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Star Trek: First Contact

Star Trek: First Contact

Star Trek: First Contact is a critically acclaimed science fiction film released in 1996 and is the eighth installment in the Star Trek film series. Directed by Jonathan Frakes, who also portrays Commander William T. Riker in the film, it features an ensemble cast of beloved Star Trek characters, both from the original series and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The cast includes Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, the charismatic and intelligent leader of the Starship Enterprise. Joining him is Jonathan Frakes as Commander Riker, Brent Spiner as the android Data, LeVar Burton as the visor-wearing Geordi La Forge, and Michael Dorn as the Klingon Worf. Gates McFadden returns as Dr. Beverly Crusher, while Marina Sirtis reprises her role as the empathic Deanna Troi. The film introduces Alfre Woodard as Lily Sloane, a resilient and resourceful character who encounters the Enterprise crew during their time-traveling adventure.

In Star Trek: First Contact, the crew of the USS Enterprise finds themselves confronting their deadliest enemy yet: the Borg. This cybernetic species is determined to assimilate the entire human race and erase all individuality. As the Borg set their sights on Earth, Captain Picard leads a desperate mission to travel back in time to the year 2063. They aim to ensure that the first contact between humans and an alien species, the Vulcans, takes place as history intended. The stakes are higher than ever as the crew battles against the ruthless Borg Queen, played by Alice Krige, who is intent on sabotaging their mission and assimilating Picard into her collective.

With a thrilling storyline that intertwines action, drama, and time travel, Star Trek: First Contact explores themes of sacrifice, humanity's resilience, and the enduring principles of Star Trek. The film received critical acclaim for its engaging plot, impressive special effects, and excellent performances from the cast.

If you're a fan of the Star Trek franchise or enjoy captivating sci-fi adventures, Star Trek: First Contact is a must-watch. It offers an exciting journey through both the past and future, showcasing the resilience of humanity and our ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Now you can immerse yourself in this iconic Star Trek film by playing and downloading its sounds! Experience the familiar hum of the USS Enterprise's engines, the intense phaser battles, and the powerful score that captures the spirit of adventure. Whether you want to relive your favorite moments or discover the soundscapes of Star Trek: First Contact for the first time, these downloadable sounds will transport you to the thrilling world of the Enterprise.

So grab your phasers, engage the warp drive, and join Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew on their daring mission. You can play and download the sounds of Star Trek: First Contact right here, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in this beloved science fiction universe.

A central point from which they can control the hive.
A group of cybernetic creatures from the future
A quality we sometimes lack.
A quest for vengeance,
According to our astrometric readings, we are in the mid 21 st century.
According to Starfleet medical research,
Across thousands of worlds since long before you were created.
Actually, l never read it.
Actually, l tend to think of this ship as home.
Actually, we're rather like yourself and Dr. Cochrane.
Admiral Hayes disagrees.
Admiral Hayes is mobilizing a fleet in the Typhon sector.
Ahab spent years hunting the white whale that crippled him,
Alien. You mean extraterrestrials?
All Borg.
All decks report ready.
All right!
All right! All right.
All right.
All units, open fire. Remodulate shield...
Almost 700 meters long.
Along the Romulan border for the last nine months.
Alpha team, let's assemble in Transporter Room 3.
Alyssa, is the EMH program still online?
An equal.
An interesting if cryptic response.
And after you do, everything begins to change.
And all the Borg on it were destroyed.
And dump the broad.
And fighting the Borg is suicide.
And find out why it's so hot in here.
And for a time,
And is on its way to rendezvous with history.
And it's on a direct course for Earth.
And l know how to fight them.
And l owe him the same.
And l will make them pay for what they've done.
And l've discovered what they're trying to do.
And l've spent the last 20 minutes trying to keep his hands off me.
And mankind to start exploring the galaxy.
And now we're sitting in it.
And primary intercooler system.
And realize that humans have discovered how to travel
And stay out of history's way.
And the temperature has jumped 10 degrees in the last hour.
And then it took three shots of something called tequila
And they're going to want to meet the man who flew that warp ship.
And this time, there may be no stopping them.
And use the escape pods to evacuate the ship.
And you do understand we have a strict dress code,
And you people, you're all astronauts on some kind of star trek.
And your hand's sort of reaching toward the future.
Any of you who wish to object should do so now.
Approaching light speed.
April 4th, 2063.
Are you all right?
Are you familiar with physical forms of pleasure?
Are you offering yourself to us?
Are you ready?
Are you their leader?
As a matter of fact,
As you can see, l have already found an equal.
Assimilate this.
At maximum warp, it will take us three hours, 25 minutes...
Atmospheric pressure was two kilopascals above normal,
Attack the Earth in the past to assimilate the future.
Australia, New Guinea, the Solomons.
Authorization, Picard 4 7 alpha tango.
Auto destruct sequence deactivated.
Awaiting final code to begin auto destruct sequence.
Aye, sir.
Aye, sir.
Basic Warp Design is a required course at the Academy.
Because at 1 1 :00 an alien ship will begin passing through this solar system.
Before we lost internal sensors,
Begin auto destruct sequence. Authorization, Picard 4 7 alpha tango.
Begin ignition sequence.
Believe me, you'll be doing them a favor.
Believing oneself to be perfect is often the sign of a delusional mind.
Borg implants can cause severe skin irritations.
Brave words.
Bridge to Transporter Room 3. Beam the Defiant survivors aboard.
Bullshit! l saw the look on your face
But everybody out there thinks that staying here
But first you must put that weapon down and trust me.
But if it's Earth you're talking about, l try to get back whenever l can.
But if they changed history, why are we still here?
But in order to reach it, l am willing to help you reach yours.
But in the 21 st century, the Borg are still in the Delta Quadrant.
But in the end, it destroyed him and his ship.
But l do not believe we will get more than one or two shots
But l resisted.
But l was never able to touch it.
But l went to Zefram Cochrane High School.
But l'd like to run another test on her spinal tissue.
But l'm ready to make history.
But perhaps you should deactivate your emotion chip for now.
But that is all.
But that ship
But the Borg are not entirely organic.
But there is significant damage to various sections of the fuselage
But unless you make that warp flight tomorrow morning before 1 1 :1 5,
But we are here to help you.
But we evolved to include the synthetic.
But we're running out of time here. We need your help.
But when they took Deck 1 1 , they just stopped.
But you need to reinforce this copper tubing with a nanopolymer.
But you people got some pretty funny ideas about me.
By assimilating other beings into our collective,
Can l talk to her?
Can't tell. Long range sensors are still off line.
Captain Ahab has to go hunt his whale.
Captain, l believe l am feeling anxiety.
Captain, l believe l can handle this.
Captain, l believe l speak for everyone here, sir, when l say
Captain, l've reconfigured our warp field
Captain, the Admiral's ship has been destroyed.
Captain, there has been no unusual activity
Captain, they've adapted!
Captain, this woman requires medical attention.
Captain, we should consider the possibility
Captain, we've been out in space nearly a year now. We're ready.
Captain, why are we out here chasing comets?
Captain? What is it?
Captain. Earth.
Captain's Log, April 5th, 2063.
Captain's Log, Stardate 50893.5.
Carbon monoxide and fluorine.
Casualty report is coming in...
Channel open, sir.
Check out the environmental controls while l'm gone.
Come on, come on.
Command authorization accepted.
Commander La Forge will need to bring a team down here...
Commander Worf, l need to know exactly what's been happening.
Commander, this is what we're thinking of using
Communications, internal sensors, everything.
Computer, Commander Beverly Crusher.
Computer, Lieutenant Commander Worf.
Computer, mid 21 st century civilian clothing.
Computer! Begin chapter 1 3.
Confirm auto destruct sequence. Authorization, Crusher 2 2 beta charlie.
Confirm auto destruct sequence. Authorization, Worf 3 7 gamma echo.
Control to Phoenix. Final launch sequence checks are complete.
Course laid in, sir.
Crusher to Bridge.
Crusher to Engineering.
Crusher to Enterprise, two to beam directly to Sickbay.
Damage to her cell membranes is repaired.
Data understands me.
Data, Beverly, you're with me.
Data, cover me.
Data, deactivate the self destruct sequence.
Data, l'm sure it's a fascinating experience,
Data, listen to me.
Data, no. Don't do it.
Data, report.
Data, there are times that l envy you.
Data, you are free to go.
Deanna! Deanna!
Defiant and Bozeman, fall back to mobile position one.
Defiant, continue to attack.
Definitely not Swedish.
Destruct sequence alpha one. Fifteen minutes, silent countdown.
Do it. Don't be tempted by flesh.
Do they have to keep doing that?
Do you always talk this much?
Do you know what this is, Data?
Doctor, tomorrow morning, when they detect the warp signature from your ship
Does Starfleet feel we need more shakedown time?
Dollar signs. Money.
Don't tell me it's all thanks to me.
Don't you people from the 24th century ever pee?
Don't you, Data?
Dr. Cochrane, l know this sounds silly, but can l shake your hand?
Dyson, Kaplan,
Eight years,
Either from the whiskey or your laser beam, or both,
Enterprise to away team.
Every Borg has one. lt's like a memory chip.
Evolving toward a state of perfection.
Excuse me.
Far too long.
Faster than light, they decide to alter their course.