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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
And all we had to do with murder an ally
And damn anyone who believes differently
And if that's not enough, you're the man I love
Beachfront properly
Being on fire at the time was kind of an incentive
But i'm find one in your size
But that was a while ago and now we've got the war several in fact and if you're not interested
But whatever happens
By the way I left something for you up in your cabin
Cast it
Choke on it you cerberus bastards
Come back to me
Desert I beg them to negotiate rather than attack I did
Do I still have you
Do you ever feel awkward being the only turian on the ship
Do you ever wish you were like them networked
Don't army you sound like a vulture
Don't be I don't progress what happened we got through some hard times together and now
Don't leave me behind
Emergency induction port
Excuses excuses
Extreme is more stress
First port authority the things the reapers did to them
For as long as you want
God vents always events
Good when she went by
He lost shepherd i'm not going to beg but I didn't come up here just to see the fish
He'd be so angry that we were headed off into the final battle without him
Hey I just came here to visit paris it's stupid I know
How do you accept that knowing that a teammate died for you
I bet you do not do this please
I can just go work on the engine well my friend is grieving
I can't believe it
I can't stay behind
I didn't like her but I respected her sometimes that's better than liking
I don't know no that's not my people need me here
I got set on fire
I hate the waiting i've been trying to find ways to pass the time
I have a home
I just claimed the land I know it doesn't mean much but when this is over
I just mean not having anyone else like you around
I just regained my homeworld she just lost hers
I just want us to get out of this alive everything else can wait
I know
I know a little about living up to the reputation of a famous father
I look at all this this picture of hope and teeth
I love you
I might as well bring up the krogen battlemaster we thought back on theron while you waited on the citadel
I might need to help with the induction straw
I missed you to get it
I never really liked jacob but i'm glad he's OK
I never thought i'd say this but it's good to see you again
I still have the shotgun
I thought i'd lost you
I thought maybe you could use some company tonight
I understand the political dangers but the cloak and should be told the victorians are here
I want more time
I was hoping for a promotion i'm an admiral now
I was just thinking about the banshees
I was there with you shepherd and i'm here now shutting servers down
I was too ready to sacrifice myself for the good of the fleet I need to stop doing that
I would I just I came to say good bye and well
I'll start on repairs
I'm having a drink with my boyfriend my human boyfriend my father would have hated you
I'm not giving up you
I'm so sorry about grant he was so strong
I'm standing on the red lock i'm on my home world
I've heard a few things myself
I've never seen liara like this not even after noveria
In the meantime
It is beautiful though isn't it
It might have caused the rupture so I asked him to check
It's good to be back on the normandy
It's not all human as long as you're here
Jeff should be careful that talking so much doesn't give him a broken jaw
Just make their sacrifice worthwhile
Kayla this is worse than i'd imagined
Legion the answer to your question with yes
Look at the sky and the rock formations
Made the fleet be worthy of these sacrifices
Maybe it's better to just be in exile at least this way I don't expect them to listen to me
My job you genetically perfect cerberus cheerleader bush that
My personal morale is fine
My system has adapted no more negative reaction to you anymore that's how we survive
My team on hey strim my father even legion I morning again how crazy is that
No politics no diplomacy just us and them one last time
No the only person who gets in fight my suit is you
No well possibly I don't know
Not when it's spiders
Nothing stands between us now
Oh nothing
Oh yes I meant set well before you went to earth
Only the cute ones
Our fleet is already attacking uploading the code would destroy us shepherd you can choose the gas over my people
Poor samada all she ever really wanted was to be a mother
Rest easy you genetically perfect cerberus cheerleader busted
Right behind you
Right I feel dead
Scoped and dropped
See anything interesting
Sending a bomb that threatens that homework is unforgivable
Service will stop at nothing to start a war
She got you taurean chocolate
She needs to die
She was so arrogant so sure of himself it used to annoy me but right now I could use the confidence
Sheila is that the proto reaper from the collector base
Shepherd by back to when I was just a kid on her pilgrimage and back to when the normandy was a cerberus ship
Shepherd those men back there we could have saved them
Shepherd wanna drink i'm toasting miranda I think
Shepherds the harvesters going to destroy his heart
Shepherds watch your flank
Show shepherd how are you doing
So if you're ever lonely just let me know
Somebody has to stick around to keep you in line
Sorry jessica they're not quite the same
Sorry legion
Speaking of my father I owe you an apology and they charged me with treason and you turned over that evidence
Still totally worth it
Take cover
Thank you for having me over
Thank you if you want to talk in private maybe you could invite me up to your cabin
That probably sounds stupid it's just I know I must really qualified for this
That's incredibly powerful bomb potentially unstable as well given his age
That's not legion shepherd not really it's A V I program likely from a backup
That's right I remember you chastising me on behalf of my species for losing our home world to the guest
The fighting 's over we don't need admirals we need architects
The living room window will be right
The son of a famous general is the tenant has big expectations to live up to
The turing clerk he threatened to have me tossed off the station it I didn't leave
There's so many of them
This is remark the world of our ancestors
This one 's for him then i'm ready whenever you are
This was where servings assassins fired at me I just got into the citadel they didn't think I needed my barriers up my mistake
Tina selye shepherd
Today on my lock their quality and children who will grow up healthy and strong thanks to the guest
Too cold or interspecies contact yes to the reapers now
Unless you'd rather be alone we've got the war several in fact and if you're not interested
Very carefully
Watch yourself shepherd
We did it we killed a reaper
We don't even know if that thing is telling the truth
We need to get out of the system
We tried to tell people the real story but no one on the citadel would listen to quarians
We're not going to fail
We're not letting people in life paused I just so you can run it through best degree
Well I can't play favorites by staying on a human ship i'm an ambassador now
What are koreans doing here
What are you talking about we're still on board
What do you mean to come back to this is just a fling vakarian i'm using you for your body
Whatever happens
Whatever the galaxy throws at us i'll be at your side
When you're fifth fleet launches the assaulter retailers will be there to blow the reapers to help
When you've got family in the military you are measured by what they did it's not fair but
Whenever you need me
Wherever you go i'm with you
Yes we talked and not chasing you
Yes we were friends
You are from earth you know how she's feeling
You are real real
You are the one who was right all along you thought when no one else would when nobody else believed you
You better was you dying because they get over rose my hack I think of my reputation
You don't feel lonely being the only AI on the norman T
You don't know if it will be left with worth the fight I know and when I feel that way I reach for you
You gave me back my world shepherd i'll do whatever it takes to give you back your 's
You have given up so much stood for too long without allies I didn't want you to do this alone
You saved my people you are real enough for me
You want to drop meteors on rannoch he would make it unlivable
You've blown up more buildings than anyone I know it'll be interesting to watch you try to build something
You've heard me say she lost a lie by the home world I hope to see something