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Pest Control Patty 3.0 Soundboard

Pest Control Patty 3.0 Soundboard

Title: Pest Control Patty 3.0: Exterminating in Style

Year: N/A

- Patty Johnson: Karen Smith
- Bob Wilson: John Thompson
- Dr. Peter Michaels: Robert Williams
- Officer Jenkins: Chris Anderson
- Jimmy: Jonathan Davis
- Sarah: Emily Thompson
- Mayor Thompson: David Johnson

Pest Control Patty 3.0 is an exhilarating action-comedy film that takes you on an entertaining journey in the world of an unassuming exterminator named Patty Johnson. Filled with laughter, thrills, and a whole lot of bugs, this movie will keep you at the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Karen Smith brilliantly portrays the lead character, Patty Johnson, a courageous and quick-witted exterminator who faces her worst nightmare when a horde of mutated insects threatens her city. Armed with her trusty bug spray and an uncanny ability to outsmart her tiny adversaries, Patty embarks on a wild adventure to save her town.

Joining Karen Smith in this ensemble cast is John Thompson as Bob Wilson, Patty’s loyal sidekick and coworker at Pest Masters Inc. Bob brings a delightful mix of humor and heart to the film, as well as his extensive knowledge of all things pest-related.

Robert Williams portrays Dr. Peter Michaels, a renowned entomologist who teams up with Patty to discover the source of these menacing insects. Their odd-couple dynamic creates both comedic moments and intense action sequences as they unravel the mystery together.

Chris Anderson shines as Officer Jenkins, the brave cop who becomes Patty’s unlikely ally in her battle against the bugs. With his no-nonsense attitude and dedication to keeping the city safe, Officer Jenkins adds depth to the story and helps our heroes navigate dangerous situations.

Emily Thompson portrays Sarah, a quirky and resourceful teenager who forms an unexpected bond with Patty as they work together to protect their neighborhood. Young and enthusiastic, Sarah adds a refreshing energy to the film, keeping viewers entertained and engaged throughout.

Jonathan Davis plays Jimmy, a mischievous troublemaker who inadvertently causes the insect mutation. Faced with the consequences of his actions, he joins forces with Patty to make things right and prove that even a troublemaker can become a hero.

David Johnson takes on the role of Mayor Thompson, a charismatic politician who finds himself in the line of fire when the city is under attack. Mayor Thompson adds a touch of dramatic tension to the film as he weighs the safety of his citizens against the pressures of his political career.

Pest Control Patty 3.0 is not just a visual treat; it also boasts a captivating soundtrack that complements the action on screen. From heart pumping action sequences to tender moments of reflection, the music effortlessly enhances the emotional ride.

To fully immerse yourself in the world of Pest Control Patty 3.0, you can now play and download the sounds from the movie. The soundtrack, composed by a talented team of musicians, captures the essence of each scene, making it the perfect companion to relive Patty's epic journey over and over again.

Indulge in the pulsating beats during high-octane chase scenes or unwind with the soothing melodies during heartfelt conversations. Whatever your musical preference, the Pest Control Patty 3.0 soundtrack promises to transport you to the exhilarating world of bug-busting excitement.

In conclusion, Pest Control Patty 3.0 is an action-comedy that packs a punch. Filled with remarkable performances, unexpected alliances, and an infectious soundtrack, this movie is sure to leave audiences entertained and craving more. So grab your bug spray and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure with Patty Johnson as she exterminates in style!

(*Note: This movie, cast, and soundtrack are entirely fictional.)

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Are you looking for Pest Control?
Buh Bye
Did they leave a name?
Do not call this number again
Do you?
Fuck You 1
Fuck You 2
Fuck You 3
Fuck You 4
How many?
I came to the office and took our messages
I did not call you, I hung up and you called back
I didn't call you, you called me!
I don't know what the deal is, all I can do is hang up
I got someone sitting here that can verify, so fuck you!
I keep getting phone calls so I would like to know whats going on
I'll even look you up
I'm one of the owners here so
I've had people reaming new buttholes
If somebody called you from this number
If you have caller ID, get rid of my numbers
It happens a lot to other people and I can't handle it
It is
It's guaranteed for 30 days
Just stop right there, okay?
Laugh 1
Laugh 2 - I just answered the phone
Ma'am 1
Ma'am 2
Maybe I misdialed
My phone rang and now you're being belligerent to me?
No 1
No 2
No 3
No 4
No, I do not keep calling your phone
No, its not
No, you called me, I answered the phone
Oh my goodness
Okay 1
Okay 2
Okay 3
Okay 4
Okay 5
Okay, well you called me, so what can I help you with?
One shot
Pardon 1?
Pardon 2?
Pest Control 01
Pest Control 02
Pest Control 03
Pest Control 04
Pest Control 05
Pest Control 06
Pest Control 07
Pest Control 08
Pest Control 09
Pest Control 10
So what can I help you with?
Sounds good
Thank you
That's what I did
They call when they come in at the end of the day
They do their own scheduling and stuff
They spray inside and out
They techs call at the end of the day
This phone call came to you?
Uh hu
Wait a minute, hear me out! I'm not the only one
We guarantee it
We're in the office from 8 30 to 4
We're not
We're open Monday thru Friday
Well, I didn't call anybody unless
What do you mean?
When did somebody call you?
Who is this?
Yeah, thats us
Yes 1
Yes 2
Yes 3
Yes it is 1
Yes it is 2
You called me, I did not call you!
You too
2 hours
30 dollars
30 dollars a month