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King Joffrey Baratheon Soundboard - Game Of Thrones

King Joffrey Baratheon Soundboard - Game Of Thrones

Joffrey Baratheon was a cruel, sadistic, and entitled young man who was raised to believe that he was the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. He was spoiled and indulged by his mother, Cersei Lannister, and he enjoyed tormenting his younger siblings and subjects. When he ascended to the Iron Throne, he proved to be a cruel and incompetent ruler who executed Ned Stark and ordered the massacre of the Stark household. He was ultimately assassinated at his own wedding feast. Joffrey Baratheon was a complex and disturbing character. He was a product of his environment, but he was also responsible for his own actions. He was a reminder that even the most powerful people can be corrupted by power.

A king must keep his word.
After I raised my armies and killed your traitor brother, I'm going to give you his head as well.
All our lives are in danger.
And the throne is mine.
And their king.
And who are you born?
And you?
And you're not night.
Anything else?
Are you drunk?
As long as it pleases me.
Ask anything of me. Ask it, and it shall be yours.
Away with your dog.
Becoming one of the most boring conversations I've ever had.
But I am promised to another.
But my mother insists on keeping you alive.
Butcher's boy who wants to be an idea?
Come walk with me.
Could you hit her?
Do you understand me?
Do you want to hold it?
Don't touch me.
Don't worry, you're safe with me.
Don't you think we ought to do something about it?
Everyone is mine to torment.
Fingers or your tongue? If you've got to keep one, which would it be?
For your good service and ingenuity in uniting the houses of Lannister and Tyrell. I declare that you shall be granted the castle of Harrenhal.
From this day, you'll be my new fool.
From this day. Until my last day.
Good. How are you finding life in the capital? Must be quite a change after Renly's camp.
He has to confess and say that I'm the king.
Hi up this pie is dry.
How until the hand that is King has asked him a question.
Human lady.
I am the king.
I broke Stannis on the Blackwater. Pity you went there to help.
I command the Council to make all necessary arrangements for my coronation.
I could have your tongue out for saying that.
I could just cut your throat.
I didn't fight off anything bit me and all I did was scream.
I don't like to see you upset.
I don't want to.
I double their taxes.
I feel I have behaved monstrously.
I got you, you little cunt.
I joffrey of the House Baratheon, first of my name, the rightful king of the Andals and the first men. Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and protector of the realm, do hereby proclaim my grandfather, Tyw...
I pledge my love.
I said hard.
I said. Neil.
I said. Pick up your sword.
I should be consulted about such things.
I took a holy vow.
I will gladly wed your sweet sister.
I wish to be crowned within the fortnight.
I won't hurt him.
I'd crush them.
I'll never be cruel to you again.
I'll never disrespect you again.
I'll tell you what, I'm going to give you a present.
I'll tell you what.
I'm asking if he fucked other women when he grew tired of you.
I'm leaving on a hunting trip.
I'm not asking.
I'm not. Tired.
I'm still to marry you, so you'll stay here and obey.
I'm telling my.
I'm the king.
I'm your Prince.
I've been very busy. Many important matters require King's attention.
If your family would ask anything of mine, ask it and it shall be yours.
In silence.
Is this what you want?
Isn't it a funny song?
It would be an honour to return your love.
Joffrey of the House Baratheon. First of my name.
Kill all of them, I commanded.
Killing you would send your brother a message.
King doesn't discuss battle plans with super girls.
Kiss it.
Kneel before your king.
Lady margery.
Lord Frey.
Lord of the Seven kingdoms.
My grandfather's stupidity in the field of battle is the reason Rob Stark is uncle Jamie in the first place.
My lady.
My mother tells me a king should never strike his lady.
My Princess can drink as much as she wants.
My uncle sent you.
No, no. Don't.
One day we'll be married in the throne room. Lords and ladies from all over the Seven Kingdoms will come from the last half in the north to the South Shore in the South, and you will be queen over ...
Only a butcher's boy.
Or there'll be no mercy for him.
Our punish you.
Pick up your sword, butchers boy. Let's see how good you are.
Right back to Lord Frey. Thank him for his service and command him to send Rob Stark's head. I'm going to serve it to Sansa at my wedding feast.
Rob Stark is dead.
Rob stark.
Shut up.
So it's finally shining.
So Jamie lannister.
So long as I am your king, treason shall never go unpunished.
So you agree?
Stocks aren't enemies.
Tell him.
Tell me about the Targaryen girl in the east and her Dragons.
Tell me, which do you favour, your fingers or your tongue?
Thank you for your rendition.
Thank you, uncle.
That was my lady sister you were hitting, do you know that?
That's what intelligent women do.
The gods are good.
The king can do as he likes.
The king does not ask, he commands.
The King has asked you a question.
The lion ripped his balls off fire and the bull did all the rest.
The parties are. I've named it.
The past few weeks.
The royal executioner.
The whole realm is in your debt, none more so than I.
They all attacked me and she threw my sword in the river.
They consider themselves are equals.
To ride for King's Landing today.
Today I shall accept odds of fealty from my loyal counselors.
Tywin lannister.
Uncle Kevin maybe?
Very amusing.
Wanted to make sure you had everything you need before I left.
Was the hound frightening?
We allow the Northerners too much power.
We heard you were dead.
What are you doing here, Doc?
What did you say?
What is it?
What is the street name?
What they're told.
What would you have me do?
What you just did? It's punishable by death.
Why should every Lord command his own men? It's primitive, no better than the hill tribes. We should have a standing army of men loyal to the Crown, trained by experienced soldiers, instead of a mo...
Will you forgive me for my rudeness?
Will you forgive me?
With all its attendant lands and incomes to be held by your sons and grandsons from this day until the end of time.
You do well to remember that, you little monster.
You know, sweet words of movement.
You let my father die.
You should see him off with a kiss.
You will be my queen and I will love you from this day until my last day.
You'll be queen someday.
You'll never do it again.
You'll stay here and obey.
You're here to answer for your brother's latest treasons.
You're my lady now.
You're scaring my lady.
You're talking to a king.
You're too old to protect anybody.
You're too old.
Your father has to confess.
Your house has come to our aid.
Your king rides forth to battle.
Your sister.