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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A more ice
All of it involving new and novel ways to die I might add
Although executing marine life seems to be some sort of hobby with you no wonder your clone couldn't resist
Am I enjoying this? Yes. Can you come in? No.
Am I talking to myself
And that's the moment when the universe ran out of ammunition
And then I got trapped in a protean bubble I don't recommend it
And yeah maybe I am trapped in here but don't get comfortable because that bullseye on your back is getting bigger by the second
Are we getting married
Are you trying to seduce me steve
Biotics are a little intangible when there is an example of physical excellent standing in front of you
Bright eyed overeager limited field experience reminds me of someone I met a few years ago
Business now pleasure later
But maybe we should drink to brains as well as guns
But we're approaching an LZ you just another soldier
Can it at least be quick and painless
Come on you rebuilt me from almost nothing don't you recognize your own handiwork
Commander keep dressing like that and you'll have to catch me when I swoon
Conrad verner is better at being me than you are
Damn you certainly filled out that talks nicely
Damn you're beautiful
Did you see that savior of the citadel uses brittle bones guy 's bait
Don't listen to this fossil the only thing he could defeat as a glass of warm milk
Don't tempt me things could get ugly
Don't tire yourself out flailing like that shepard were doing it on the table later
Downward kaden you're kind of physical excellence is still my kind of physical excellence
Ever seen a crogan drink so much they get sick on your floor i'm here to make sure that dream comes true
Execute them the cult of shepherd ends today
Fair warning
Feeling good
Feels like i'm standing around naked in this thing I can't tell
Find shepherd do you hear me bitch i'm shepherd
Fine i'm sorry for setting your car on fire and I won't do it again
For someone making tea I could use some T
Getting you to the ground alive is it responsibility I can give to anyone else
Good enough so that if you're ever hurt barely breathing lying under a pile rubble at the ass end of this war you're going to have
Her still waiting for the botulism to kick in
Hey I was talking to james earlier he was what kind of sweet actually
Hey no touching asshole
Hey yourself pretty lady
Honestly I thought it might help if you do just kissed and get it over with
Horny but I think everyone else is awake
I am tired of the looked in time capsules
I can stop bullets with my mind
I could float UAF this balcony without breaking a sweat
I don't care who you claim to be the role of commander shepard 's already filled
I don't remember much after I ate the lamp
I don't tip over until I found company doglegs till then watch and learn
I eat a bad batch of aaron balls could you show me the nearest and largest bathroom
I guess ominous threats of violence run in our DNA
I have tried a false identity to try to get this message through to you I have good news and bad the good news is that cool yet and I took a few days to visit earth like the shape of her eyes trills
I intend to kill shepherds clone agent brooks and anyone else in my way
I like the way the colors blend and the depth of the
I love you too steve
I mean really a clone
I mean this is all just sexual tension right too powerful biotics forceful personalities confident in their sexuality
I never had the pleasure
I spend so much time chasing down knowledge sometimes I forget that there are things you learn by doing nothing
I still really hate you but you have fantastic tits
I taught this bunch everything they know
I think all you comedians could start hitting something
I think it's time to blow off some steam
I think we need to find a way to burn off these calories don't you
I was hoping to go
I'll look for you later then maybe I got a piss
I'll never forget the time we spent on that ship
I'm a good dancer
I'm glad we could do this
I'm you without the wear and tear shepherd the doubts failures
If you insist
In pretty sexy when you pushy
Is there somewhere I can go to make a private call it's very important
Is tired old woman is kicking your ass
It feels so good to let loose doesn't it
It involved the weapons biometric data salarian intelligence and a hanar prostitute with camera in plants
It just means there's more of the legend too love
It must be hard being of aaron stuck in a boys body
It'll be a cold day in hell before someone steals my ship
It's a face that can stop a reaper shepherd that comes with its own charms
It's strange but the last word I label thing with is assassin and we covered each other and firefights that makes him a partner
Just hold me now
Just proving a point I think james has a newfound respect for biotics
Know that as long as I am able I will come to you whenever you call
Krogen sex best in the galaxy just saying
Let that be a lesson you sneak off to a dinner date with another man you get shot at
Let's make that a habit
Looking for you archangel is your boyfriend joker filled me in i'm on foot be there as fast as I can
Major did you just call your C O an ass
Make it a rule to never fight wearing pajamas
Meeting in immediate margarita intervention is not a real crisis get outta here
Mother of god you are going nowhere near the shooting range just make it stop
Never thought i'd say it but i'm looking forward to killing myself
Nice outfit
Nice to see you in action on the car lot it was pretty hot
No but the truth is boring
No i'm tank bread remember anyway we got some pictures on the krogen memorial
No we can't pretend to be anything other than troubleshooting space divas
Nothing oh come on I can't be the only one who misses those times we used to chat in the elevators back on the citadel
Now hang out with those long enough and you'll learn ropes knives bombs thresher maws
Now if you'll excuse me the normandy needs its captain so I should go
Now now really
Of course if you wanted to steal me away later I wouldn't say no
Oh my god
Oh my that's james please stop doing that
Oh shit
Oh these
Oh what the hell is that it takes like the north end of a southbound goat
OK OK doesn't take much to pull a few GS and we don't want to paint the windows with your breakfast right
One big happy ass kicking family well you see that shop brooks that's how legends do it
One day i'm going to challenge you to a pull up contest and you won't stand a chance
One way or another we're taking this bitch down
Please send this to an animal shelter for proper disposal as a warship is not an appropriate hole that is not OK she messed with my hamster guys now it's personal guys were you going to say somethi...
Quit squirming
Reflecting on one 's place in the universe while a party rages within reach can feel oddly self affirming
Same took himself seriously a trait with which I did not always agree thing was turning his life around
Seahawks it was saddening to see our crew go their separate ways but it is better than answering questions and in alliance
See her I know this will not reach you but it must be said I once had no reason to live and suddenly
Sharp and punch me
She said I should go i'm more confident than she is more in control with me it's more like that's all for now or sometimes i'll talk to you later because you know what I never do leaving want more
Shepherd grant shepherd rex commander sheppard sheppard sheppard sheppard vax grant sheppard sheppard
Shepherd if you sent a message back I didn't get it the irony is I am a danger to no one these days I am even paying taxes on my invest
Sheppard always like a good head butt
So who's going to fit in the shaft I couldn't squeeze in there with a bucket of bearing grease
Someone 's cranky you must be tired from all the adults talking
Take me along next time we'll skip the espionage and just stick to dinner
Thank you for all your loyalty and support
That sounds like it'll get jokers blood pumping
The minute the second I get outta here i'm going to take your head an mounted in the normandy see I see then i'm going to take both of your heads and space them out the airlock
The odds are against us you know
There was always something more important to do a ruined to uncover intel together
These people are showing disrespect to my home my body it is unacceptable
Things last stand was important to keep his son away from a life of crime deeds such as these do not go unnoticed by the universe they echo
This is team pro fee and I have a higher body count than all of you combined
This is unexpected and fun
This is unexpected but you are correct my way of life is dying
Tori and certainly don't lack for a sense of direction
Torn shepherd seeing you smiling makes me want you all to myself
Uncle urdnot has a present for you
Unfortunately the formal wear didn't come with a change of face
Unless and with UK can I call you K
Unlock this damn thing and go find the others no one steals my ship not even me
Watch out for the airlock
We are gathered here to honor the life of thane krios the counselor knew him as a hero the normandy 's crew knew him as a brother in arms another
We are gathered here to honor the life of thane krios the counselor knew him as a hero the normandy crew knew him as a brother in arms
We are gathered here to honor the life of thane krios the norm and his crew knew him as a brother in arms and others
We are gathered here to honor the life of thane krios the norm and his crew knew him as a brother in arms and others
We are gathered here to honor the life of thane krios the normandy crew knew him as a brother in arms and others as a father
We have hot sauce right
We must never fear the fight against evil and I had faith that shepherd would see us through
We started out really angry but i've been giving him lots of love and now he's a big ole softy
Well far be it for me to question your good taste
Well sheppard just to talk with you like this
What he lacks in choice of by audible he makes up for in choice of men
What I remember about thing was his confidence he told me once about how he remembered everything even every mistake he made if I did that i'd be a nervous wreck
What yeah I got five credits
What's a matter shepherd didn't want me as your date
Whatever this species males never change do they
When I first escape from cerberus I found these chocolate chip cookies at a store ripped through the whole damn thing
When I was little he said men must be loyal to their friends and dangerous to their enemies but when he prevented me from from hurting someone
When the vids sing your praises and call you a hero do you agree what do you feel
Why are we having canadian delicacy of some sort
Working with shepherd reminded me of my younger days running with mercenaries blowing things up with mercenaries and occasionally sleeping with mercenaries
Worst shore leave ever
Wouldn't change it for the world or as the case may be the galaxy
Yeah who's my badass biotic moods my batteries biotic
Yes it is shepard yes it is
You and then you fire me for fraternization
You are growing despite everything subarus did to you I find that extremely admirable
You don't think she knows you guys she's the normandy AI she sees every extranet site you browse
You know the first step in appropriate gift giving is not to think of the recipient is a mortal sack of meat
You know this kodiak has autopilot and it is rather cozy back there
You know what this is take just kid outback and make him do target practice
You know where I got those scars feros and noveria and virmire and I looked at the collector base an pallavan it to changhe adrena confesse A I earned these scars protecting the galaxy you got your...
You know zaeed there's nothing wrong with silence between two friends
You're a spoiled rich girl cheerleader victim test tube clone princess I think it's past your bedtime relax shepherd i'm not going to smear the walls with her this time and I couldn't possibly thin...
You're just a pale imitation of the real thing
You've just lost the fight for your right to party
Your point is well made