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Transformers: Prime Soundboard

Transformers: Prime Soundboard

Transformers: Prime is an American computer-animated superhero television series based on the Transformers toy franchise by Hasbro that aired on Hub Network from November 29, 2010 to July 26, 2013. Transformers: Prime focuses on the superheroic Autobots of "Team Prime", which consists of Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Arcee, Bumblebee and Bulkhead. Throughout their battles, the Autobots are aided by three human children and with their help attempt to protect the Earth from the villainous Decepticons and their leader Megatron.

And it did can you imagine my horror there I am minding my own business when I am just falls off clearly megatron inflicted more damage upon me then you realize doctor
And that's why I now prefer to work alone
Are you willing to make the ultimate sacrifice
As much as i'll miss our little reunions
At some point you really have to ask yourself RC is it then or is it me
Back for seconds
Be still my beating spark
Big mistake
Bravo optimists though this is but a prelude
Buff this
But i'm better at breaking him then fixing him
But now you doing
Clean that up
Come again
Dark in a john
Decepticon don't break that easy
Defend the gods motor rightful lord and master has returned
Do not take me for a fool star scream
Do you know how hard that is to replace
Doctor in the house
Drifting comfortably star scream
He's a glutton for punishment
Hey watch that pain
How about a hogtie you and haul you in
I feel fine knockout never better you're a brilliant position now get out of my way
I have been a fool made mistakes but I have gained a clear understanding of my place in this universe of who I am stop
I like the way I look in steel belted radials
I understand lord megatron
I'll take topside
I'm afraid that information is needed to know
I'm not only an automobile i'm an automobile enthusiast
Indoors me starscream won't you
It is the lord
Knock knock
Knockout starscream 's been looking for you again where to go
Let the rain of lord star scream
Looking through my spa lord megatron my intentions were true place
Master please give me one more chance I beg of you
Miss me?
No master
No one who are you talking about
Not the finish! Anything But the Finish! Nooooo!
Oh so that's how it's going to be
Optimist prime never disappoints
Optimus…*laughs Evily*
Plucked from cosmic shores gaze upon dog in her job
Prefix double master 's is that what you called me
Prime is the true prize
RC small universe
Really star scream
So it will be a miracle alright star scream effusive right what I am praying for you
Someone besides myself is is unwell
Sorry can't quite understand you
Sweet Rims
Symbiosis... I can feel it!
Take seat sit back and enjoy the horror show
That's him
That's what I thought
The mother load
Then there were two
This guy quick serves only one master
Tough break bulk head maybe in the next life
We are MECH
We talk
What are you doing
What I have lost is a constant reminder that I must never again fail you
Who asked you
Why is this so difficult for everyone to accept
Yes begging for mercy would be quite pathetic wouldn't it
Yes jack man up already
Yes yes what is it
You are making a very big mistake little man
You fail to grasp my meaning
You know a girl can never have too many accessories
You know foreign auto bot you resilience is quite impressive
You mean my trophies
You scratch my paint
You're not my type
Your real heavy duty