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Do you know why the chicken cross the road
Do you know why the sky is blue
Freaking chris
Guess what i'm wearing two shirts
Hey is your refrigerator running
Hey man what's the brazilian secret
I don't freaking know
I have a freaking cough
I wanna walk home can you give me a ride or something
I'm good
If I can't get into the whole is still a whole
Mia 's
No I get it of course
Oh so that's what movies course is a freaking liar to me the wrong thing
Stop particles is the wrong number but can you tell me was almost in a little lonely
Tell me about that
The answer is because he was gay get it
This is james rails
Uhm no
Wanna go play some sweet hoops
Well you better go catch it you stupid loser
What's up
Where you at
Why are you mad cool
Yeah I was wondering can I have your neopets
Yeah i'm calling because I was wondering on what's a noob
Yeah you wanna go to oakland 's going to be mad cool
Yo game at what's up
You american