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A man who's been trained to ignore pain ignore weather to live off the land to eat things that would make a billy goat puke
All I wanted was something to eat
All right get help! i'll go after him!
All right hurry it up it's time for my coffee break
All right keep your eyes open!
All right now listen up!
All right one more for soldier of fortune! soldier of fortune
All right preston I want you to go over there and get that hose ready alright
All right put your hands on top of your head and turn around
All right steve yo!
All right what do you got in the back robert a m60
All right you're under arrest! you hear me you put your hands on the car now you put your hands on the car and you spread 'em are you gonna put your hands on that car
Alright sit down! sit down!
And for my friend a shot of wild turkey
And I come back to the world and I see all those maggots at the airport protestin' me spittin' callin' me baby killer and all kinds of vile crap!
And I did what I had to do to win but someone wouldn't let us win
And I went to get a couple of beers
And i'm giving you just 3 0 seconds to come on out
And i'm gonna do it with you or without you!
And i'm gonna pin that congressional medal of honor to his liver!
And if I find out it's like he says I kick the deputy's ass! me the law! that's the way it's gotta be
And no shooting! I don't want him dead I want him alive!
And the box was wired he opened up the box fucking blew his body all over the place
And there he says shine please shine!
And this fuckin' car this so great '58 chevy convertible!
And what about you colonel what did you figure out from all of this huh
And wished we'd let that goddamned maniac go on the loose so we could save our own asses!
And word now is that the fugitive will be in custody in a matter of hours
And you think we're tough!
Any time will
Are you tellin' me that 200 men against your boy is a no win situation for us
Art art! this is teasle he's heading for chapman's gorge
Art don't shoot! don't shoot there's people down there!
Art galt come in! helicopter come in goddamn it!
Art what the hell's going on down here
Art! art!
At 10 o'clock tomorrow morning you're going up in front of that judge
At least we'd get a radio fix on his position if you don't mind setting him up for us
Attention all civilians! for your own safety please evacuate the streets immediately remain indoors until you receive further instructions
Back here I can't even hold a job parking cars!
Back there I could fly a gunship I could drive a tank I was in charge of a million dollar equipment!
Baker team they're all dead sir
Balford where the hell are you
Because god knows what damage he's prepared to do
Berry's gone too sir
Besides i'm in charge and I say we blow it up!
Besides you wouldn't like it here it's a quiet little town in fact you might say it's boring but that's the way we like it and I get paid to keep it that way boring
Between now and then you can just impress the hell outta me by doing exactly as you're told
Brandon what I want you to go into that mine no not me!
Bull's eye!
Buried in a hole by a bunch of goddamned weekend warriors!
But I didn't do anything!
But if you're serious about taking rambo out clean follow me
But the man kept pushin' sir
But what the hell you're a civilian you can go home to your wife and your house and your little flower garden
C'mon bobby put the magazine away will ya
Can't you see I don't give a shit
Cease fire! cease fire!
Cease fire! cease fire! (2)
Chapman's gorge! head him off!
Christ look!
Clean him up
Clean him up!
Clinton jesus!
Colonel you came out here to find out why one of your machines blew a gasket!
Come first light i'm gonna put every man I got upon that ridge
Come here earl right!
Come on leroy sling that paint boy!
Come on let's go!
Come on move it! let's go!
Come on sweethearts! let's go get him babies!
Company leader calling raven come on raven company leader calling raven
Company leader to identify baker team rambo messner ortega coletta jorgensen danforth berry krakauer
Company leader to raven talk to me johnny
Company leader to raven!
Cut him down to nothing I couldn't lift him off the sheet
Dammit what the hell do you think this is some kind of a circus get the hell outta here!
Damn it that boy's hard to get a hold of!
Defuse the whole situation defuse him
Delmare's gone
Didn't we go hunting here up last year yeah I got a couple of bucks last year!
Didn't you get the word clinton I told you people to wait until I got up here!
Died how cancer brought it back from nam all that orange stuff they spread it around
Does this guy got a gun
Doesn't sit well with that badge
Don't be a wise guy! what do you hunt with a knife name it
Don't give me any of that crap trautman!
Don't look at me look at the road that's how accidents happen!
Don't move I don't want you to cut your own throat!
Don't push it! don't push it or i'll give you a war you won't believe!
Don't shoot!
Earl this creep is a killer!
Escort this young man downstairs yes sir
Every possible exit has been blocked every highway every road every fire break
Everybody dies!
Excuse me can you tell me this where delmare berry lives
First of all you don't ask the questions around here I do understand
First thing you know we got a whole bunch of guys like you in this town that's why!
For me civilian life is nothing
Freeze! stay right where you are and give yourself up!
Galt come in goddamn it!
Galt i'm tellin' you to get on this radio! what's going on up there
Galt talk to me damn it! I want to know what's going on!
Galt's dead alright
Gault what the fuck was that
Get a little closer! I can't! it's too goddamned hot!
Get closer and hold it steady!
Get him! he had no right to shoot my babies get the son of a bitch!
Get out there right away move!
Get outta the way!
Get the fuck outta here trautman! you take your advice with you
Get those hounds away from me orval! I don't trust those bastards!
Give that man a cigar!
Go ahead go ahead! go ahead you crazy son of a bitch finish me!
Go ahead will
Go find this guy for chrissakes!
Go home! move go home!
Go on hooch! thunder lets get him!
Go on inside baby
God didn't make rambo I made him
Goddammit goddammit!
Goddammit i'm hit!
Goddamnit get your belt on that fast! where's the first aid kit I left it in the car
Gonna take a bath this week
Good morning dave!
Got himself killed in nam didn't even know it cancer ate him down to the bone
Green beret! war hero!
Harry buzz us in will ya
Have a nice day huh!
Have a seat
He ain't here
He and I were friends when your momma was still wiping your nose!
He died what died last summer
He killed a police officer for christ sake!
He means it yeah I do
He took a radio off one of my deputies then he has to be listening
He was talkin' about his car he said we'd get cruised till the tires fell off!
He won't come will says there's a storm heading your way
He won't let us print him well
He's a friend of mine
He's all finished colonel!
He's going straight to the top
He's got ward
He's just dumb!
He's just east of smith's farm headed towards chapman creek
He's laying there and he's fucking screaming there's pieces of him all over me! and i'm trying to pull them off you know my friend! it's all over me! I got blood and everything and
He's north west!
He's outta ammo how do you know that because whatever killed orval's dog was no bullet that's how!
He's probably just waitin' for us!
He's saying sayin' I want to go home! just calling my name
He's stuck there he can't go any place
He's up there behind the draw
Headed north or south north
Help me!
Here here it is
Here lies john rambo winner of the congressional medal of honor
Hey i'm talkin' to you goddammit!
Hey mitch mitch! yo!
Hey mitch up the hill!
Hey preston don't forget to get him behind the ears!
Hey soldier boy!
Hey talk about your sorry looking humanity!
Hey will it's rambo! he's still around!
Hey you're lookin' to trouble you came at the right place buddy!
Hey you're spoiling the scent let my babies do their job!
Hi sheriff!
Hi will lester
Hold it steady I can't! we're in a thermal draft!
Hold it steady you son of a bitch!
Hold my calls
Hold your fire! hold your fire! hold your fire! hold your fire!
Holy fuck!
Holy shit look at this! what the hell's he been into
Hope this ride helped you out!
How are you doing girls great thanks alright this morning
How bad is the situation captain we need some
How blind are you can't you see this guy's crazy
How you do it you decide right now!
How you doin' will
How'd you like that huh
Howdy will!
However he may have ended up there was a time when he was very special
Huntin' we ain't huntin' him he's huntin' us!
Huntin' what do you hunt elephants
Hurry up!
I can try
I can't do that sir
I can't figure it how did he fall out does it matter
I can't get it out of my head it was seven years every day it hurts
I can't put it outta my mind
I could have killed'em all I could have killed you
I couldn't answer that until I met him face to face
I didn't do anything!
I do my own work I don't figure the best way to do that is to close my eyes and then hope he gets picked up in seattle!
I don't believe it! idiots!
I don't give a goddamned what's on its way I want that chopper back here right now!
I don't got no beef with you!
I don't know in what way
I don't talk to anybody sometimes a day sometimes a week
I don't think you understand I didn't come here to rescue rambo from you I came here to rescue you from him
I don't want gault's body out here all night
I don't want him dead galt I want him alive! you hear me art come in!
I double checked it will what do you want me to do
I got him easy now
I got him!
I had a friend who was in the air force
I hate this!
I knew there was something about that guy!
I know you can hear me! you're finished! you've gone as far as you're gonna go! do you hear me
I mean what would you have done with him if he came in
I recruited him I trained him I commanded him in vietnam for 3 years i'd say that makes him mine
I repeat this is a police emergency please evacuate the streets immediately
I said no and he kept askin' yeah and joe would say 'yeah'