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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All right that's enough rest
Alright that's more like it
Are come on real gun in a look real when I filled out hun
Before you head my lap
Crazy crazy crazy
Do you want me to drop out of the hood what's the difference should be fine as long as it's going to rain or something
Don't be scared I just think somebody owes us an explanation that's all
Go back to bed now
Hard maine I wonder if you could tell me how to get back on the expressway thank you very much
He owns the griswolds right fucking a radios us
Hello thanks
Here's one you don't know we used to sing this when you were little kids you know like this
Hey I use me home what is this bro group from out of town no shit
Hey knucklehead set us up with four red eyes with you
Hey tenderfoot junior chicken wings turkey
Hey underpants hey yellow
Hey yellow belly i'm talking to you
Hey you can't prove that roughy
Honey there's nothing that luggage that can't be replaced diaphragm
I could it could it could break the skin it could put large under the skin and cause a very bad infection
I don't think I was speaking with my weaving or something
I don't want to drive it I just want my old car back OK
I think you're all fucked in the head
I was crummy weiner this one john issues how they used to rusty
I'm gonna go for it honey
I'm making this after one thousand dollars all you have to do is give me three hundred dollars in cash and keep seven hundred dollars all for doing nothing more than acting like a total creek
I'm not falling for this bit
I'm not going to give you five dollars for directions
I'm not your ordinary everyday pool OK
I'm trying to concentrate on the road
Let's not get into that again sweetie pie please
Look I don't give a frog fat ass who went through what we need money
Love for sale
Moron knows were coming isn't home
Never what we did in the car
Not anymore
Now what's the difference it was fun anyway let's have a drink what do you say
Now you listen me fat ass you do what I say I won't be any problem OK OK we just drove two thousand four hundred and sixty miles just for a little roy wally entertainment the moose says your clothe...
OK OK let's write let's rock you
Okie dokie
Or you can think I do this on purpose sir i
Personally i'd rather see it island london eddie
Riding your back honey i've already done my back
Russ listened to your mother I was speeding was driving like a maniac we can all be grateful to this man for stopping us
Rusty please do not eat the truckster
Sorry folks were closed for two weeks to clean and repair america 's favorite family fun part sorry
Swing low
Thank you sure
That's maine
There it is why world next reacted wally world we made it
They can help you with that cool egg please
Trust one looks redness purse
Try me I could put in out of this thing
Very late
Wally world here we come
Watch W griswold
Well look at it this way honey this is a part of america we never get to see that's good no that's bad I mean we can't close arise from the part of the city 's kids you noticing on the flight
Well officer whatever it is i've done i'm sure I can explain
Well up and adam
Well we can leave her here and the first phone we passed we can call her cousin or me and he could come and get her I guess
What are warm
What are you kidding this is a magnum PI i
What do you want me to do call federal express
What's the difference as long as we get across the river
Why because we're the griswolds
Why don't we find because getting there is half the fun you know that
Why not
Would you rather I clip during the night deposit box at the funeral home come on
Wow that's the mississippi the mighty mississippi the old miss
Yeah listen I really appreciate it if you could give me directions back onto the expressway
Yes we're here to see mister roy wally
You freeze freeze