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Junkyard Willie Sounds

Junkyard Willie Sounds

Junkyard Willie from the touchtone terrorists soundboard.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Alright hold on
Alright was home or can get hold it
Bring me up bring me unlock afford it
But you sound so sexy I want you to come down here and say hi to me
Come on don't be a job search is out of reach through this phone on our stickers stream of duct tape still wears rip it off
Did you call with with the damn fraternity trying to pull my leg
Don't let it happen again
Donors are flapping in the wind your lips is flapping in the wind
Everyone to ask the questions unless I used to be a drill sergeant
Forget it then
Given this kind of shit talking prayers
God damn night played around with a gun to him one time
Good morning can I help you
Hey don't be talking to me that way bitch
Hold your ass
How can I help you
How you doing baby doll
I do what I wanna do
I don't give a shit
I don't know what you talking about
I don't like working on monday
I got all day
I said this year will it the generator
I said you're enabling probably wear but plugs
I think this whole boy can get on it i'll get on it like bug spray although we will
I wanna know who left the log in the toilet bowl
I'll make you drop and do a hundred pushups you wanna call up talking this kind of trash
It gets stuck up the place real bad i'd hold my breath of the walk in the room
Mine will it up while working customer service
Put on something sexy come on down and talk to maine
So what is your name
Somebody left a big old dump it
Then wanted the supervisor who the hell is
They love it off it to find out who over there with the last to use the basketball fridays
This will be the supervisor
Use women cannot help
We are going back to figure out what's going on
We would have to leave the building yesterday
Well why you wait this long to call
What are you thinking is come on
What part don't you understand
What's your name
Who do you call for you got the wrong damn number
Without you
Would you talk about
Yeah bring some malt liquor will have a good time
Yeah that would look at helping
Yeah this year what is the janitor
Yeah well who's fault is that
You are more
You don't hear me laughing do you
You give me a hard time talking this kind of shit don't make the angry boy
You have to call yourself shit for brains
You sound like a job turkey
You sound like a job turkey
Your aunt mabel lewell buck blog anyway so forget about it then