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The Revenant (2015) Soundboard

The Revenant (2015) Soundboard

The Revenant, released in 2015, is an epic survival drama film that takes viewers on a gripping and intense journey through the harsh realities of the American frontier in the 1820s. Directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu, this masterful cinematic experience is a visually stunning and emotionally charged exploration of human resilience and revenge.

The film's cast is led by the remarkable performances of Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, and Domhnall Gleeson. DiCaprio shines in the role of Hugh Glass, a frontiersman left for dead by his hunting team after being viciously mauled by a bear. Determined to survive against all odds, Glass embarks on an awe-inspiring journey of revenge against those who betrayed him. Tom Hardy delivers a stellar portrayal of the treacherous John Fitzgerald, adding another layer of tension and complexity to the story. Domhnall Gleeson, known for his versatility, portrays Captain Andrew Henry, the conflicted leader torn between duty and loyalty.

The Revenant is renowned for its breathtaking cinematography, masterfully captured by Emmanuel Lubezki, who skillfully brings the haunting beauty of nature to life on the screen. The film transports its audience to the untamed wilderness, immersing them in the brutal and unforgiving conditions faced by Glass as he fights for survival.

The score for The Revenant, composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Alva Noto, and Bryce Dessner, perfectly complements the visceral and evocative nature of the film. Their music enhances the emotional impact of every scene, from the suspenseful chase sequences to the poignant moments of introspection.

If you're looking to experience the sounds and sights of The Revenant, you can immerse yourself in the film by playing and downloading it here. The visceral realism and captivating performances will keep you on the edge of your seat, making it an unforgettable viewing experience.

The Revenant received critical acclaim upon its release, earning 12 Academy Award nominations and winning three, including Best Director for Iñárritu and Best Actor for DiCaprio. The film's success is a testament to its powerful storytelling, remarkable performances, and unparalleled visual craftsmanship.

In conclusion, The Revenant is a must-see film that pushes the boundaries of cinema, both in terms of its technical achievements and its emotional impact. With an outstanding cast, breathtaking cinematography, and a hauntingly beautiful score, this raw and visceral story will stay with you long after the credits roll. Experience the intensity of The Revenant now, and prepare to be captivated by its unflinching tale of survival and revenge.

A dead guy.
A proper burial.
After six months working my ass of like a mule,
Ain't our place to wonder.
All you gotta to do is blink ...
Alright? Because you were scared shitless...
And the dust becomes flower...
And then we'll have enough men...
Anderson you scout up front.
Any of you boys wonder how Ree managed to get their drop on us
Be quiet.
Beside, I got one of my own.
Bridger, you hold that.
But revenge is in the creator's hands.
Calm down kid.
Calm down.
Captain wait...
Captain, this way ...
Cause sure is neither come will have us both swinging from couple grants.
Come on
Come on.
Cut the rope. Wait for Amos, wait for Amos...
Get him to the doctor, now.
Get up.
Give me rags now!
Glass!? Hey there are cubs here.
Go to the cannon.
God shit me more.
Good Lord's got us on the road, whether we chose or not.
Happy new year, Fitzgerald.
Hawk, hawk!
He got a mother you need to get him back to?
He'll be dead inside an hour.
Henry, please.
How far ahead?
I ain't crazy about your plan
I have no money.
I have no weapon, I have no weapons.
I miss her so much.
I thought I already brought up plenty of water
I wouldn't expect to find a man of your stature ...
I'll be back to check up on him.
I'm coming
I'm glad you made it here.
I'm injured.
I've been out here so long eating this damn beaver meat...
If you look at its branches, you swear it will fall ...
If you're ready ...
Is it true what Fitzgerald said?
It'd be a week before we get there.
Last week she was still with me.
Leave the forest, leave the forest ...
Listen to me.
Listen up! When them pelts is clean...
Much less boys.
My daughter, Powaqa, is not here.
My heart bleeds ...
Nice and easy.
No more room here, you gotta move up the hill.
No, no. Oh no!
North and west, take those two with you.
Now she's gone.
Now wanna ask questions ...
Now, we did what we had to do.
Open the gate.
Our Father...
Place is crawling with fucking tree ******s...
Pullin' thru? You saw what that grizz did to him.
Remember, we're not doin' no 15 pelt bales...
Search Captain
Shit, I'm actually startin' to miss your wife.
Slide, slide. Slide.
Stay here.
Take him to the cage. Take him to the cage!
Tell the others.
The proper thing to do would be though... Finish him off quick.
The way I see it, I saved your life twice now son .
Them Ree, they are so close now i can smell them ...
Then what we're gonna do, hah?
Then you don't eat this, see how that works.
There ain't shit down there, we go climb over.
There are traces of a camp ...
They went north.
This is silver.
Those five horses weren't for free.
Wait, you can't ...
We got cubs here.
We got to get up that damn mountain but the wind keeps chasing us down.
We had the extra day, so we managed to dig a little deeper ...
We needed help when we were bustin' are asses loadin' them bales.
We'll add weeks to the trip.
We're gonna take our furs...
We're headed out.
Well he needs that rifle.
Well we followed orders ... we just kept the funeral apart.
What I'm saying is we stay on the boat.
What life you talking about? I ain't got no life.
What was you doing down by the creek all by yourself?
When the rest of the men are ready you send them to me.
Where did you get these? The Americans?
Where is he?
Where is Toussaint?
While you was living with them savages?
White man at the gate.
Yes sir. Understood Cap.
Yes, Captain.
Yes, captain.
You are my son.
You best hope that the good Lord get his ass here quick, huh.
You breathe ... Keep breathing.
You came all this way just for your revenge?
You hear me?
You hung tough.
You'll never find him without me.
Your body is rotten.
21 dead soldiers, more than 40 dead feather necks...
Anybody seeing them? Stay quiet dammit...
At least he heard me ... They don't hear your voice!
Captain, I swear to god. Tell me!
Eyes in front.
Fitzgerald. Captain
Fuck off. That's an order!
Glass. Chart a course.
He is alive Fitz. He's alive.
Hey, we took down an elk.
Hold on!
I thought he was ... Say the Lord's prayer.
I'm right here. Yes, sir.
Keep your guard up.
Please Captain ... God!
Sir. Murphy says there's a way down there.
Smoke. How close?
Stay together. Jim, you go get the Captain.
What, wait. Sorry Hugh.
What? Say the Lord's prayer.
You fucking lie to me?
You got away from Murph? Yeah.
... and crawles up into this mud ...
... and on top of it all ...
... men dying and for what?
... no one has to know that you give up. I do that.
... they ought to covered full of dirt and some snow,
... to get back out there and shoot some civilization ...
... to the boat.
... waiting to finish the job.
... who art in heaven ... ... I can't ...
...and keep searching for her.
...he told me...
...I'm gonna blow your damn head off.
...needs to rest
$300, is to get to go home with something.