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Borg Sound Sound FX

Borg Sound Sound FX

The package of sounds simply titled "Borg" is a diverse collection of audio snippets that are sure to ignite the senses and spark inspiration in anyone who listens. From the gritty and raw sounds of a boxing gym to the eerie ambience of an empty school hallway, each sound brings a unique element to the table.

The package opens with the unmistakable clinks and clatters of gym weights being used in a bustling gym setting. The sounds of boxing gloves striking a punching bag and the subtle creaking of a chain add to the immersive experience, transporting the listener right into the heart of a high-intensity workout session. The metallic clang of a barbell weight being added and removed from a bar adds an industrial touch, bringing to mind the image of a dedicated weightlifter diligently working on their craft.

Moving on to a different setting, the package takes us to an empty school room with a pulsating ventilation system that emits an unsettling tone. The sounds of a duffel sport bag being handled and dropped create a sense of anticipation and mystery, as if something ominous is about to unfold. The presence of a leather wallet and canvas bag being grabbed adds a tactile element to the scene, immersing the listener in the world of a student or teacher navigating the halls of the school.

The roar of a Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 revving up and tearing down the road adds a visceral and exhilarating energy to the mix. The sounds of the motorcycle starting up, accelerating, and eventually shutting down paint a vivid picture of the open road and the freedom that comes with it. The package also includes various room tones from different areas of the school, from a dark and whining restroom to a bustling dining hall filled with the hum of ventilation.

As the listener makes their way through the package, they are treated to the sound of a steel barbell being placed back in its stand, completing the gym experience and bringing a sense of closure to the workout session. The false starts and passing by of the Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 add a dynamic and thrilling element to the collection, showcasing the power and speed of the iconic motorcycle.

With a total of 22 unique sounds, the "Borg" package offers a wide range of audio textures and atmospheres that can be used in various creative projects. Whether you are looking to add realism to a film scene, enhance the ambiance of a video game, or simply take your music production to the next level, these sounds are sure to inspire and elevate your work.

You can play and download these captivating sounds by visiting [link to download page]. So why not dive into the world of "Borg" and let your creativity run wild with this versatile package of audio delights?

Bag Foley — Bag Foley Backpack small,Ikea Polyester Prescence
Bag Foley — Bag Foley Canvas bag Cotton Grab
Bag Foley — Bag Foley Duffel Sport bag Polyester, Fake leather Drop, Place
Bag Foley — Bag Foley Wallet Leather Grab
Empty School Roomtones — Room tone Empty School Dining hall, faint traffic, steady humming ventilation
Empty School Roomtones — Room tone Empty school Long corridor 3rd floor, some traffic rumble outside, wining ventilation
Empty School Roomtones — Room tone Empty School Toilet medium, scary, dark, pulsating ventilation
Empty School Roomtones — Room tone Empty School Toilet, small, whining high freq ac and water pipes tone
Gym weights — Gym, Boxing, Punching bag hits, chain perspective
Gym weights — Gym, Foley, Barbell steel bar, place back in metal stand
Gym weights — Gym, Foley, Barbell weight 10kg steel, add and remove from bar
Gym weights — Gym, Foley, Drop metal handle on floor
Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 — HD Sportster Iron 883, False start 2 and 3, L Exhaust, R Motor
Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 — HD Sportster Iron 883, Passby 100kmph, Asphalt surface, 2 variations
Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 — HD Sportster Iron 883, Start, Accelerate on the spot, shut down, Beside vehicle
Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 — HD Sportster Iron 883, Start, long idle, shut down, Beside vehicle