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Can't Buy Me Love (1987)

Can't Buy Me Love (1987)

Can't Buy Me Love is a popular romantic comedy film released in 1987. The story revolves around a high school student named Ronald Miller, played by Patrick Dempsey, who pays a popular cheerleader, played by Amanda Peterson, to date him for a month. As they spend time together, their relationship evolves, teaching them both valuable lessons about love and friendship. This delightful film captures the essence of teen romance, filled with laughter, heartwarming moments, and classic 80s vibes. You can enjoy the sounds and download the soundtrack of Can't Buy Me Love here.

A thousand dollars is a great deal to part with, and I don't...
A thousand dollars is grand larceny as it is.
About the cool clique?
African Cultural Hour? [Laughing]
After 40 years at the bottom of the ocean...
Ah, dig, classic, man.
Ahh... I didn't get mine yet.
All I ever did was think about you,
All I ever wanted to do was get close to you.
All night, all night
All night, all night
All of you thought we were a couple. What a joke!
All right, now, I will compromise, all right?
All right!
All right!
All right.
All right.
All right. Hurry up.
All right. Looked good, both of you.
All right. Whoo!
Always made me feel so good after football practice.
An asteroid crashed there and broke the moon.
And all you need to do is give me a replacement outfit as an advance.
And have to be in a clique? No!
And he bought all of you.
And he was right! No, leave me alone.
And I didn't believe that. I was, like, no way!
And I get my lunch hour off.
And I let it turn me into something I'm not.
And I think that now is the time that we had our little talk.
And I waved to you at the game yesterday.
And I'll be satisfied
And I'll be satisfied
And I'll be satisfied
And I'll be satisfied
And I'm dancin' with myself... oh, oh
And intensely.
And invite them to come over here and join us, okay?
And now you want to end his life...
And Saturday, you stood us up for cards.
And secondly, I didn't think that my best friends...
And that will make me popular.
And then I got that stupid idea.
And then you start going out with him. And then he's a geek again.
And then, when I finally got there, it wasn't me anymore.
And there's every type of girl
And this is it.
And valleys, canyons and plains.
And we carried you 12 blocks to the hospital. Yeah, you cried all the way.
And you are seeking psychiatric help!
And you get one of those.
And you're drenched.
And yours, son, is the most important mission.
And, hey, Sunday, never returned any of my calls.
And... rub that in. [Sighs]
Anything you put your heart and your mind into.
Anyway, how bad could it be, right? It's only for one week.
Are, um... are you into long distance relationships?
Aren't you in the wrong section?
Arms up. Yes!
At John Richman's with Cindy Mancini.
At least I got paid.
Aw! Very cool.
Baby loves it all night
Baby? I thought she was your little sister.
Back to nursery school.
Beauty runs in this family, and it runs fast.
Because he's talking to patty on your side of the cafeteria.
Because John Richman is a socially responsible human being.
Being a senior's gonna be a beautiful thing.
Believe her Believe her
Bet you could make some, uh, sweet sweat back there, huh, Barb?
Big John, nobody's into toxicwaste.
Bobby hasn't called?
Bowl games, salami, cheesecake... Yeah!
Boy? I see no boy here!
Broke. Bankrupt. Chapter 11 .
But I better check the bathrooms.
But I have to talk to you.
But I have to talk to you.
But if the Ronster's doin' it, it must be new.
But it provided one very important piece of information.
But Kenneth... he's not trying to buy anybody.
But see... I realize you did me a favor. You brought me back to reality.
But there he's just a freshman tryin' to make it.
But we have a policy of no exchanges,
But what I got I'll give to you
But what I got I'll give to you
But, hey, junior high, high school. Forget it.
But, Kenneth... Kenneth, it's you I gotta straighten this out with.
But, Kenneth... Kenneth, it's you I gotta straighten this out with.
But, Mother, school starts on Tuesday.
Buy your telescope yet?
By the time I'm my dad's age,
Can't buy me love
Can't buy me love
Can't buy me love
Can't buy me love
Can't buy me love
Can't buy me love
Can't buy me love
Can't buy me love
Can't buy me love
Can't buy me love
Can't buy me love
Can't buy me love
Cards are for retards. [Laughs]
Charles Kibangi and Sandy Ubuki, for recreating the African anteater ritual...
Check it out, Bobby.
Check it out, dudes. New recruits.
Check this out, guys. You're gonna love this.
Cheerleading's hard work. You do it well.
Chocolate milkshake, extra thick.
Chuck? Chuck, I need the TV for a few minutes.
Chuckie Miller, right?
Cindy and Bobby's relationship is so totally together.
Cindy, here Bobby was a big time football star.
Cindy, I said no.
Cindy, I thought I said only the Neiman Marcus card.
Cindy, just hear me out. And then I'll leave you alone. Okay?
Cindy, this is what I'm talking about: responsibility.
Cindy, what were you doing with the lawn boy?
Cindy... Oh, Cindy.
Come on a safari with me Early in the mornin' we'll be startin'out
Come on, Chuckie. I think it's groovy that he's makin' new friends.
Come on, please. Let's get out there and boogie.
Come on, Quint! Don't even think of holdin' out on me...
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. I don't buy it.
Come on. Let's get out there and dance. I mean, this is a dance.
Come on. Let's go.
Complete with plush blanket. That's strategy, my man.All right.
Cools, nerds, your side, my side.
Damn it.
Damn, bro. He's in Siberia.
Dancin' with myself
Dancin' with myself... Oh, oh
Dealer's choice.
Detention... one month!
Did I tell any of you girls about my many scholarship offers?
Didn't you take economics? You could've had me for $49.95.
Didn't you take economics? You could've had me for $49.95.
Didn't you, like, used to mow our lawn?
Dig on his shirt.
Do it now! [Grunts]
Do you remember that suede outfit that I wore?
Do you see a sign that says "information"?
Don't change to please them.
Don't give me that. His name happens to be Brent.
Don't worry. I will.
Dream about being part of your life.
Dream about being part of your life.
Drop that net on any punk that gets near our front door.
Dude. Thanks, Ron.
Either you put on Bandstand now, or I have one less relative.
Especially after a garment has been marinated in Ripple?
Even Bobby thinks we went out. Great, huh? Ha!
Even Bobby?
Every time I called, you were either taking a bath, washing your hair.
Everybody tells me so
Everybody tells me so
Everybody tells me so
Everything is cool, really.
Except for shop and hangout.
Excuse me, Cindy. "Friends"? Come on.
Excuse me. Good night now. Excuse me.
Excuse me. Ronnie said that you said that friends share, patty.
Feelin' good. Hey, babies. How ya doin', man? Good to see ya...
First morning in school, homework? Sure, Ken.
First of all, I don't have Bobby.
First, he's a geek.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Five, six, seven, eight. And one, two, three, four,
Follow me. [Imitating plane Engine]
For life or longer? promise?
For one month you d****d all over me like a cheap fucking suit!
French kissin' in the U.S.A.
Friends share their stuff with friends. You know what I mean?
From the walls of Tokyo I've come to London town to go
Gaudy? [Laughs]
Geez. popularity sure beats being treated like a social leper. Let me tell ya.
Get it!
Get out of my house.
Get the hell out of there!
Go! [Giggles]
God, if my blood sugar level was any lower, I'd be a corpse. Thanks for stopping.
God, you're an asshole, man.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Good luck.
Good to see you, honey.
Good word, Mom.
Great. I'll call you for an appointment.
Guys, look at this. Ronald's over in no man's land, and he's still alive.
Guys, why don't you take a look at my forehead?
Happy New Year, man. Have a beer.
Happy New Year.
He came back a few weeks ago to take a look at this.
He couldn't get nailed in wood shop.
He may be a moral leper now, but he had the fast lane for four months.
He should have known that our kind won't mix with their kind...
He stood here and looked at this thing the whole day.
He was right. Our little plan worked, didn't it, Ronald?
He was sick and tired of being a nobody.
He went from, like, totally chic to totally geek.
He's just trying to make friends. Being himself.