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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Becca Ringtone
Ahhh! Ah! I thought they smelled bad on the outside!
Ain't he sweet smells like a petunia
Almost done smell good don't they yeah
And I won't smell too good that's for sure
And now sit back relax load off your feet smell the aroma of mexico and the sounds
And the horrible smell of that awful weed it's been like a nightmare
Are you kiddin' if I eat that i'll smell like you
Boy they smell good
Boys they're right around here somewhere i'm telling you I can smell their bubble gum
But the smell you know that gasoline smell the whole hill it smelled like victory
Crack yeah smell like bacon in this motherfucker
Did you brush your teeth let me smell let me smell you did not!
Do me a favor will ya thought I smelled some coffee back there would you make me a cup yeah sure oh how do you take it lotsa cream lotsa sugar
Don't stand that close I can smell your breath
Fee fi fo fum I smell cooking where's it coming from
Genie wake up and smell the hummus
Get away from here you smell of formaldehyde!
Get the smell
God almighty whoo phew you guys smell like you fell into a dung heap
God no it smells like a used diaper filled with indian food excuse me
Hah! next thing ya know she'll be tyin' your beards up in pink ribbons and smellin' ya up with that stuff called perfoom
He said I can smell your cunt
How can you stand the smell of garbage
I can smell a motherfucker with money
I can smell it all the way from the interstate
I could smell the ugly brutes
I don't care to breathe your foot odor leave the shoes on!
I love the smell of napalm in the morning
I read somewhere that their periods attract bears the bears can smell the menstruation
I smell a rat here I smell two
I smell something burning
I smelled your shit for 22 years now you can't smell mine for five minutes
I tell ya valiant the whole thing stinks like yesterday's diapers
I thought I smelled a rat
I'm very important I have many leather bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany
I've never smelled anything like it it's like
Is that all it does is smell oh believe me that's enough
Is there smoke did you say you smell smoke
It smells like bigfoot's dick!
It smells like popcorn
It smells! yeah it does
It's been 84 years and I can still smell the fresh paint
It's like the smell there's a smell there's an attraction thing after a while it kind of fades away a little bit
It's starting to smell like aqua boogie up in this motherfucker straight fish and chips
It's terrible! she has beautiful eyes and her hair smells like cinnamon!
It's the smell if there is such a thing I feel saturated by it
Kansas was all golden and smelled like sunshine
Look you don't have to smell the world
Love us as a son and daughter and never smell of barley water
Mr president i'm beginning to smell a big fat commie rat
My god! what is that smell
Now you know you getting so you smell so bad I could track you myself
Oh ho brother you can smell the silver in this town
Oh! what a smell of sulfur!
Roll your window down start there see you got to hear the street you got to smell it you know you got to taste that shit feel it
See if you can clean him up a little he smells like an animal!
Smell bad
Smell bad (2)
Somethin' smells good yeah they made us somethin' to eat
Something's cooking smells good!
Tell me what's that smell
That's all right lieutenant from the smell of him i'd say it was the booze talking
The smell of cakes and pies are absolutely everywhere
Then we can climb mount bedford and smell the pines and watch the sunrise against the peaks and we'll stay up there the whole night and everybody'll be talking there'll be a terrific scandal
They couldn't pay me enough to smell motherfuckers' feet all day
They may for instance be able to smell colors
They smell they don't smell! some smell babies smell
This is worse than the time the rac**** got in the copier
This place reminds me of santa's workshop except it smells like mushrooms and everyone looks like they wanna hurt me
Watch it you step in this stuff and you'll stink forever
Well I see it still smells like pine needles around here thank you
Well it smells kinda funny it's a little loud
What about this a tribe of asparagus children but they're self conscious about the way their pee smells
What an incredible smell you've discovered!
What is that it smells like a turd covered in burnt hair
What's that smell it's human you smell just like a human
Whew! this may smell bad kid but it'll keep you warm till I get the shelter up
Why don't you go and wash your feet stinking ass
Why don't you wake up and smell what you're shoveling
You are a smelly pirate hooker
You know I can smell ice you know when it's near
You know what they give you for that the gas chamber you know what the gas chamber smells like pine oil that's where you headed boy to pine oil heaven
You look great and you smell great
You said this was indo smell like outdo
You smell like a lawn mower
You smell like a pig already but let's not try to make things any worse
You smell like beef and cheese you don't smell like santa
You smell something fried pussycat
You smell that bill smells like someone died
You smell that do you smell that napalm son nothing else in the world smells like that
You smelling something boss
You'll smell bad for the rest of your life it'll never wash off
Yuck it smells damp