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Coughing Fetish Erotic Audio Clips

Coughing Fetish Erotic Audio Clips

These sounds that are related to the subject of Coughing Fetish Erotic Audio Clips are a unique and intriguing collection of audio clips that cater to individuals with a particular interest in coughing sounds. Each audio clip offers a different scenario, from a severe pollen allergy causing constant coughing to a smoker's deep, hacking coughs. The variety of sounds, from barking coughs to hoarse coughs, provides a range of experiences for those who enjoy this fetish.

In one audio clip, a woman describes her experience with a nagging, hoarse cough as her body shakes with every cough. The deep, wet sounds of her coughing create a visceral experience for the listener, drawing them into her world of discomfort and vulnerability. This audio clip offers a unique blend of intimacy and intensity that is sure to captivate those with a coughing fetish.

Another audio clip depicts a scenario where a woman is taken by surprise by a sudden coughing fit while trying to record a video message. The strength of her cough is so powerful that it interrupts her original intentions, showcasing the unpredictability and rawness of coughing sounds. The listener is brought into the moment of coughing, feeling the force and urgency of each cough as if they were right there with her.

One particularly intriguing audio clip features a woman coughing and yawning in her living room, providing a close-up view of her strong lungs, throat, and teeth. The sounds of her coughing and yawning create an intimate and immersive experience for the listener, allowing them to explore the nuances of her physical reactions. This audio clip offers a unique perspective on the sounds of coughing, inviting the listener to explore the sensory details of the experience.

For those interested in a more sensory experience, there are audio clips that focus on the visual aspect of coughing sounds. From descriptions of a woman smoking in various backdrops to close-up shots of feet and coughing fits, these audio clips offer a multi-dimensional exploration of the coughing fetish. The combination of visual and auditory elements provides a rich and engaging experience for those who enjoy this type of content.

In addition to traditional coughing sounds, some audio clips feature unique scenarios that add a creative twist to the fetish. From a cosplay parody with Velma from Scooby-Doo to a maid cleaning with a sexy twist and coughing, these audio clips offer a playful and imaginative take on the coughing fetish. The inclusion of different scenarios adds a diversity of experiences to the collection, catering to a wide range of interests within the fetish community.

You can play and download these sounds here, immersing yourself in the world of Coughing Fetish Erotic Audio Clips and exploring the intricate and intriguing sounds that make up this unique fetish. Whether you enjoy the raw intensity of deep, wet coughs or the vulnerability of hoarse coughs, there is something for everyone in this collection of audio clips. Dive in and experience the world of coughing fetish audio like never before.

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
After having a great time at our date you take me to a beautiful flower park to walk and get to know each other a little more. Little did you know that I have severe pollen allergy! The wind blowing a
Are you ready for Queen Joan's extreme cough spit ash session? After 3 packets of Rothmans 100s, my black lung is showing off its delicious juices through spasmodic hard barking coughs, it promotes
BY REQUEST: Brandon Helps Virgin Smoker Learn the Ropes on her 18th Bday!! Extreme Smoke, Coughing,Gagging, and Bong Fun! A special freind request wanted to see a clip of myself and a virgin smoker sm
COVID Cutie, Katy Faery, sits on a hospital bed in a hospital gown, socks, and a mask. Katy complains about how cheap the place looks, but all the hospitals are overrun with the current pandemic. She
CUSTOM CLIPYou wake up next to me and start coughing. You say that your lungs are destroying you but you can't resist to light your first cigarette. You talk about what you want as long as it's about
Custom request: "Hi, Would you be able to do a closeup video of you yawning? A view with enough lighting to see your uvula moving around on exhale?"
Even when she's super sick, Megan Jones finds a way to make it sexy. She's laid up in her bed wearing nylons and a sweater; a box of tissues nearby. Megan has tried every remedy she know's but to no a
Experienced smoker who loves to indulge herself, her body, and smoke heavily
First cig in the morning with sick damaged lungs coughing, wheezing slimeim sick I feel bad and I cant breath but I still need my smoke
I cough my way through two cigarettes. My boobs and whole body shake as I cough. Can you imagine lying under me as I smoke and cough?God knows how many ashtrays I have in my place. In my daily life, m
I don't know if it my allergies or I am sick but this clip is longer then most of my smoking clips not from talking but from coughing fits through out smoking. That does not stop me from smoking naked
I give an update on the terrible chest cold I had for weeks and weeks! I know I shouldn't vape or smoke but I miss it so much.... I'm still coughing up mucus, I show you some I spit up while filming,
I love to soak your cock with spit and ashes, don't you? when I let my hard smoker's cough run over it and my nicotine spit pours down on your hard cock, you can't resist your desire to jerk it off...
I think I've caught a cold
I took 8 different smoking clips and removed the smoking to get just the coughing for the coughing fetish people!face fetish? love watching my cheeks puff up while coughing? or me trying to fight the
I was getting ready for work when I got that funny feeling, You know your mouth starts to water and you know whats comming next. I run to the bathroom and prepare for what will come next. A barking co
I'm sitting up in bed, wearing an open cup bra. I have a nagging, hoarse cough. I cough and cough, occasionally blowing my nose or clearing my throat deeply. My body shakes with every cough, my tits j
I've been so sick lately with the flu... so I'm gonna make My stupid slave come over to take care of Me. He's not sick at all and that's just not fair! If I have to be sick and not feel good then he s
In the bedroom smoking hand rolled cigarettes nude 6 different clips but the coughing parts only.A great compilation of different coughs some deep and hacking others short barking coughs. Watch me gas
Just in my backyard enjoying a smoke trying different backgrounds and angles for my smoking clips!I love this one the old brick wall looks amazing for a backdrop and the angle shows off my favorite dr
Nathalia's congested coughs catches up to Tyler quickly.
Quarantined COVID Cutie, Katy Faery, sits on the couch with just a bra, panties, and a medical mask on. Katy struggles to catch her breath as she coughs and sneezes into her mask. She lays back, tryin
Relax with Jane in her living room as she coughs and yawns with her big open beautiful mouth showing off her strong lungs, throat and teeth.** For your very own custom clip email janedoughcustoms gmai
Sicker than Ever Before, She Coughs and Barks Constantly with Deep Wet Sounds Making this Video One of The Best EVER
The blonde is choking from coughing, her attacks are getting stronger each time, her chest is compressing, and phlegm is coming out of her lungs! She takes off her clothes to release the pressure.irri
The cough took me by surprise, I wanted to record a video message for you about my sexy crossed legs, but as soon as I want to say something, a terrible cough appears in my throat, it is so strong tha
The maid has a cough, but she still has to work and clean and wear her costume in a very sexy way, she cleans with a lot of coughing.
****mp4 tripod camera does not move****You love and adore your Asian Goddess size 5.5 feet. Petite Asian Jasmine Jade is topless and takes off her house socks to reveal her delicious feet. She shows o
*A cosplay fetish parody starring Jamie Knotts as Velma*Velma was eating a snack, then all of a sudden, she started coughing! She coughs so much that she is going to be late to solve the case!
*Custom RequestI was asked to wear a tight bra and sit close to the camera and cough right in your face.
*This was a CUSTOM video**Can you be eating popcorn and start laughing which makes you choke and start coughing with brutal coughin pantyhose with some close ups on feet.