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A manions I have a great night
All his death was silent
Control alt ard
Do do do dempsy is a big fat stupid delhokabint do do do do dempsy sucks
Feel the wrath of ze doctor!
Guys around children or die
He's headed went exploding joy
I am your master sky back
I bring an end to you
I can I am the victor
I could use some help here
I love then your head explodes
I meant in your face
I must find ammunition
I will pwnz them all
I'm in need of help
I've been paint the floor with her blood
It caused but not so high pitched more like a bomb
Jobs at job
Josh fine
My gun run is over
My least skills saved us again
My patience is at an end you were my patience
Now they die
Oh here's all over the place now
Poof be gone
Serve your master
Shut up
Shut up
Stop looking at me
Stop talking to maine
Sure I don't
Thank you
Their noob treachery will come to an end
They should all die
They will all russia me
Time to die
Try again until I get
Yeah he's had this car
Yeah yeah die
You all know that you all will die right
You all will be nice
You are pretty now guy
You just don't quit I admire that guy