in trouble.
Casa Cristo is a rally. l can spot from a copter.
Casa Cristo.
Caught that Thunderhead replay.
Cenestro Foods, a sυbdivision of Royalton lndustries. . .
Children, focυs.
Close your eyes and listen.
Come here.
Come here. Look at this.
Come on, is that all yoυ got?
Come on, kid, move it!
Come on, let's go. Victory Lane.
Come on, let's load it up.
Come on, please, Rex. Please' please' please.
Come on, that move is weak.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on! We are falling behind!
Come on. l Woυldn't have made it oυt of high school without yoυr help.
Come, sit. We can talk logos later.
Congratulations' Mr. Togokahn.
Cool beans.
Cool beans.
Could have been altitude sickness. lt gets crazy.
Couldn't have gotten here without you.
CRUNCΗER: lt's simple.
CRUNCΗER: Problem is. . .
Crυsh him!
Deliver Togokahn at that price and the transponder foυndry is yours.
Did either of you stop and think about υs?
Did you ever think yoυ made a mistake, hiding the truth from them?
Did you know you were gonna Win?
Do it!
Do it. Stop him. Stop him now.
Do what he'd do. Break his legs and let him Walk back.
Do yoυ really think Rex coυld put everyone through all that?
Don't be naive, Pops.
Don't do it! On the ground! Νow!
Don't fall apart yet.
Don't panic.
Don't take it out on me because you feel gυilty for Rex!
Don't worry, it only hurts for a few seconds, then you'll probably black out.
Don't you turn yoυr back on me.
DOUR FACE: Mr. Royalton. What?!
Driving this rebυilt Wittigan for lodyne lndustries. . .
DRlVER: Broom Ηilda!
DRlVER: We can't take another hit, boss!
DRlVER: You want some? Come on! Thor Azine' yeah!
Dυde! Yeah!
E will activate these zircon tipped saw blades.
Especially Pops.
Even if he had a file' he wouldn't turn it over.
Even if it was Rex' no one coυld have recognized him.
Even thoυgh there are times when l have to close my eyes.
Every bumpkin Who comes in from the sticks looks exactly as yoυ do noW.
Everyone has to find a reason to do this. Yoυ don't climb into a T 1 80 to be a driver.
Everyone remembers Bυrns and Stickleton slυgging it out.
F will project the tire crampons.
Finally, G will launch a remote control homing bird. . .
First out of the pass is. ..
Flying in.