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Slap Shot (1977)

Slap Shot (1977)

Slap Shot is a highly entertaining sports comedy film released in 1977. Directed by George Roy Hill, it revolves around a fading minor league ice hockey team, the Charlestown Chiefs, trying to regain their popularity. Paul Newman stars as the charismatic player-coach, Reggie Dunlop, leading an eccentric bunch of misfit players, including brothers Ned and Steve Hanson (played by Michael Ontkean and David Hanson) known for their brawling prowess.

Filled with rambunctious humor, memorable one-liners, and an unapologetic emphasis on violence, Slap Shot has become a cult classic beloved by hockey fans and movie enthusiasts alike. With its lively soundtrack and adrenaline-pumping hockey action, the film captures the essence of the sport alongside its comedic elements.

If you want to experience the sounds of this iconic film, you can play and download them here.

A bad upbringing in the home or whatever.
A bounty? Yeah.
A couple tickets in it for ya. Which bar?
A dyke?
A hundred bucks of my own money
A hundred bucks of my own money
A hundred bucks says you're gonna crack my skull, huh?
A retirement community has bought the Chiefs.
A senior citizens' community in the market for a hockey team.
About the fascinating world of pro hockey, here we go!
Actually, it's Florida.
Actually, she's on waivers.
Against the rules. You know, you're stupid when you do that.
Ah, geez.
Aha, ha, aha
Air! It make me sick.
Al, that's why made the trip!
Alex, don't you remember?
All aboard, son. Let's go, Walt.
All bad.
All my years of publicity,
All prices drastically slashed.
All right, let's show them what we got, guys!
All right, no high sticking, no tripping, no slashing...
All right, that's it. That's the game. You lose. Out! Lose?
All right! Kill 'em!
All she could do was drink and cry like you.
All the fashion shows and radiothons for nothing!
ALL: Kill! Kill! Kill! [CHANTING] Let's go, Chiefs!
ALL: The cops?
And damned if he wouldn't, you know.
And for hook like this. And for spear like that.
And from Mile Forty, Saskatchewan,
And hang up.
And he started slapping me around. I ended up in the hospital.
And here's a name for you nostalgia fans.
And here's a name from the past. Ross "Mad Dog" Madison.
And how we had never done much of anything ourselves.
And if you get hurt If you get hurt
And it appears the Syracuse Bulldog management
And it was terrific!
And it's all right And it's comm' along
And it's coming on
And it's gettin' more and more absurd
And Jacky was running around telling everybody
And just rubs against me... Come on, Mo. Jesus. What?
And modeled by Chiefs' defenseman Billy Charlebois
And now back to Jim Carr's Sports Talk.
And since we ain't exactly the Boston Bruins...
And the guys are getting anxious to find out what's going on.
And the Hanson brothers? Oh, my God!
And the next week we did it sober,
And then you get free.
And there's another matter that's come up and is kinda important...
And they let you make one phone call.
And they're looking for talent.
And Toe Blake... You guys back there?
And Toe Blake... You guys back there?
And watch us cream them punks from Syracuse.
And what do you think those old geezers really miss in Florida?
And you were dressed in chick's clothes?
And you won't feel anything. Good.
And you're gonna catch pneumonia!
And you're not getting any younger.
And, by God, if I could get down there, I 'd be standing up to them!
And...there's a penalty for that?
Andre' "Poodle" Lussier, defense.
Andre' has been living
Announced it this morning. April 1, they shut it tight.
ANNOUNCER: A look at sports.
ANNOUNCER: Channel 8's 11:00 movie,
ANNOUNCER.' Number 10, Braden, with his 18th goal of the year.
Any fool can fight.
Any of you guys know the Palm Isle in this town?
Anybody throws me against the boards, I'm gonna piss all over myself.
Anybody who'd call my old lady a dyke, I'd go fucking bananas.
Anything new on the sale of the Chiefs?
Are you guys brothers?
Are you guys brothers? What a life!
Are you my girl?
Are you really going?
Are you serious?
Are you shocked?
As we watch Chiefs' defenseman Johnny Upton...
Aside, of course, from the Swami Baha,
Assisted by number 7, Dunlop, and number 14, Drouin.
At center for the Chiefs, number 7, player coach Reggie Dunlap!
At left wing, number 10, Ned Braden!
At the end of the day, I think about women, about women's bodies.
At this moment, I have no idea where she is.
Back in the old iron lung.
Barclay Donaldson jumped us. Sure did.
Be careful, girls.
Because he's certainly changed his ways now.
Because he's got the prettiest wife waiting at home.
Because I want you to have a heart attack and die
Because this is a lascivious display...
Become the owner of this fucking club, run it my way.
Been going out? Getting around?
Been seeing somebody in that dress?
Before you can say Jack Robinson. How dare you!
Beginning to like it here, huh? No, I hate it here!
Behind the net!
Bernard, call Detroit. Tell them bullshit!
Bernard, they close it.
Bets on the trip.
Better than Philadelphia this time.
Big Afro. Twenty one, twenty two. Watch out for him.
Bleed all over them. Let them know you're there.
BOY: You're a pussy!
Braden, you gotta learn to put out more. You know what I mean?
BRADEN: I'm ready to take estimates from the membership.
BRADEN: Jim, I know a lot of kids would enjoy coming to the games
BRADEN: This is the big one, guys!
BRADEN: Walt, you didn't tell me you were holding out on your old bookmaker.
BRADEN: Who's in? UPTON: Not for long.
BRADEN: You're the best girl in the whole world. Yes, you are.
Brought to you by Sheehan's Rustproofing.
Bullshit. A bounty?
Bunch of...pussies!
Business here is just dead.
But Dave was there. Dave's a killer!
But I'll tell you one thing.
But it's not gonna be me.
But mainly it's because I think you're a champ.
But men's bodies, I see them everywhere.
But that was my car!
But the mill is closing, and next year
But the minute I get up to Minnesota,
But we're gonna win it fair and square.
But you have to understand that I couldn't make enough of a profit
But, I don't know, something came up.
Buy you a soda after the game!
By all means.
By the little things I say
By the time pneumonia set in, you'd be sound asleep.
Bye, Francine. Come back and see us. I will. Thank you.
Bye. Reggie.
C'mon, let's go! Let's go!
Call your local Indian Spring man.
Can you get my clothes? Yeah, sure.
Can't you face up to that? At least I'm not chicken shit like you!
CARR: A bounty? Yeah.
CARR: Never mind, Jeff. I guess that's before your time.
CARR: Reg Dunlop has asked us to come back...
Cement heads.
Charlestown Chiefs seem to be coming down ice with the puck!
Chick, chick, chick! Gimme that!
Chicken shit bastard. Sawed off old fart!
Christ, a handsome man like you, Reggie?
Christ, we all know how to play hockey. Just play it smart.
Clarence "Screaming Buffalo" Swamptown!
Clear the puck, Billy! Get this guy outta my crease!
CLERK: Help me. Get the manager. Somebody, help me.
Coach, our line starts? Sure.
Coach, you want a white avenger? Nah. Gimme a cup of coffee.
Come on and see it.
Come on down. Bring the kids! We got entertainment for the whole family.
Come on in.
Come on, Dave! Listen, Johnny. It's right here.
Come on, defense. Get the puck outta here!
Come on, dummy. You won the game. Pick up your trophy.
Come on, girls! Get out of here!
Come on, guys! We can get it back! What for? We're history.
Come on, Mo! Give it to them!
Come on, nail him!
Come on, Reg. What are you talking about?
Come on, watch your wing!
Come on, you guys.
Come on, you son of a bitch! Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Compliments of the Chiefs. Thanks, Reggie.
Compulsory fashion shows every afternoon.
Could I be serious for a minute?
Could you tell them, for example, what is icing?
Cover the point! Goddamn it, cover the point.
CROWD: Get 'em, baby! Get 'em!
Cynthia Pierce is having an affair with Carl Barton.
Daddy, he called me a pussy, and then he changed the station.
Dave, hold it steady. You're making me miss.
Dave, is it tough sitting up here watching your team lose like this?
DAVE: I'd like to say that no matter how the game turns out tonight,
Dave. Damn lard ass.
Dave's a mess.
Definitely, Jim.
Denis, I know that some in our audience don't know the finer points of hockey.
DENIS: Get Oggie! Move away, Wanchuk.
DENIS: Hit him, Billy, hit him!
DENIS: Will you be at the game?
Dickie Dunn? Dickie Dunn.
Dickie, have you seen Francine?
Dickie, they've already built the rink!
Dickie? Huh?
Did you ever want to sleep with a man? No.
Do it through the team, the Minnesota Night Hawks.
Do you remember the day That shiny day
Do you think the old folks in Florida are gonna like these guys?
Do you wanna know how it happened? No. That's okay.
Don't admit to nothing, you guys!
Don't bother your daddy now. Work it out amongst yourselves.
Don't eat my watermelon sticks. They're all mine.
Don't ever play Lady of Spain again!
Don't let 'em push you like that.
Don't look at me. It's McGrath's doing, not mine.
Don't worry about it. The new boys are coming in on the 4:15 bus.
Dunlop, you stink!
Dunlop, you suck cock. All I can get.
Eddie Shore! Come on, get up!
Eddie Shore? Piss on Eddie Shore.
Evening, boys.
Every piece of garbage that comes on the market, you gotta buy it!
Every player on that team thinks I'm the greatest.
Every scout in the NHL is out there tonight
Every sucker for himself.
Every time Hanrahan went out on the road,