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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A thousand men
Absent hero
Admirable but mistaken
Affonso Durinho Bane
And this gives you power over me
And you brought him down here
At the first sign of interference
Bameninghong remix
Bane Darkness
Bane Darkness
Bane Let the games begin
Bane Permission to die
Bane from darkness
Bane 1,000 men languished
Bane and Agility ROGUE
Bane and backs
Bane and betrayal
Bane and breaking
Bane and ceremony
Bane and darkness
Bane and permission
Bane and punishment
Bane and strength
Bane and torture
Bane Asking you
Bane Batman took blame
Bane Bomb is armed
Bane Born in it
Bane Break first
Bane Break you
Bane Brought him here
Bane Darkness ally
Bane Defeated you
Bane Detonator
Bane Don’t fear death
Bane False idol
Bane Fight like young man
Bane Fire rises
Bane Follow him
Bane For you
Bane Go on
Bane Good of you to join us
Bane I am LOS
Bane Imagine fire
Bane Impossible
Bane Interference
Bane James Gordon
Bane League of Shadows
Bane Let the games begin
Bane lv. 6
Bane Made my home
Bane Mask
Bane Mistaken
Bane Mr
Bane Not as serious
Bane Of course
Bane Only you
Bane Our plan
Bane Painful
Bane Pavel refused
Bane Search him
Bane Shoot man?
Bane Show me his body
Bane Speak of the devil
Bane Symbol of oppression
Bane Take control
Bane Take control of city
Bane This
Bane Time to resign
Bane Unsung hero
Bane What he told
Bane Why are you here?
Bane Why are you people here?
Bane Wreckage
Bane: you think darkness is your ally?
Be more severe
Born in It Bane
Bravo banea al viejo ql ese po wn o
Darkness your Ally Bane
Day[9] Beat him with sticks!
Disarming such a device
Do You Feel In Charge Bane
Do you feel in charge?
Dota2 Bane Nightmare
False idol
For you
Go on then
Harvey dent
How good of you to join us
Huksy Banelings
I can no longer live with my life
I am the league of shadows
I didn't see the light until I was already a man
I praised the mad man
I was asking you
I was born in it
I was wondering what would break first
I will break you
I'm Gotham's reckoning
Identify yourself to the world
Indeed I hope it does
Instrument of your liberation
It doesn't matter who we are
It would be extremely painful
James gordan
Let the games begin
Lets not stand on ceremony here
Members of the league of shadows
Mr wayne
No one cared who I was
Not as serious as yours fear
Of course
Oh do you
One of you hold the detonator
Plan is proceeding as expected
Refused our offer
Search him then I will kill you
She's wondering why she should shoot a man
Speak of the devil (Bane)
Symbol of repression
Take control
Take control of your city
Te banee del server lince
Thank you good doctor
The batman didn't murder harvey dent
The fire rises
The Fire Rises V1
The Fire Rises V2
Thee shinning example
This bomb is armed
TS3 Baneado lince
Unnecessary evil
Ups South Park Bane
Victory has defeated you
We are to find out what he told you
We both know I have to kill you now
We come here
Well show me his body
What is this
Why are you here
Why are you people here
Will show you where I have made my home
You betrayed us
You don't fear death
You fight like a younger man
You think darkness is your alli
You Think Darkness Is Your Friend Bane
You'll just have to imagine the fire
Your money has been important till now
Your precious armory