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The Proposal (2009)

The Proposal (2009)

"The Proposal" is a romantic comedy film released in 2009, directed by Anne Fletcher. Starring Sandra Bullock as Margaret Tate, a demanding book editor, and Ryan Reynolds as Andrew Paxton, her assistant. The story revolves around Margaret, a Canadian citizen facing deportation, who forces Andrew to marry her in order to save her career. However, their fake engagement leads to unexpected twists, as they find themselves falling for each other. Their journey of self-discovery and unexpected love is packed with humor, tender moments, and memorable characters.

If you're intrigued by the lively soundtrack of "The Proposal", you can now play and download these sounds here. Immerse yourself in the catchy tunes that will transport you back to the enchanting world of the film.

A ha.
A sign from the universe that you're meant to be together.
About how you proposed.
About your goofing off in New York.
Actually we've heard it lots of ways.
Actually, I'll have you know that that woman in there
Actually, Margaret loves telling this story...
Actually, we're headed to your office right now. Yeah.
Admitting this marriage is a sham...
After Bob called me a poisonous bitch.
Ah, Gammy. How are you doing? Where's Dad?
Ah, well. Take the deal.
Ah! Our fearless leader and her liege. Please, do come in.
All right, come here. You've got to get warm. Come on.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Here we go.
All right. Here we go.
All righty now. So, uh... We clear on that?
All the canceled dates, all the midnight Tampax runs,
All those late nights at the office and weekend book fairs.
Allowing me to be a part of this weekend.
Almost broke them up.
Am I the only one not getting this?
And a stay of five years in federal prison.
And all excited to meet you.
And as swung open that door, there he was...
And ask that your loins be abundantly fertile.
And asked about a Q switched laser.
And because I didn't want to leave
And because I didn't want to leave
And call me tomorrow with your decision.
And for three years I watched him work harder
And found that they in fact do remove tattoos.
And give you necklaces! And you have all that here,
And God forbid that they should have a grandchild
And he strongly believes that you are,
And he was choking back soft, soft sobs.
And he was scared. Like a little tiny bird.
And he will put it on that Internet site.
And he's still in training. Sorry.
And here's the bed.
And I apologize.
And I can't tell you how much we appreciate you seeing us
And I forgot what it felt like to have people love you
And I happen to think it's a terrific idea...
And I happened to be knocked up when I wore this.
And I knew that he'd been itching to ask me to marry him.
And I knew that if I threatened to destroy his career...
And I put your lady's number in, too.
And I said "no," yeah.
And I say, "Well, why don't we come up and see you instead?"
And I think it would just be a lot easier
And I think it's up to you to
And I think that we should all be privy to.
And I thought it would be easy to watch him do it.
And I'll make sure we buy this before I leave.
And I'm drinking your coffee why?
And if you get chilly tonight...
And if you say another word,
And it got me thinking.
And keep the lawyer on the sheets.
And make you breakfast and say, "Hey!
And my grandmother's gonna die.
And my phone is on all the time! OK, bye bye.
And once they cleared, I looked down, and I saw...
And out fluttered these tiny, little hand cut heart confettis.
And put it in my conference room.
And run away to New York with me.
And she is going to go back to Canada.
And she needs to get ready.
And she said, "Yep." The end. Who's hungry?
And that way Grandma Annie can be a part of it.
And the, uh, bird tattoo?
And then she goes ahead and she writes this crap!
And then you can tell everyone you resigned, OK?
And they, uh... forced me to eat
And things started to change.
And this is the only one I've given you.
And we thought it'd be a nice surprise.
And we'll tell my family about our engagement
And what's the problem?
And when you told me about your tattoo.
And why does she want me to call her?
And why wouldn't we stay at mine?
And you brought her home to meet your mother.
And you can get married like we did, in the barn.
And you guys called it off because of...
And you have Gertrude, and I'm... I'm just screwing it up!
And you probably live at some squalid little studio apartment
And you, young man, will have committed a felony...
And you'll publish my manuscript.
And you're still willing to put them through this?
And your answers better match up on every account.
And, uh... I went to the bathroom and cried
And, um...
And, you, meet me at the dock.
And... you went to Frankfurt.
Andrew and I were about to celebrate
Andrew here is gonna have you thrown out on your ass, OK?
Andrew will film it with his little camera phone
Andrew, hey!
Andrew, hey.
Andrew, honey, is everything OK?
Andrew, they're not gonna find out, OK? Just relax.
Andrew, this was a business deal,
Andrew! Andrew!
Andrew! Help her with those.
Andrew. Andrew!
Andrew. Hi.
Andy! Give her a real kiss!
Annie, it's beautiful, but I don't really think...
Annie! Joe!
Annie! Joe! Joe!
Another word and you're going out of here
Anyway, she, uh... is a little peeved.
Apparently, I wasn't the most gracious of hosts last night.
Are you a citizen of this country, Ramone?
Are you a good driver?
Are you both committing fraud to avoid her deportation
Are you OK?
Are you OK?
Are you there? Hello? Hello? Oh, crap.
Are your eyes closed?
Are your parents dead?
Are... are you all right, dear?
Aren't you supposed to get down on your knee or something?
At Andrew's parents' house.
Because Annie is the best tailor in southeast Alaska.
Because he will never come back home now.
Because I live at Central Park West.
Because I'd like to date you.
Because I've been running.
Because if you don't marry me, your dreams of touching the lives of millions
Because of my big promotion that I had coming up.
Because of you. Because of you.
Because one wrong answer...
Because she doesn't have the decency...
Because we had a deal!
Because you are threatened by me!
Because you know I'm right.
Because you know what you're gonna have on your deathbed?
Because you said so yourself.
Because you weren't allowed out of the country
Because your coffee spilled.
Because, Frank, for so many years...
Because, well... we are happy. So happy.
Before I'm dead?
Before we throw the kitchen sink at each other?
Before you got married.
Bergen and Malloy want to see you upstairs immediately.
Besides taking writers out to lunch and getting bombed.
Big day for her.
Block 'em out, block 'em out, block 'em out. There you go.
Bob is gonna fire you the second I'm gone. Guaranteed.
Bob is nothing but a disgruntled former employee.
Bob Spaulding? The guy I just fired?
Bob Spaulding.
Bob, I'm letting you go.
Bob. Poor Bob. I am so sorry.
Boys, stop it! Stop it!
But anyway... you're a lucky girl.
But for you, it's going to require
But I didn't realize any of this until I was standing alone.
But I do have something I need to say.
But I think that...
But I went to that hotel anyway.
But it makes me happy. You understand?
But it wasn't.
But it's not me. Now, it must seem strange to you,
But not you. It's girl stuff. You'd hate it.
But the bad news is that you have four days
But the door was already unlocked.
But then I saved him. Then it came back, and it took my phone.
But this is your legacy, this book.
But this little missus better learn how to cook...
But until then, like it or not,
But we know you're incredibly busy
But we take all of our submissions around here very seriously.
But we were kids.
But we're just so excited! I know you're excited, too.
But you canceled your appointment.
But you're family.
But you're OK if I go?
But, wouldn't be the first time one of us fell for our secretaries.
But, yes, it is new to my office.
By the way, there are extra towels and linens and things
Bye bye, Margaret.
Can we wait two seconds
Can we, uh, not talk about that, please?
Can't fight a love like ours, so, uh...
Cancel the call, push the meeting to tomorrow
Chant what?
Cinnamon rolls.
Coke, never Pepsi, and beef jerky.
Come here.
Come here. Come to Mama.
Come on down here, pumpkin.
Come on, come on. I got you. I got you.
Come on, give me your hand!
Come on, honey.
Come on, Margaret! Feel the rhythm of the drums. Now you.
Come on, sweetie.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Come on, come on, come on.
Come on! Come on! Oh, oh...
Come on.