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Fight! fight! fight! fight!
Jingle Bells #christmas #jingle bells #holiday #caroling #despicable me #minions
Oh poop (2)
Uh (minion blows raspberry)
(all minions cheering)
(homing missile hits minions)
(minion acting silly)
(minion clears throat and speaks gibberish)
(minion exclaiming and screaming)
(minion exclaiming)
(minion firing machine gun firing and laughing excitedly)
(minion gets punched and groans)
(minion groans and whimpers)
(minion grunting)
(minion quacking) and squawking)
(minion screaming)
(minion screams in pain)
(minion screams)
(minion speaks gibberish)
(minion speaks gibberish) (2)
(minion typing and mumbling gibberish)
(minions cheering)
(minions exclaiming disappointingly)
(minions exclaiming disappointingly) (2)
(minions laughing)
(minions laughing) (2)
(minions muttering indistinctly)
(minions scream)
(minions speaking gibberish)
(minions speaking gibberish) (2)