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And they would beat me in stick pine cones in my ass
Are all the other men out of the shower yet
At goldman
Demanding a pirate should stab me in the air when I was five
From an early age my parents discouraged loud noises
I enjoy my job is a pharmacist
I had terrible mucus coming out from inside my nose
I remember when you real and I had our first kiss
I think it's very very nice
I think it's very very nice that our children had this wonderful kiss
I took so many I thought I was mister peanut
I was once addicted to antihistamines
I'm trying to overcome my fear of swords
It was just awful
Jimmy hopkins
Like that
Mister peanut
Nobody makes a full lettermore goldman
Oh god
Oh god
Oh god I think I just miscarried
Oh just awful
Oh she's a deer
Oh they were awful
So awful
Take that your birthday
Tasty cakes
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you very much
That please flush the toilet twice once for the bow can again for the remainder
They called me tastykakes
They said big hurtful things to me
They were very nasty to me about that
Those were very bad times
We were both very sick
What about you saying
What's the matter with you