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Blackhat Trailer

Blackhat Trailer

Blackhat is an exhilarating techno-thriller film directed by Michael Mann and released in 2015. The movie revolves around a brilliant hacker named Nick Hathaway, portrayed by Chris Hemsworth. Hathaway is enlisted by the FBI to help track down an elusive cybercriminal who is wreaking havoc across the globe, carrying out devastating attacks.

With an ensemble cast, Blackhat also stars Viola Davis as the head of the FBI, Tang Wei as Hathaway's love interest, and Leehom Wang as a Chinese cybersecurity expert. Together, they dive into a world of high-stakes cyber warfare, as the line between the virtual and real worlds blurs.

The Blackhat trailer, full of gripping action sequences and a pulsating score, captivates audiences with its intense tone and visually stunning cinematography. If you're looking to immerse yourself further into the movie's atmosphere, you can listen to and download the sounds from the film right here.

A virtual world.
And the apprehension of the guy you're after.
Anything, anywhere.
Cybercriminal blew a reactor in Chai Wan, and that's just what we know about.
Four major banks and that's just what we know about.
Genius coder.
He hacked into the NSA and the Defense. Bring him in.
He's a convicted hacker serving 15 years.
He's a genius coder serving 15 years.
He's a genius coder serving 15 years.
He's still writing. But what for?
I want you to commute my sentence for the identification
If you want my assistance, I want you to commute my sentence.
In a strike this complex without someone like me?
Is all just a game nt nnj nnj
Is he political?
Is he political? Any terrorist declaration?
Is that why you brought me fineness age and women
It's all about if I can get close enough, fast enough.
Nnj related to the car mn
No fingerprints, no trace...
No mercy.
No statement nnj this this isn't about nnj
Still writing what for the guy will work to take out a city and not twice about ennobled nylon and nnj
Stop nnj didn nnj
The guy we're workin' will take out a city and not think twice about it.
The guy we're working will drop the big hammer and not think twice about it.
The moment you connect, you lose control.
The real hit is still to come.
The real hit is still to come.
The section right here, it looks incomplete.
They're moving money.
This is only the beginning.
This is the code.
This isn't a negotiation.
This isn't about money.
This isn't about politics.
This isn't about politics.
Those are you terms.
To catch this guy, we're gonna need a black hat hacker named Hathaway.
To you, this is all just a game,
Well, I just made one.
What do we know about this guy?
Whatever is next, is right in there.
You are no longer in control.
You get discovered, you're dead meat.
You have any idea how much progress you can make
You know cyber criminals who reacted try one what we know about to catch this guy we're going to need to black cat hackneyed Hathaway dnmt Jeannie's
You were never in the game.
Zero ocean well I just made one mn this is the code section right here looks incomplete nnj
Don't evoke 9/11 on me. Stay down!
He's on the move again. Chicago, now China.
You have to run. I'm gonna stop him.