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Despicable Me 2 (2013)

Despicable Me 2 (2013)

Despicable Me 2 is a family-friendly animated film released in 2013. It follows the lovable reformed villain Gru as he teams up with an anti-villain league to help save the world from a new threat. The film features the voice talents of Steve Carell as Gru, Kristen Wiig as Lucy Wilde, and Benjamin Bratt as Eduardo Pérez/El Macho. With a perfect blend of comedy and heartwarming moments, Despicable Me 2 is a must-watch for children and adults alike. You can play and download the sounds of this film here.

A mall?
A very happy birthday!
Aah! Oof!
Absolutely. You're gonna like this.
After the whole salsa incident?
After you fire them, Mr. Gru.
Agent Wilde?
Agent Wilde.
Agnes, easy on the churros.
Agnes, no!
Agnes, where is Gru?
Agnes! Agnes, tell Jillian I'm not here.
Ah ha!
Ah ha! I knew it!
Ah, and what do we have here?
Ah, pins and needles!
Ah, thank you.
Ah, you are a funny man.
Ah! Ah!
Ah. I can tell.
Ah. Well, thank you very much.
Ah. Whoo!
All right, all right, homework done, pajamas on, teeth brushed, time for bed.
All right, all right. I got it! Stop it!
All right, all right. I got it! Stop it!
All right, El Macho. You're going down.
All right, here is the cupcake recipe I got off the Internet.
All right, there he is.
All right, we need to revisit the number of vacation days you guys get.
All right.
All right. Hey, hey, no, no! No.
All that was ever retrieved was a pile of singed chest hair.
Almost forgot. Hugs!
An ultra secret organization dedicated to fighting crime on a global scale.
And by everything, of course I mean nothing.
And discovered this.
And don't go nuts with the sprinkles!
And he's got your partner.
And here's a tip. Instead of tasing people and kidnapping them,
And here's the best part!
And his deviously charming son!
And I am going to need 200 of your best cupcakes
And I am here to wish Princess Agnes
And I'm new, so I kind of have to do what they tell me anyway.
And I'm telling you, this is the guy.
And if anyone, anyone tries to stop them...
And it looks like Agent Wilde will be
And it's time for you to get out there.
And krumping.
And my dream is to one day play video games for a living.
And my gut tells me that this guy is El Macho.
And my new mom, Lucy, is beyond compare.
And show everyone what a bald headed phony you are.
And sometimes I eat instead of facing my problems!
And that's where you come in.
And they're going on a date!
And using the latest chem tracking technology,
And welcome to the mall family.
And you haven't been in combat.
And you'll be talking normal in no time!
Antonio, why don't you invite your girlfriend and her family
Any minute now!
Any minute now!
Anyway, I have to go. It's all settled. I'll pick them up next week!
Are you getting anything?
Are you gonna marry Lucy?
Are you kidding me?
Are you lost, little guy?
Are you out of your gourd? No! She just works with me.
Are you really gonna save the world?
Are you single?
Are you sure we should be doing this?
Are you sure?
As an ex villain, you know how a villain thinks, how a villain acts.
As you can see, in the wrong hands, the PX 41 serum
As you can tell, right? Huh?
At a shop in the mall, where hopefully you'll be able...
Avery. Avery? Is that a girl's name or a boy's name?
Aw, he copied me.
Aw, man.
Before we start taking over the world, that's all.
Bigger lab, more evil,
Buenos dias, my friends!
Bump it.
But first, let's go over the rules.
But if it doesn't, you can always borrow my dart gun.
But it couldn't be.
But my friend Natalie is recently single, and... Oop.
But nobody messes with my family.
But not me. I stepped up.
But now,
But now, it's time for me
But sadly, like all the greats, El Macho was gone too soon.
But that face! It has got to be El Macho!
But we are survivors.
But you said you'd help me practice
But you want to melt the polar ice caps, or vaporize Mount Fuji,
But your work as a villain was kind of amazing.
But, hey, maybe you can find something with these X ray goggles.
But, on the less crazy side of things,
Bye, Gru.
Can I be the first to say, "Ew!"
Cinco de May ya yo! Cinco de May ya yo!
Come on, we're getting her out of there.
Come on, you're kidding, right?
Come on!
Come on! Hurry!
Come on! They're starting the dance!
Come on. Let's finally put this horrible jelly to some good use.
Come on. We're leaving...
Cool glasses.
Could be the most devastating weapon on Earth.
Curses! Foiled again!
Date? Boyfriend?
Dave, Stuart, come this way! With me! Come on!
Decorated with the Mexican flag.
Disappeared from the Arctic Circle.
Do not say that. No, no, no.
Do you know this guy?
Doctor, I think it's time we showed Gru what we're up to here.
Don't forget about the son. The kid gives me the creeps!
Don't worry about me, Gru, I'll be fine.
Don't worry, I will get you out of this.
Don't worry. It can only get better from here, right?
Donnie, hang in there, baby! It's almost Friday.
Dr. Nefario!
Dr. Nefario! You're back!
Dr. Nefario?
Earth to Dave!
Eat jelly, you purple freaks!
Edith, Agnes, come on! Ooh!
El Macho.
El Macho's onto you. He knows you're working for the AVL.
Enjoy the party.
Especially this boy.
Every second of it. Gave me a bit of a buzz, actually.
Everyone else refused to work with you.
Ew! Gru touched Lisa! Gru touched Lisa!
Excuse me.
Farewell, my friends.
Fear not, for here come the gallant knights to save us.
Fine, fine. Let me hear it. Quickly.
First of all, you got no proof that I did that.
First suspect, Hedda Blumentoft,
Floyd Eaglesan!
For example...
For instance, he never mentioned
For your years of service,
Fortunately, it has a very distinct chemical footprint.
From about 20 years ago.
Full dental.
Get it off of me! Get it off of me!
Girls, Lucy. Lucy, girls.
Give me that!
Give us a call.
Go about your business.
Gone. Where did it go?
Good afternoon, Mr. Gru.
Good boy!
Good day, Mr. Sheepsbutt.
Good luck saving the world. Bye.
Good morning, girls! I have an announcement to make.
Good night, Agnes.
Good night, Edith.
Good night, Margo. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs blah blah blah.
Gru discovered traces of the serum at Eagle Hair Club!
Gru, anytime now!
Gru, call one of your munchkins!
Gru, come on!
Gru, it's Jillian!
Gru. And this is Lucy. And we are closed.
Gru's back in the game.
Gru's not here.
Ha, ha, ha. Come on, she's a riot!
Ha! Booby!
Ha! Some guard dog.
Hadn't we eliminated him as a suspect
Hah! It's the fairy princess! She's coming!
He died in the most macho way possible.
He had a reputation for pulling off heists using only his bare hands!
He is so cute.
He likes me.
He really thinks it's El Macho.
He was dangerous.
He was ruthless!
He's chopping his head off!
He's got Lucy?
He's our man.
He's putting on lipstick!
He's swatting at flies!