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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1, created by Gene Roddenberry, is a television series set in the 24th century and serves as a sequel to the original Star Trek series. This groundbreaking science fiction show debuted in 1987 and ran for seven successful seasons.

The cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation includes a talented ensemble of actors who brought their characters to life with exceptional skill. Patrick Stewart leads the cast as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, the wise and commanding leader of the starship Enterprise. Joining him on his intergalactic adventures are Jonathan Frakes as Commander William Riker, Marina Sirtis as Counselor Deanna Troi, Brent Spiner as the ever-curious android Data, LeVar Burton as Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge, Gates McFadden as Doctor Beverly Crusher, Michael Dorn as the honorable Klingon officer Worf, Denise Crosby as security chief Tasha Yar, and Wil Wheaton as young prodigy Wesley Crusher. This talented group of actors created a remarkable chemistry on screen, making the show a beloved part of science fiction history.

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1 explores the vast unknown of space, presenting intriguing and thought-provoking stories. The crew of the Enterprise encounters new alien civilizations, engages in intense battles, and navigates ethical dilemmas that challenge their moral compass. With each episode, the show delves into complex themes such as the nature of humanity, the pursuit of knowledge, and the importance of diplomacy.

If you're longing to relive the interstellar adventures of the USS Enterprise, you're in luck! You can now play and download the iconic sounds of Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1. Immerse yourself in the familiar humming of the warp drive, the subtle yet dramatic swoosh when doors open, the playful beeps of the console, and the unforgettable voice of Majel Barrett as the ship's computer.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan or discovering this groundbreaking series for the first time, the sounds of Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1 will transport you to a future where exploration, camaraderie, and the pursuit of knowledge unite humanity. So, grab your tricorder, engage the warp drive, and boldly journey into the final frontier once again.

Remember, you can play and download these incredible sounds here to embark on your own thrilling adventures alongside Captain Picard, Commander Riker, and the rest of the crew of the USS Enterprise-D. Enjoy the immersive experience and let the Star Trek universe inspire you!

A common mistake, sir.
A comparison modern scholars have drawn from Earth history
A few seconds too.
A force like that cannot possibly come from an image, Lutan.
A genius who made music not only to be heard, but seen and felt,
A good game needs rules and planning.
A guardian of the Tkon Empire.
A highly structured society, and they're exceedingly proud.
A human female, Letek?
A lead ball propelled by gunpowder.
A man goes to a store to buy some kidneys.
A marshal of France?
A mere change of direction hardly justifies mutiny.
A most interesting conclusion.
A most thoughtful gift. We are pleased.
A mystery is only a mystery as long as it remains uninvestigated, sir.
A plea to his former captain.
A pleasure to meet you, sir. I appreciated receiving the specs.
A priceless, life giving vaccine.
A principal pan' of this warp formula
A private consulting investigator, Data, who solves crimes.
A resignation from this command
A ship's engines should be the concern of a ship's captain.
A statement of what you seek?
A sunset, sunrise.
A test of intelligence, then?
A theft which automatic scanners recorded,
A thousand meters short of the planet's surface.
A vaccine which has been found to be an effective antidote
A warrior's reaction.
A woman?
Aberrant behavior.
Aboard the Enterprise, First Officer William T. Riker
About 100 meters apart.
About Ligonian armaments.
About someone taking a shower in his or her clothing.
About that, sir, did the doctor believe I was boasting?
Absolutely not.
According to our medical readouts, there's still nothing wrong with him.
According to Starfleet's report, they will simply run tests
According to the instruments, sir,
According to the Ligon code of honor, Lutan has done what he set out to do,
According to the Tkon use of the galactic motionary startime charts,
Accursed planet!
Achieve recognition for being daring and bold.
Acted on the brain like alcohol.
Acting captain?
Acting ensign.
Actually, they think very highly of us, Tasha.
Actually, you reveal yourselves best in how you play.
Additional information.
Admittedly a victim of the Tsiolkovsky infection,
Affirmative, Number One.
Affirmative. Make it a ship wide search, lieutenant.
After Bastu came Cimi, Xora, Makto
After Farpoint, I returned to where we exist, the Q Continuum.
After meeting with the senior officers, Dr. Crusher and I have decided
Against your dreaded Anchilles fever.
Against your keeping out of humanity's path forever.
Agreed, Daimon Tarr.
Agreed, sir.
Agreed. It must be someone from either alien delegation.
Ah, but you are also a man of great importance and wealth.
Ah, good, Data
Ah, I see where you're going.
Ah. A game.
Ah. A human proverb.
Ah. How touching.
Ah. The body Geordi discovered.
Ah. The nature of politics.
Ah. The redoubtable Commander Riker, whom I noticed before.
Aikido, one.
Aikido, vanish.
Alkaloid base. Lethal.
All approved and described in the Starfleet communications.
All dead.
All decks, all stations.
All decks, all stations.
All decks, I must have your full attention.
All equipment online and functioning
All free.
All I have is a vague memory of reading somewhere
All I'm saying is that you removed something
All language forms, sir.
All my land and all my goods, all I have is yours to rule.
All power is restored.
All power online.
All right, gentlemen,
All right, he stays.
All right, here we go.
All right, lieutenant, you just stay right there.
All right?
All right.
All right. Helping is more important.
All right. Let's bring the away team back.
All stop.
All stopped, sir.
All systems ready, captain.
All the engines are off line.
All the galaxy's a stage.
Almost all of the peace delegates answered our questions with lies.
Almost right.
Along the same principle as that which is draining energy from our ships.
Also any other signs of drugs, hallucinogens,
Also traveling at warp speed, sir.
Also, he's arrogant, overbearing, self important
Although, as you understand the concept,
Amazing power.
Amusing, human. Trust each other?
An accidental explosion has devastated a mining operation there.
An excellent thirst quencher.
An interesting view of our mystery, I believe.
An old Chinese philosopher from ancient Earth history.
And 0700 this morning.
And a marshal outranks even an admiral.
And a very interesting animal.
And absolute power corrupts absolutely.
And allowing Kosinski to take credit for what you did?
And an untimely visit from Q.
And are impressed.
And are maintaining combat readiness around the clock.
And are these scholars saying that the Ferengi may not be unlike us?
And at the instant of death, Lutan, a mating agreement dissolves.
And at the moment, it is all pure speculation.
And be careful, Number One.
And beam them up to Cargo Bay 6.
And become anything you want to be.
And capable of actually moving stars.
And communication now restored to Engineering.
And complete them as we achieve warp 4.
And different intermix formulas.
And elates us.
And familiar settings, that sort of thing.
And force them to wear clothing.
And from Starfleet has been appropriately recorded.
And have you noticed how you and I are now on a first name basis?
And having him say he wants you...
And henceforth, a dessert course
And here.
And how badly the vaccine is needed. Yes, sir.
And how Dr. Crusher brought her back.
And I am looking forward to hearing all about it, but not right now.
And I calculate that at maximum warp, sir,
And I don't like who I'd have to thank.
And I don't yet know how far they go,
And I fervently hope the rules of that contest make it possible.
And I know I can win this challenge.
And I regret, Daimon Tarr,
And I remember there was talk of an entity,
And I'm gone.
And I'm surprised you have to ask,
And I'm very much against that idea.
And if any does occur, let me assure you,
And if the Ferengi also realize
And in order to satisfy this curiosity,
And in trade, you would give us your information.
And is draining our reserve power too.
And it fits Lutan's personality profile as well.
And it is against Starfleet orders to accept a surrender otherwise.
And it very much regrets the accidental death of Engineer Singh.
And it weakened him in some way,
And it will be most important that those aboard
And it's only natural the crew's concentration will shift
And its unique similarity to an ancient Earth culture we all admire.
And joy.
And learn ways to destroy you.
And let's credit his science teacher too.
And light, as if they were made for women to use.
And listen to this.
And love.
And may your cloak bring you all you deserve.
And more, perhaps.
And more.
And more.
And my security officer, Lieutenant Natasha Yar.
And necessary defensive weapons too.
And not a collapsing star, as in this case.
And nothing shameful in a strategic retreat, either.
And now, according to the customs of your ancestors,
And now, attempt to concentrate completely on your duty of the moment
And now, Lutan,
And on that charge, you tried us
And open treaty negotiations to acquire this medicinal substance.
And others of your kind have the same ability?
And our Engineering section has been commandeered
And our only chance of returning to the known universe is a dying alien
And our position reads exactly what it was
And perchance for interest's sake, a deadly game?
And proud that we have something of great value to offer you,
And provocative.
And ran a controlled test on them.
And recognizing you as sentient beings, it pleaded for help,
And recover a T 9 energy converter which the Ferengi stole
And scooped one of you from your home world.
And severe emotional upset.
And should concern you the most.
And since the captain won't let me on the Bridge,