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Anyway we delivered the bomb
Goddamn women today they can't handle nothing young girls just ain't quite smart like their grandmothers were
Here's to swimming with bow legged women
I've seen fingers torn out at the knuckles whole seamen's bones full of them
Nowadays these kids they take out everything radar sonar electric toothbrushes
That's a 20 footer twenty five three tons of him
There's too many captains on this island
This shark swallow you whole shaking tenderizing down you go
Well it proves one thing proves that you wealthy college boys don't have the education enough to admit if you're wrong
Yeah that's real fine expensive gear you've brought out here I don't know what that bastard shark's going to do with it might eat it I suppose
You go in the water shark's in the water our shark
You got city hands you been counting money all your life
You know a thing about a shark he's got lifeless eyes black eyes like a doll's eyes
You see what I do chief is I trick them to the surface and then I jab at them
You want a drink drink to your leg i'll drink to your leg okay so we drink to our legs