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Aim for the six enerji towers
Are you OK
Are you OK
Be careful it's a crap
Cry a somersault
Do a barrel roll
Don't be dead slip
Don't go too fast
Don't mess up that are ways
Eighty four is back
Everybody stay alert
Good job
He's quick be careful
I won't let you get away from maine
I'm sure he's learned his lesson
I'm sure we heard of this time
I've gone ahead
I've taken a few hits but i'm OK
It's quiet too quiet
Keep up the good work
Knock it off
Never give up press your instincts
OK now shoot the switcher
Place yourselves
Quit dicking around
Shut him down her being mark
Star Fox Peppy Hare 1 Sounds Sound
Stay alert
Surprise attack coming from above
Take care of the guy behind me
Take it easy
Thanks, Fox!
That feels absorbing the laser
That's not my life flash before my eyes
The barrel roll press Z or R twice
The enemy is coming from behind
The shield is gone shoot the car
Their attacking in groups
There are maybe i'm getting careless
There everywhere
This brings back memories of your dad
This is peppy
This is peppy all systems go
This is the enemy 's bio weapon
Truth the tentacles
Truthy eight switches over the lock
Try hovering!
Use the boost to get through
Use the boost to taste
Use the break
What's taking you so long
What's the big idea
What's wrong box
Where is the secret weapon
You are becoming a better pilot
You're becoming more like your father
You're mine
You've got an enemy on your tail
Your skills have improved pops