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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Come on baby
Cute toy
Excellent pronunciation you'll be my little mamacita in no time
Glass? Who gives a shit about glass!
Ha ha ha
Holly macclane
I can live with that
I didn't call you a mongoloid I called you a retard and I took it back
I didn't get that message
I didn't realise they celbrated christmas in japan
I specifically reminded her bedside table on the kangaroo
I think I cracked a rib giving me oral pleasure
I'll be back before you can say blueberry pie blueberry pie maybe not that fast but pretty fast okay
I'm a cop from New York
I'm an american honey our names don't mean shit
I'm here to see holly mclean
I'm John Macclane
I'm sure i'll see it later
It's Gary Cooper asshole
It's my first time driving a limo that's ok it's my first time riding in one
It's okay I'm a cop
Jesus fuckin' California!
John Macclane
Just shut your mouth
Mayday mayday anyone copy
Motherfucker i'm gonna kill you! i'm gonna fucking cook you and i'm gonna fucking eat you!
Nine million terrorists in the world and I gotta kill one with feet smaller than my sister
No fuckin' shit lady do I sound like i'm orderin' a pizza
No fucking shit lady
No no
No thank you i'm fine
Not now maybe later
Now you listen to me jerk off
Now you listen to me jerk off if you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem quit being part of the fucking problem and put the other guy back on!
Oh john what the fuck are you doing how the fuck did you get into this shit
Oh you're in charge
Put hans back on the line
Report me
She's heard me say I love you a thousand times she never heard me say i'm sorry
Somebody answer me god dammit
Sorry wrong guess
Terroists has seized pt1
Terroists has seized pt2
Terroists has seized pt3
Thanks for the advice
That's gary cooper asshole
The monkey in the wrench
The pain in the ass
They are fortifying their positions while you're jerkin' me off on the radio!
They got missiles automatic weapons and enough plastic explosives to orbit arnold schwarzenegger
They got missiles pt1
They got missiles pt2
Think god dammit
Trust me
Turn the truck around
We get together have a few laughs
What happened to my honda i'm sorry baby I had to crash that honda
Who are you then just a fly in the ointment a monkey in the wrench a pain in the ass
Who the fuck is this
Who's driving this car stevie wonder
Why did you do it?
Yeah I hear ya
Yeah i'm still here
Yippee kai yay motherfucker
Yippie ksy ay mother fucker
You feel that sting huh big boy that's pride fuckin' with you see you gotta fight through that shit!
You got that man
You stupid mother fuckers no no
You the guy in the car