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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And step son hate them
But I think I need a look stupid in my pictures but it
But I will stay on any rubber band or something
But they were hang planning
But what do I do
Butters South Park Sounds Sound
Can I can I get you a ham
Can we just use the same one every day
Chase the picture that cold in here
Dad dad us waiting here
Did you have a nice trip see you next fall
Full understanding around being a kid way
Glad to get to south park where you get it right I just pay the four dollars I made a big city bar
Happy happy anniversary fun everyone asparagus happy happy anniversary it but everyone at it again happy happy her but with everyone
Happy night next week
He does like TGI fridays
Hello maiden
Hello where is because
Hello who is this
Hello whooping finally
Here and then
Hey there
High sticking
How do I get the touch stylus
I can tell my school pictures
I didn't like it
I don't really
I hate my stupid face
I really wish I had known that stuff I guess I learned that sometimes line candy for the best yes
I supposed to tell you that if I told you that well I did no good yankee sonofabitch
I'm not making a face man
In fact about it gets all the bank
Is it the star trek next
It looks like it is about to roll it over your wieners
Just like in nature but I can add the mixture into volcano and preparing the god of fire charlotte yet
Learning style
Lookout stuckey
My sandwich make anyway this paper bag on their head until I learn just got making silly faces all the time they really had it up to here with
No that's just what I look like
Now alright then
Now gosh darn it you you listen here
Oh gee whiz
Oh geez that I want to get the eight fellas
Oh I see
Oh shit
Play dead
Right so bad house
She sure is
Should I call you added me to happen
So sorry I can't they're gonna be shit I have to watch it with them so I don't take it the wrong way
Stop leaving
Tablet storms out turn up ground into his powerful cream with a heart full of magic everyone knows is by that name boyd with eyes with water
Thank you michelle sonic
That should I know
That was real bad as I stood up for your sister to kick kyle 's bitch ass too
They hang on a second my mom said to make sure I look good this silence disco pictures
To tell you wash my mouth out with soap for saying that back info to gramma yes I needed I hate my
Uh shut I can tell you it's really happy
Videos properly latex condoms are effective against pregnancy age another surges
Well we want to see this book house we take twenty nine eighty five we should be able to go in the smokehouse
Well whatever chipotle blue cheese bacon burger then again I forgot all about my dad being clear my mom trying to kill me i'm gonna be OK
What are you doing with your weiner out there dad
What are you gonna do
Where did adam smith still haven't behavioral problems
Why did you do this
Why you shouldn't be such a smart mouth mister know it all
Yeah boy is assured everybody in school now
Yeah thank you some god damn poontang myself right now
Yeah they nothing getting my weiner through the thing said he got a little overboard answer complaining
Yeah wait wait
Yes sir
You don't think you're rich
You know we could do it these lady girls are worse when we could play charlie's angels