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Don't worry she likes your butt and fancy hair I know I read her diary
Elvis presley was a model citizen i've compiled a list of his traits for you to practice
I paid two dollars for him see this stamp I own him if you take him you're stealing
I want to buy him! (whispering) can I borrow two dollars
I'm sorry I bit you and pulled your hair and punched you in the face
My friends need to be punished
No more caffeine for you
No! don't pull on her head! she's recovering from surgery
This is you this is your badness level it's unusually high for someone your size
Want to listen to the king you look like an elvis fan
You came back nobody gets left behind
You rotten sister! your butt is crushing me!
Your knuckles say cobra
'ohana means family family means nobody gets left behind but if you want to leave you can