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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Are you fucking serious?
Bitch 1
Bitch 2
California is shaped like a boot
Do what?
Don't call this fucking number no more
Fuck me and my big fat dick
Fuck off
Fuck you 1
Fuck you 2
Fuck you and your big fat dick
Hello 1
Hello 2
Hey this is Ray 1
Hey this is Ray 2
I called this number and a bitch answered
I called this number back and the bitch answered the phone
I checked the voicemail from some stupid bitch
I didn't
I didn't just answer
I don't know
I got you on my voicemail (Angry)
I had a voicemail from you 1
I had a voicemail from you 2
I have two voicemails on my phone from this number
I wish you could hear the voicemail right now
I'll give you a hint, we're shaped like a boot
I'll say whatever I want to you
I'm high and hammered, about ready to go off
I'm legally required to talk however I want on my phone
I'm nothing bothering you, you're bothering me
Laughing Noise
Let's hear it mother fucker
Mother fucker
No 1
No 2
Ray 1
Ray 2
Ray 3
So I mean, who is the 3rd grader here?
So if you wanna call and take low blows, go ahead
Somebody just called from this number talking about fuck you
Stupid Bitch
That is what I said
That's the number that called and left me the rude voicemail
The bitch answered the phone
We can carry this on all night
We're shaped like a boot
Well then talk, let's hear it mother fucker
What do you mean what do I want?
What state is shaped like a boot? 1
What state is shaped like a boot? 2
Yeah 1
Yeah 2
You called me and left me a voicemail
You can start by explaining who that bitch is
You didn't pass the 3rd grade, that is where you learn the states
You have no idea?
You just told me about my big fat dick
You might be right
You need to put a muzzle on that bitch
Your bitch is calling here talking about big fat dicks
(Laugh) Are you Serious?
1907 - 1
1907 - 2