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Rain Man (1988)

Rain Man (1988)

Rain Man is a critically acclaimed film released in 1988, directed by Barry Levinson. The movie centers around a young man named Charlie Babbitt, played by Tom Cruise, who discovers that his estranged wealthy father left his entire estate to an older brother he never knew he had: Raymond, portrayed by Dustin Hoffman. Raymond is an autistic savant, possessing exceptional memory and calculation abilities. As Charlie embarks on a journey with Raymond, he begins to appreciate his brother's unique qualities and the bond they form becomes a profound exploration of brotherhood, acceptance, and human connection.

If you're interested in reliving the magic of Rain Man, you can play and download the sounds of this extraordinary film here. Experience the iconic performances of Cruise and Hoffman, along with the brilliant direction and screenplay that earned the film four Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

A 1949 Buick Roadmaster Straight Eight. Fireball Eight.
A conservatorship of Raymond?
A little black...
A little more, Ray. All the way up.
A little more. Keep moving. Just a little more.
A pair of cars for today's busy couple,
About $100.
About 70.
About the swing loan. He doesn't get the money by 5:30, he'll seize the cars.
All aboard!
All airlines have crashed at one time or another.
All I'm trying to find out is what's the guy's name on first base?
All I'm trying to find out is what's the guy's name on first base?
All right, all right, just hold on a minute!
All right, I'll call him tomorrow.
All right!
All right.
All right. Sorry, I forgot who I was talking to.
All these I forgive,
All you have to do is close your mouth and go home.
Also, outright title to my prize winning hybrid rose bushes
American flight 625 crashed April 27th, 1976.
Amtrak train number 36, the Desert Wind eastbound,
An accident?
And as...
And didn't say goodbye, he'd never notice.
And even share some of the information with other casinos.
And go down there and wait for you again at the gate?
And he is looking up right now, and he is laughing his ass off.
And he took one look at 'em and counted them in seconds.
And he won't answer the phone.
And he'll probably gonna want to take you back with him.
And I cannot make any money deals with you.
And I care about his life and the treatment he receives.
And I owe... What'd I say I owe to get the Rolex back?
And I'm definitely not supposed to be off the grounds for more than two hours.
And I'm the date, so you want to, uh...
And if you understood that, if you understood that it's funny,
And it doesn't matter whether or not you win custody.
And no strings attached. You just walk away, Charlie.
And not say anything?
And now, with sure and certain hope of resurrection life,
And the Bluegrass Boys. T5.
And the possibility of perfection.
And the throw into third base, finally,
And the TV, Ray. Ray, the TV? On the floor.
And they have to be met, even if that means a fight.
And they're gonna correct the situation by keeping my four cars off the road?
And this morning, we had pancakes.
And those are the best odds you're gonna see for a while. I'd take 'em.
And very soft.
And Wallbrook is one of the finest institutions we have.
And what he wants, if that's possible to determine.
And you don't know if you read the book?
And you lived with us?
And you think I should feel that loyalty?
Any break from the routines, and it's terrifying.
Are you autistic?
Are you taking any prescription medication?
As it happens, the cars are passing emissions...
As we present our big bonanza of cash
As you know, the psychological interview is tomorrow.
At the shrink hearing, we'll have to prove
At third base on Maldonado's single.
Babbitt Collectibles.
Beautiful! You are a good dancer! Wanna give me a hug?
Because I... I deserved it.
Because it would've been nice to know him
Because my business is going down the fucking toilet.
Because you won't go out when it rains.
Beernut, Rocky Road, buckwheat, Bellybuster.
Being raised without a mother, your heart's hardness is understandable."
Bet two?
Blue Moon in Kentucky, Bill Monroe.
Boxer shorts. Boxer shorts at Kmart.
Bring some beer for two, and an orange soda.
Bruner told you that you should do this? It doesn't make sense to me.
Bruner, who is this guy?
But could you possibly say ten or 12 words before we get to the hotel?
But he's not capable of having a relationship with you.
But I do know his brain doesn't work like other people.
But I don't think people are his first priority.
But I'm more or less familiar with the history of the United States,
But in the course of the week, you came to have an understanding with him?
But it's not about the money anymore. It's...
But there's no point. I want to. That's the point.
But they sure look alike to me.
But your failure to write, to telephone, to re enter my life in any way,
By a man who had difficulty showing love.
C H A R L I E.
C H A R L I E.
Can I help you?
Can you include me in some of your thoughts?
Can you make a distinction between your brother and Wallbrook?
Canberra's the capital, 16.2 million population, very lovely beaches.
Certainly. Then who's playing first?
Charlie Babbitt. I'll hold.
Charlie, after a year we've been together,
Charlie, he's your brother. He's afraid.
Charlie, this is Lenny. I've been trying to contact you for a while.
Cincinnati's a long way off. We're getting further away from Kmart.
Come here. Here, sweetheart.
Come on, come on. I need this!
Come on, Ray.
Come on! We are hot. The Babbitt brothers, kicking ass in Vegas!
Come on.
Come on. You want to get in there and see the show? Huh?
Congratulations. Counting into a six deck shoe is quite a feat.
Cos you gotta touch someone when you dance. I'm not gonna hurt you.
Dad lets me drive slow on the driveway.
Daddy's not here right now, darling.
Danced in the elevator with Susanna. Kissed Susanna.
Danced with your brother?
Dancing in the elevator.
Dedication to family and charity to all.
Definitely like it when the top's... Ow. Ooh...
Definitely watch TV, but you have to be in bed at 11.
Delta crashed August 2nd, 1985. Lockheed L 1011.
Did we sing any other songs... like the Beatles?
Did you fart, Ray?
Died January 5th, 1965, after a short illness.
Do you know how much 312... times... 123 is?
Do you understand that? My loan is past due!
Do you want to stay with your brother Charlie?
Does he know how much money he's been left?
Don't ask me tonight. I don't know what to say.
Don't go anywhere. Until I get back, the sign says "Don't Walk."
Don't start with that, Ray.
Don't start. We're not on the interstate.
Don't stop moving.
Don't take it personal. He never touched me.
Don't tell me that, 'cause I'm not listening.
Don't worry, Ray. We'll bring you right back.
Don't worry. There's not going to be any more questions. No more questions.
Don't you think this is funny? Yes, this is funny.
Dr. Bruner wants us to spend time together. We're gonna have some fun.
During that period of time...
Eats, uses the bathroom, walks, talks, everything.
Eight? There's eight.
Eighty thousand... I don't have it.
Eighty two what, Ray?
Eighty two, 82, 82.
English here. You're talking over my head.
Even though Brenly doesn't exactly pick 'em up and lay 'em down.
Every dollar of it.
Excuse me, is this Wallbrook? Excuse me.
Excuse me, please. I want to watch the TV. Please.
Fabulous and exciting bonus prizes.
Fernando Valenzuela's not scheduled to pitch till Wednesday.
Filled with glamorous merchandise,
Final call for flight 1559,
First of all, because of this tone of voice, this commanding...
Flight 1713. 28 casualties.
For approximately 20 miles...
For David Eisenhower. And you've got another five. Ten dollar lead for Lisa.
For more than just the past six days.
For whose grandson was the presidential retreat Camp David named?
Forgetting the $3,000 we tossed away at that wheel of fortune.
Forgive me, but there's nothing more I can say.
Four cars, three times each.
Four fish sticks. There's supposed to be eight. There's only four.
Framed? Who's been framed?
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.
Get him some dinner, he'll be OK. What'd you say, you wanted hamburger?
Get in the car!
Get in the car. 'Course, I have to be in bed by 11.
Getting to know each other. Just talking.
Give me five, Ray! That's a great idea! Give me five! Yeah.
Go ahead, sir.
Go back to Wallbrook. Stay with Charlie Babbitt.
Good afternoon, ma'am. I'm from the AC Nielsen Company.
Good luck trying to find a shrink in this town.
Good old Dad.
Good to have you here. Good luck to all three of you.
Has left me without a son.
Has to be in a can with a straw...
Have to be at the bar at 10:00. Have to go to a date with Iris.
Have to learn to dance for the date.
Have you got a first baseman on first? Yeah. Then who's playing first? Yeah.
He called in to report a stolen car, not his son took the car without permission.
He can't express himself, or understand his own emotions in a traditional way.
He did a great job on that suit. You don't realize how good you look.
He doesn't look like a man who doesn't love his son.
He doesn't understand the concept of money?
He doesn't understand this. Come on. Go in there!
He got $3 million, but not the rose bushes!
He has a problem communicating and learning.
He likes you. That's just his way of showing it.
He loses all chance of a play on Brenly,
He probably thought he was never going to have a son, so he had to love you.
He remembers things, little things, sometimes.
He said not to touch the books.
He said, "Young man, go West. Go West."
He says he drives this car.
He says no. I take it anyway. I steal the keys, I sneak it out.
He'll go back to Wallbrook, or a better place. I'll put him in a better place.
He's always been a voluntary patient, but that's beside the point.
He's been trying to reach you.
He's director of security. Would you come with me, please?
He's getting anxious. It's OK, Ray!
He's gonna pitch on Wednesday? I'm not doing anything on Wednesday.
He's got a pretty good memory. He counts toothpicks.
He's in Las Vegas in a suit, in a big room.
He's just inherited $3 million, he doesn't understand the concept?
He's not hurting me, we're not hurting you.
He's not, but something's not right. No one can count into a six deck shoe.
He's right.
Hello, this is Dr. Bruner. I'd like you to call me.
Hello. I'm Doug Llewellyn, and welcome to The People's Court.
Here are your cards.