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Active beat you up even if you had one thousand nine
Because the scared the dark had you stink like a fart
Being the back put your hands up and let me hear your krispy kreme
Best for all the haters and that's growing up fans
Even if you had infinity knives
Everybody gets scared when I front flip if you come around here then you done with
Everybody on the left put your hands up and let me hear your chris space dream
Have you ever been to the county fair I wrote the fireball and I wasn't even scared
Hey everybody it's krispy kreme and i'm back on another track
His nails you're slower than a snail I beat up every single person in jail
How far to lions and one
I am the baddest of them all if you went by money then I don't miss the job y'all think I don't get girls 'cause I ain't very tall is she see my stacks I bet you that she called me
I bet I got more money jay Z compared to me jay Z just lazy
I have four hundred cars I have four hundred scars and four hundred guitars
I killed a great white shark and knocked out his teeth and I ripped out his heart
I made out with so many girls
I'll cut holes in your tires i'll put poop on your porch and a light it on fire
I've been shot about five hundred times and i've done about one million times
In everybody and we're at put your hands up and let me hear you yell krispy kreme
In everybody up front for james up and let me hear your christmas train
Krispy kreme
Plus beyonce thanks to nine to its old cade beyonce I think with you too
Said everybody wants to be made the only problem is they can't even see me ball so hard record labels wanna sign me life is a race and everybody behind me
We out peace
Well electric bottom pharaoh in my rounds