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Home > The Revenant (2015)
A bear.
A big one.
A grizzly.
A Pawnee boy.
Ain't no poach that far over.
Ain't nobody talking to you.
All I had was that boy ...
All I'm sayin' is ...
All I'm saying here.
All them Pawnee buddies of his. Pawnees as much against rees as the rest of us.
All we can trade are guns and ammunition.
All we have to worry about is...
Alright, alright.
Alright, Bridger.
Alright, if Mr. Bridger feels the same way, then I'll lead behind of them.
Alright? Cause you're gonna kill him.
Alright. Come on.
Always good doing business with you.
Am I to assume that there was agreed arrangement did not changed?
And a proper burial when it's time. He's earned it.
And God giveth, God taketh away.
And he kept on screaming. And he was gonna get everybody killed.
And he start talking of a property, a decent piece of land ...
And here...
And now when is that supposed to happen?
And on my soul to Lord.
And on my soul to Lord.
And sit out there amongst the Ree, like a bunch of god damn ducks.
And that safe isn't full anymore, it's short about $300.
And this one time he hit on up the old Saber Hills.
And we can hold up there.
And what kind of savage you think his momma was.
And you stand in front of a tree ...
And you stand in front of a tree...
Answer me Fitzgerald, I asked you a question.
As far as I can tell my place is right here, on the smart end of this rifle.
As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight.
As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight.
At that moment...
At the start I didn't feel nothing,
Back with Glass, to see this through.
Beckett? Is that you?
Besides the Ree ain't that stupid ...
Besides, $70 ain't going by nobody lose their ears.
Besides, didn't we put enough distance between us and them Ree anyhow?
Besides, sticking around for another day or two don't make no difference.
Better then floating back down there where they can get their eyes on us.
Bill, Fryman you take south and east.
Bridger here, he argued to stay.
Bridger is telling the truth ...
Bridger, go tell the others we'll camp here tonight.
Bring me the girl ...
Bring us something to drink... Some whisky.
Business is business.
But if you watch the trunk, you will see its stability.
But they are there, and that ain't my fault.
But you and your boy are the only ones to get walk out alive.
But, you don't give up.
Calm there Fitz.
Can you hear the wind, father?
Can you take him? Let's go.
Can't help thinking about whether we did the right...
Captain you ain't doing us, nor him...
Captain, captain ...
Captain, it's all the same up here. We have to go back.
Captain, three men can't hold off a party of Ree.
Carrying Glass would be hard.
Cause he got everything to lose.
Cause he got everything to lose.
Cause them, them pelts we collect, they are still out there ...
Cause there ain't nothing gonna bring your boy back.
Christ almighty.
Collect all the pelts we can carry.
Come here...
Come on, grab the pelt!
Come on, I need your help now.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on...
Could be captain Leavenworth boys.
Damn I was wondering when we might be getting paid for that haul?
Damn nearly lost everything.
Damn, he's cold as ice.
Deal or no deal Mr. Bridger, you deserve something for what you did.
Do not let him into the water.
Don't go down there starting going no kind no conscience, alright?
Don't go questioning me now on the account of fact that we all feel...
Don't leave, please.
Don't let him down.
Don't make a sound.
Don't shout, you'll get us all fuckin' killed.
Easy with him.
Easy, slowly Fitz ...
Enough of this shit. We'll never make it across land this time soon.
Entering the moon forest.
Find another way.
Fire's done.
Fitzgerald, Jones, Fryman. You take the east side of the river.
Food comes at price.
Food comes at price.
For all of us.
For your courage, honor ...
Fortunately for me it did not, no.
Fresh blood. This could be Powaqa.
Get away. Get away.
Get him away from there.
Get on the fuckin' boat.
Get this shit.
Get this to my little girl. You're coming with us I'm gettin' help ...
Get to the boat!
Get to the boat. To the boat, son.
Get up.
Get up.
Get up.
Get up.
Getting the hell out of this godforsaken places.
Glad to hear you pulled your weight Mr. Bridger.
Glass is to be cared for as long as necessary.
Glass is to be cared for until...
Glass knows this territory better than the rest of us put together.
Glass... Hugh...
Go, I'm riding ahead.
Go, I'm riding ahead.
Go! Now!
God dammit, don't let him down!
God dammit!
God dammit.
God dammit.
God damn sons of bitches.
God damn, can't even find the way fuckin...potato shit...
God damn, will you just, would you quit that noise now, will ya?
God damn, wish my daddy was a doctor then he could have bought me a Captains job.
God damn.
Got one beaver half.
Grab some pelts!
Grab the pelt.
He ... he drop it in the snow.
He ain't our problem no more, he is like us, he's on his own.
He ain't with you?
He argued to stay so that ...
He can't do nothing with it if you tarred it to his hands.
He doesn't know it yet. How can you be so sure?
He doesn't know it yet. How can you be so sure?
He is bleeding down here too.
He is burning out Captain.
He knows how far I came for him.
He must get re enlisted so he can justify killing again.
He ran off, didn't he?
He shouldn't have fire the shot, the whole
He was buried right.
He wasn't there when Fitzgerald stabbed my boy to death.
He's afraid.
He's afraid.
He's down here.
Henry, please ...
Henry, please ...
Here Mr. Glass ... this will help ...
Hey Glass.
Hey no, come on fellas... I need your help.
Hey you can quit polishing that rifle, while I'm talking to you.
Hey you.
Hey, Hawk!
His breathing changed?
Hm, yeah.
Hold him, you go.
Hold it down. I'm sorry Mr. Glass. I am so sorry.
Hold it.
Hold on.
Hold still.
How are we gonna make it up there?
I ain't afraid to die anymore.
I ain't afraid to die anymore.
I ain't noticed.
I am not crazy.
I can do that for you.
I can muzzle you if you like.
I can't let you go back out there.
I can't let you go back out there.
I can't remember my wife's face.
I can't remember my wife's face.
I can't see 'em.
I can't still feel my feet ...
I could help, please.
I could help, please.
I don't know but...
I don't know, something about horses.
I don't know, something to eat please.
I don't like to be not here myself by now, but you know we're not.
I felt all of it.
I figure we're only few days out from the Fort, we're t****d out.
I found God, he used to say.
I got him trapped, he just...
I guess.
I had to scare samo sense into you boy.
I have to go, I have to...
I just got livin' the only way I get to do that is through this pelts.
I just heard the sound of...
I just killed a man who was trying to kill my son.
I just killed a man who was trying to kill my son.