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A human female
A relatively new concept in temporal mechanics
Alpha one clearance
Although I do not speak from personal experience I have seen it have a profound psychological impact
An andorian female
An android
And overwhelmed with feelings of remorse
Approximately one hour forty five minutes are
Are you prepared for the kind of death you burns little man
Ask professor rippers to take over my lecture for tomorrow
Assigned i'm having difficulty deciding what kind of service to have
Aye sir
Can you be more specific
Commander Data - Star Trek TNG Soundboard Sound
Commander Data - Star Trek TNG Soundboard Sound
Do you control the Borg collective?
Do you have any suggestions
Doctor million soon
He took me apart
How long is it been since you've seen a doctor about your Irumodic Syndrome
Humor! I love it!
Hysterical laughter - Data
I am an android
I am not less perfect than Lore
I am unlike any life form you have encountered before
I believe I have a partial explanation
I conducted a full center sweep out to one light year from the pastor
I disagree
I do not have served
I do not know
I do not know how to help her
I enjoy pleasing humans
I found the touch of grey adds an air of distinction
I had no idea you were so versed in the intricacies of temporal theories are
I hate this it is revolting
I have a magnetic personality
I have an ultimate storage capacity of eight hundred quadrillion bits my total linear computational speed has been rated at sixty trillion operations per second
I have completed my analysis of the anomaly
I have observed that the selection of food is often influenced by the mood of the person ordering
I must find a way to contact the enterprise
I need temporary lodging
I no longer want these emotions
I now have duties to perform
I spent nearly two years drifting in space
I understand the source of your misperception
I would like to learn how to dance
I would not be in favor of that sir
I would prefer not to answer that question sir
I'm a frenchman
I'm an inventor
I'm fine
I'm happy for you
I'm planning a memorial service for commander laforge in ensign RO
I'm uncertain sir
I've observed that in most species there was a primal instinct perpetuate themselves
In almost all societies it is traditional to say a ritual farewell to those who call friends
It appears to be a multi phasic temporal convergence in the space time continuum
It is a highly focused temporal energy source
It is a most unusual phenomenon
It is an attempt at pure creativity
It is data
It is in essence an eruption of anti time
It is perhaps the most difficult stage of her development
Lal is passing into sentience
Lal is quite self sufficient
Lal needs to observe human behavior
Life is rarely fair
May I ask why sir?
May I ask you a question sir?
My station is on the bridge
No thank you sir
One, seven, three, four, six, seven, three, two, one, four, seven, six, Charlie, three, two, seven, eight, nine, seven, seven, seven, six, four, three, Tango, seven, three, two, Victor, seven, thr...
Perhaps your hotel will offer me a job
Seven hundred thousand
She requires very little supervision
Simply do not have the ability to control these emotions
Small klingon colony near the border
That could make socialization more difficult
That is part of my dilemma
That is true
That would be inadvisable
The anomaly is two hundred million kilometers in diameter
The Devron system
The first thing we should do is run a complete series of eurographics cans
The foremost authority on cybernetics
The klingons have been allowing federation medical ships to cross the border
The relationship between anti time in normal time is analogous to the relationship between anti matter an normal matter
The rupture may be sending out waves of temporal energi which are disrupting the normal flow of time
There is also a subplot about an older man conspiring with a younger woman to murder her husband
There may be a correlation between humor and sex
There's nothing to disprove what you're saying
These questions suggests that we have made a successful transfer of the heuristic associative pathways
They have already been changes in the way this timeline is unfolding
They would annihilate one another
This house originally belonged to sir isaac newton when he held the position
This is commander data go ahead place
This is the story of a group of compulsive gamblers caught up in a web of crime corruption and deceit
To go
Try not to be jealous of my ability
Twelve point three million
Twelve seconds
Twenty one
Upon arriving here you can identify me as the machine named data
Very funny
Websters twenty fourth century dictionary fifth edition defines an android as an automaton made to resemble a human being
What are your intentions toward my daughter
When I created law it was in the hope that someday she would choose to enter the academy and become a member of starfleet
When one of my friends was distraught I have learned that the thoughtful thing to do is to attempt to make him feel more comfortable
Which is emitting approximately the same energy output as ten G type stars
Will get to the bottom of this
Yes sir