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Damn it what the hell's the matter with you other people have birthdays why are we treating yours like a funeral
He won't break off now he followed me this far he'll be back but from where
Hours instead of days now we have minutes instead of hours
I don't believe in the no win scenario
I haven't faced death i've cheated death i've tricked my way out of death and patted myself on the back for my ingenuity
I'm laughing at the superior intellect
I'm sorry i'm going to have to ask you to grow up a little bit sooner than you expected
Of my friend I can only say this of all the souls I have encountered in my travels his was the most human
Romulan ale why bones you know this is illegal
Scotty I need warp speed in three minutes or we're all dead
Self expression doesn't seem to be one of your problems
The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one
What am I feeling old worn out
You've managed to kill just about everyone else but like a poor marksman you keep missing the target